Xbox one player: “I still say buy the ps4 if its only one console you can have.”


As you stand in front of the games like Infamous you can’t but be aware of its power. As a console owner of both the Xbox one and ps4 I love playing my xbox one more. But games like infamous are the reason why people bought the the ps4. While others, Ryse and Forza are the reason why bought the Xbox one among it’s other features. Both consoles are great people, let’s get this out of the way. Xbox one lovers you should know that the Xbox one will eventually come up short against the ps4 in terms of over all graphics one day. When will that happen? I don’t know but Infamous is the closest one yet that made me go back and have to play Ryse again to make sure it still has the crown. It does, so relax x1 fans!


But one day an exclusive for Sony will come knocking to beat these graphics and any other graphics the Xbox one can do unless direct 12 comes out and does what its suppose to do for the programing. This is why I say get the ps4 if you can have only one system right now. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest the Xbox one as your only system if you haven’t first tried the ps4 or own one. It’s been historically accurate that consoles that are harder to program for don’t beat the console that is if they have the same power strengths. This generation the ps4 is more powerful. 40%, like most want you to believe? No, but still more powerful. Even Microsoft doesn’t dispute this. But it’s not about being more powerful its being easier to program for and that esram is causing issues with game makers. Just ask Activsion about Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox one. So when you add the fact that Microsoft’s line up won’t be as diverse as the ps4 with all their indie titles and 12 studios then you can see a safer environment for causal gamers and or core gamers. But understand this, playing online still won’t be better than Microsoft’s azure network powered architect. You are still going to have the same maintenance issues, update problems, and lagging even though now you pay for it. If this is important safe bets don’t mean anything to you and you most likely will go out and find a Xbox one more pleasing. And if you find yourself at e3 licking your lips at the site of Microsoft’s games that are going out you probably will still end up with a Xbox one anyway. I really think that when all is said and done most people that have both will enjoy that fact and find reasons like I do for have both now when at first I didn’t. The morse games are released the more I see there is no perfect system. Just last night my ps4 locked up and just when I thought to myself ” my Xbox one wouldn’t do that” some thirty minutes later while playing my Xbox one it locked up for the first time. Both are working now and have no more issues. But just goes to so you that no system is perfect and there isn’t a perfect choice for all time as things change weekly and monthly. So again get both if you can, if not, get the ps4 but both are great.

Ps4 and Xbox one moves made and their future moves holds the keys to their future.


The ps4 and Xbox one have made key moves that have shaped them so far. These moves, even early on, could have been the difference for a lot of gamers choices. You have to wonder what position Microsoft would have been in even at $499 if it weren’t for the DRM stuff. This had a chain effect over everything you see today. Ps4 sales would have been effected greatly and the future of playstation, as a company, would be talked about, especially with the losses of money Sony has been through even with the success of the ps4 today. Then we have the scenario based on Microsoft going through with the DRM. What would their numbers look like today? Even though they have plenty of money the effects of that choice, if not ever reversed, would most likely have stopped Microsoft sales at maybe two million tops. Then we get into games. What would have happen if Driveclub and Infamous , and watchdogs(with its exclusive one hour extra) launched with the ps4 as planned. Oh my goodness, could you imagine that great of a launch day? The one they had was still the biggest launch but could you imagine having those great games at launch? Then what would have happen if Sony didn’t put as much focus on the minor territories and shipped another million to the U.S two weeks after launch? Could America have had two million units sold in two weeks? What kind of damage would that have done to Microsoft? Now ask yourself what kind of sales Microsoft would have had if they just came out matching the ps4 cost at launch? Could this have helped them in Europe and to dominate their home territory? Momentum is everything! Finally, the ultimate question, what if Microsoft had gone back and switched memory to GDDR 5 or gave double the amount of DDR 3? What kind of effect would this over spec wars? Of course none of this happened and we are where we are. I just thought it was so interesting just how easily the situation for gaming could be different with just one or two decision changes. So going forward in reality I think the key future moves will be Sony making sure they don’t forget what got them here and continue to focus on games and correcting their network issues. For Microsoft, putting their money into buying exclusives that make it very hard to turn away from Microsoft. Possibly even another price cut to even the playing field. Both companies are doing very well in my opinion and are responsible for console growth in the world. They proved once again that there is a market for it and it’s not dead.

