Forza horizon 2 demo is out and it once again proves why the xbox one has slowly become the best console.


Games define the true potential of your console. It truly defines what the purpose is for the console. Xbox one from the very start has led with the best games from the very beginning of its release. Game after game has been there and has gotten better with each passing game. Forza horizon demo was released and it flat out blew me away. The level of gameplay that this game shows and the sure weight of the fact that this much was given in a demo frankly scares me to think about the full version of this game. The gameplay is so addictive and fun. The lighting and graphics are top notch and when you add the weather with night and day effects to a already amazing looking game what you have is just about a close to perfection as I have seen. The free roaming online features and the games within the games makes this driving game an advanture. In fact this is what I would call this game, a driving advanture. If you have not downloaded the demo, you better get you butt up and do it. You are truly missing something absolutely beautiful and gripping. You will know this the moment the demo start and the intro hits you in your soul and then “you will have reach the horizon”.

Microsoft closes deal to purchase Minecraft

What this says about Microsoft? That they are fair! How easy would it be for Microsoft to just remove playstation from the equation of mind craft. Very! Microsoft isn’t going to do this and this shows only the quality of the company and their head . Big pick up for Microsoft as a whole but more importantly, bigger win for gamers on all plateforms with Phil Spencer in the lead.

Could Driveclub be a epic failure?


In a very shocking and yet strange turn of events, the very Sony pushed site IGN expressed their unhappiness and down right uninterested feelings towards Sony’s Driveclub who recently was reported by the same site as going gold already. This shocks me on many levels. For one they haven’t done anything but praise and hold up the ps4. It’s really weird that the games they show support for (Ocotodad as a example) for Sony really are stupid games. But games that really look different and bring cause to be something great they have no interest in. The second obvious reason for the shocking was that they claim that “only Sony” feels this is a game they can’t for as the public is uninterested in it. But yet it went gold! I’m sure I’m missing something here but doesn’t the fact that it has gone gold means there is very good interest in it? I don’t even own a ps4 and that game looks very good to me. Now granted that I have concerns about how it will truly compete with the level Forza horizon 2 is pushing but I still believe it will be big for ps4 and if I had one I would be getting it for sure. They also continue to bash 1886, another different and refreshing game that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy if I owned a ps4. I guess at the end of the day IGN doesn’t have anything consistently going for them in their opinions about gaming lately.

Digital foundry’s Destiny comparison video clearly shows Xbox One has advantage over Ps4.

I have said it yet again and shown over and over again that the xbox one has great graphics just like the ps4 and in most cases has shown to be better. Why can’t people accept this? It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take a special tool to see. This result is the same result seen in almost every game released for the consoles. Even if you want to say it’s only the third party games, bottom line this is the majority of all the games you are gonna see for either console. So I would rather have the console that gives the best the majority of the games released than the one that shows up only in first party.

Let you eyes tell you the truth, not people.

The sad thing is that these results are nothing new. All third party games show this advantage and have shown this advantage since last generation. Xbox one’s customized color and black level contrast really help all their games stand out over the ps4 especially when they run equally in frame rate. Speaking of frame rate, it also has better, more stable frame rate capabilities. This is key for me. I would rather have a solid frame rate at 30fps than 60fps that keeps dropping. Bottom line this result(amoung all the others)proves what I have said from day one but it won’t change a thing. Remember when they did the comparison of destiny with the beta which wasnt even finished code and I warned everyone of the possible outcome of the xbox one codecs given xbox one the advantage once Destiny finally came out? Well here it is just like I told you guys. No matter how many times the xbox one proves to be better in games it will never out pace the ps4 in sales, and that’s sad. Eventually the weaker results will be what everyone will have to have if numbers keep growing like they have for the ps4. We are all going to have to accept that soon the xbox one won’t matter in consoles if numbers don’t change and continue to grow for the ps4. Personally I believe, that on that day, home console will suffer a great lost. Ps4 alone won’t provide the stability gaming growth for home console alone. Without Microsoft being relevant we all will suffer because competition is essentially what holds this market together.

P.S :  A Paper Champion(spec numbers) and the Real tested champion are two different people. Only one truly is the real thing. Microsoft has over and over again proven what they say is real, they tell what the truth is, and they never show you lies about graphics they can’t do, unlike another company. Xbox one is built on real performance and programing, not hype. This is where the difference is and why the cell processor and this gddr3 memory hype have continue to let people down when they see the real world results vs Microsoft’s consoles.

The only thing that prevents xbox one from being recognized as the better console is its brand name.