Nothing is more dangerous than a company with the money and resources when they are ready to fight back.


In a conversation with Twitter user Jermaine Jones, Spencer wrote that he’s “More excited than nervous” for E3, and that “The Xbox team is working hard to make the show great.” When Jones tells Spencer to not forget that he “said you are in it to win it,” Spencer responded that he’s “Definitely in to win,” but that Microsoft “need[s] to do more,” and that this is “100% of my focus.”

Ign reported that the Microsoft is in a fighting mood and I hope playstation is ready and paying attention to these statements when going into e3. As I have said before I believe Microsoft will win e3 this year. I don’t believe Sony has a chance at beating Microsoft at e3. Most notable is the fact is that sony never shows well as e3 on average. Point two is the fact that they don’t have the resources to go all out like Microsoft. Finally I believe that playstation is starting to believe the hype themselves and this isn’t ever good especially this early into the war. But we will have see though.

Trials fusion ONLY shows the Xbox one version is once again better looking despite spec numbers.

Help me here! Please, help me. What are you people looking at. All I hear is that the specs are this, the specs are that. The xbox can’t do this , and how much better the ps4 graphics are. Well I see completely different and don’t know what the heck everyone else is looking at. FIFA , madden, Nba 2k14, Rayman, strider, and now Trials Fusion all look better on the Xbox one. Just look at this…..

Please tell why people keep letting spec talk influence our perception? Over and over again this spec stuff proves absolutely nothing and the only shows that the Xbox one is just as capable of pulling off amazing graphics just like the ps4. Its all about the ways you program your game. The old gen system never changed specs but yet their games got better. Why ? Because it about what the developers can mix up and change. Some systems are easier than others to manipulate than others and this is why you see different levels of graphics mostly. Now that we have this whole Trails Fusion thing now openly here for people to see I promise you that people will still somehow convince themselves that somehow the ps4 version is showing something that makes it look better because this is what they have been told to believe.

This year’s E3 is super important to Microsoft.


Look every e3 is important but there are some that set your tone for the rest of the year and those that turn your year around. Microsoft needs the latter. I don’t believe they will get it the latter though but I do still think that they will at least win e3 because they have nothing to loose and have the most dispensable money. However, I don’t believe winning e3 will change the perception of Microsoft right now. The perception is that they are weaker than the ps4 and that it is an obvious difference in their games,unlike the little to none difference that really is there. Most truly believe that all Xbox one games are horrible in graphics compared to the ps4, which just isn’t the case. So what does Microsoft do then? Bring the games heavily! We need exclusives and or exclusive content games that really matter. Right now, yes Microsoft has a four head dragon lineup. But they need more games mentioned or introduced, especially for this year. Most people have Forza and have played Ryse, or Titanfall so as far as perception goes, there isn’t anything to look forward to. While they came out swinging with titles at launch this hasn’t helped them overtake ps4, and right now the titles we know of don’t seem to look as though it will show up to this year like “Quantum break” and Gears of war, and possible even Halo because nothing has been talked about by Microsoft since the original release announcements. Granted no date was really ever given for these games, so it’s not a real concern for them as a company but I think they see and understand that the beginning stages are over and now the once sleeping giant has woke and they’re talking a lot about their games releases this year. Games like Moto gp and Spider-man 2 aren’t even listing a date release for it. But they do have dates for the ps4 and even push graphics for that format. Then we got super third party games like watchdogs and destiny pushing the ps4 over the Xbox version. With exclusive rights and even flat out video sharing they support of the ps4′s launch. Games that do this normal tend to give advantages for one maker over the opposing one. So again e3 for Microsoft needs to be about balancing the perception by pushing content and games that can’t be found on any other gaming system. It’s their best shot, sadly enough though,even if they do win e3 it’s only a bandaid I think.