When one looks at all that xbox one offers and gives in both value mixed with its games, network and power it’s very clear that it’s the best console on the market. It is shameful that that this system continues to be overlooked along with its advantages and value simply because of its brand name. If the ps4 was the one that had the better network stability,  showed better graphics for as many third party games the xbox one has beaten the ps4 in like Destiny, Diablo 3, Madden 25/15, fifa, nba 2k14, and Assassins Creed just to name just a few, it would be talked about from sun up to sun down. Most importantly is that it would have been deserving of it. The truth is…the ps4 has not lived up to it hype bottom line and is nothing but another Apple iPhone surviving off of assumptions and hype the rule people’s mind share. Yes this sales systems just iPhones sale but it doesn’t make it the best. Most people buy the ps4 system over the xbox one not because it has proven even one thing better than the xbox one but only because “they heard” it was better. You can do so many things with the xbox one console over the ps4, but the key is playing games are better from day one one. The excuse before was that the games were suppose to be better on the ps4 and the features and options and advancement the xbox one has over the ps4 was as important. But now even games are better and the other advantages that had exist now exist together on the xbox one. Ea access, better gold free games, better controller, better multi-player, and even blu ray graphics and streaming look better on top of the better game graphics. At first people assumed the xbox one games were better looking only for the first group of games. But then more and more games came out and they still looked better on the xbox one. Now people are still trying to ignore it, some are seeing it for themselves but still make excuses about it. Ps4 has not one feature or function that is better than the xbox one but nobody wants to admit this. And now even more today than ever before had proven it’s inability to prove any true power advantage over the xbox one. The xbox one from day one has proven over and over it has the better games, better overall graphics, features, and value. Today it still has yet to stop increasing in all its advantages. Outside from the name Playstation these things listed would be associated with the best console but because the brand name is different most people choose to ignore them because they know the ps4 isn’t the console that has them. They can’t accept this truth because it forces them to see that they were lied to. It’s sad really. 

Driveclub is only 17GB of info. Cause for concern?


Now everyone that has read my site knows I’m honest about games. If it’s good, it’s good reguardless of the system I play it on. Driveclub has always been one of those games I was very excited about and didn’t want to leave behind when I sold my ps4 to move to the xbox one only, that and 1886. However when I saw the depths of Forza horizon I started to be less concern about missing Driveclub. They basically trumped them on ever feature they were going to input 2x over at least.  From the amount of cars, tracks, music, play time, and amount of club members, everything was done bigger and better. I still admit that the Driveclub’s graphics overall still look better than Forza Horizon 2  but both are still no joke reguardless. However, news have come down that the game is only 17GB! Now while this may save hard drive space for people this brings concern to me on the true level of play and depth in this game. I could be wrong because sport games are great and they have similar hard drive sizes. But games like driving games (even though it’s considered a sport) normal have higher hard drive space requirements because of the level of gameplay , tracks, and features. Games like Grand Turismo , Forza( I’m sure Project Cars will too)have higher HD space requirements. I just hope the delay bug doesn’t bite Sony. In the past, games that are delayed multiple times normal disappoint when it finally delivers. For ps4 users I hope this isn’t the case for them.

Xbox one stands out in line up, yet again!


I guess we are going to do this again. Here we go again people. No matter how much time goes by and how many people want so bad to claim ps4 is better it’s not I’m sorry. Not for me. The only image that stands out on this line up is the xbox one. It has bolder colors and deeper richness of black levels that is not duplicated. But hey if you feel and think different go for it. It’s clear to me. But it doesn’t matter though, it’s all about what people want to see and believe in their heads is the best. Not what’s in their face. This type of difference will be and has been in ever game released for these consoles. Either way it’s not going to matter in sales though. Ps4 will lead and gather the headlines.

Ps4 bears xbox one in sales but the mark of success exist with both consoles.


Earlier this week, analysts for investment firm Wedbush Morgan predicted that Sony sold around 175,000 PS4s at U.S. retailers, while Microsoft was right behind it with 150,000 Xbox Ones sold.

What’s clear is that new-gen consoles are still selling incredibly well.

“When lining up sales of PS4 and Xbox One after 10 months on the market,” said Callahan, “the combined PS4 and Xbox One hardware sales are greater by over 70 percent compared to their predecessors.”

Basically, in English, the NPD is finding that the PS4 and Xbox One are selling 70 percent faster than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Look there is no doubt that the ps4 is the best selling console out there. It will one day be the highest selling console in history. However xbox one sold very well itself. In fact as mentioned above the xbox one and ps4 are outpacing it’s previous gen console sales by 70%. This is amazing and shows that both are successful. So just because one is selling better doesn’t make the other one unsuccessful. Why can’t both sell well for their company without claiming failure? But hey I get it, the bottom line is that the ps4 is the most successful right?