Gamescom in Germany: Xbox One to deliver big surprises.


As Microsoft continues to show, they aren’t about to stop pushing the limits and functions of the xbox one. They aren’t slowing down and even more updates, add-ons features, and more games are yet coming. According to reports Microsoft is planning big surprises for Gamescom. I am not surprised about this as I have said, a company that has billions to play with and has nothing to loose is dangerous. Thosw of us that have a xbox one know about the amazing functions that our system has and will have. So people be very excited. We will be getting some great goodies yet again. 

Tablets, on their way out ?


Best buy head say that tablets are on their way out of the public image.  He claims sales have tapered off will portable tablet/laptop breads are gaining in sales. Now this is fine if it weren’t for the fact that the number one selling tablet, the iPad is due for another newer version along with Amazon. The public knows this and you wonder why sales are dropping. The best buy head needs to be more careful with his words because as soon as the newer iPad and Amazon kindle drops the sales will skyrocket. You never judge the direction of sales  between the time just before the newer models. It never shows true record of those interested vs holding off for the newer version like I should be doing. Anyway I’m wondering what his mouth would say after the iPad newer version launches. It’s like the videogame market who everybody said was dead and yet we are selling like hotcakes right now for the next generation systems. A period of lower sales says nothing for sure about any product and best buy president and managers should know better.

Playstation now or should I say “PlayStation then”


Playstation now has nothing to do with the present. It’s a concept that pulls from old games and old ideas. So why call it playstation now shouldn’t it be playstation then? Playstation “now” is about ps4 and next generation titles not old ones. I found it extremely funny that ps4 fanboys that can’t accept that ps4 told their fans that they think for them. They told the media that the EA subscription provides no value to their fans. Last time I checked I don’t remember playstation asking their fans what they wanted in terms of that service. So how the blue moon can you tell the media what fans think is a good value? The absolute nerve of them to tell someone else what fans feel without the fans words goes well beyond disrespectful and down right arrogant. I can’t believe people out there that call themselves ps4 lovers really allowed Sony to come out and dictate what they want without their own words on the matter. If this had been Microsoft you wouldn’t have heard the last of it. Believe me when I tell you if you don’t stand up about this one ps4 fanboys this only proves that you’re puppets and robots that allow a corporation to tell you what you should feel and make choices for you. At least EA is offering new gen titles and more unlike Sony, who are charging $3-$5 for a couple of hours of play for old/last generation titles. But yet $5 per month for full access to multiple games or $30 for the whole year is somehow a bad value. I just don’t get it people. I feel sorry for you people that let Sony brain wash your mind to believing that somehow this equals to good value while EA isn’t. How they keep getting away with this stuff is beyond me. Sony is really turning into a very stupid company and a very distasteful one at that. How fast things keep going south on that end of things is very shocking. It’s like the bottom dropped out. I’m so thankful for a choice and a great choice over Sony’s brainwashing. Thanks Microsoft and Xbox one!

Sony confirms it was their stupidity that has cost ps4 users EA subscription


According to the great Sony exec’s they told EA “No Thanks” when offered the same deal for the subscription service that would bring free access to EA games for $5 bucks a month. I have told you guys time and time again how little Sony thinks of you ,the fans , now that they have the lead in consoles. This is a direct result of a company that doesn’t care about their gamers as long as they lead. They only move when forced to. They only react to what is already being done by others or only act if it cost them money. If I did own a ps4 still or if I only had a ps4 I would be furious right now. Sony claims they think about the fans yet they never show this. Xbox continues to grow stronger and stronger and base their direction in line with what the fans want. They do less talking and deliver while sony talks hype and delivers whenever they feel like it. This company really confirmed what their true color is and how little they think about common sense moves for their fans. There is nothing but more options and better experiences behind EA’s subscription services. I love it! I am so glad and thankful I have a xbox one and not a ps4 right now that it feels like Christmas morning when I was 9 years old. Sony, you should really have you head examined and fans out there of ps4 I feel sorry for you guys. All hype and nothing to show for it should be label of playstation. They think because they lead they don’t have to do what’s best for their fans because they don’t really care about your guys unless it cost them money. It’s pathetic.

The next two days with the Kindle fire HDX


Well the kindle has been in use and the one consistent thing that stays big in my mind is the fast speeds of this unit. It’s almost like it’s on a different level from all other tablets out there. I can’t believe how fast this thing is. At times I keep waiting on it to mess up or do something that proves that I have cause to return it and put aside any surprises that I might have experienced with it but it never happens. My most enjoyable part of the use of the unit is the predictive text typing that is so smart with the choices that it delivers. It makes typing so much better and accurate. Honestly I’m surprised at how much tech smart was put into this unit. It’s like they have been working with software all their business life. You would think they are Microsoft or something. Everything they put into this unit from the app store, book integration, and even the music and silk browser all have exactly what they need to be more useful and any situation they are placed in. The biggest key of why I sold my first kindle fire was the limits it has with word processing app writing. I needed something to continue my writing of my books. Yes I know tablets aren’t the most ideal thing to write on for books but they are necessary for me. I stay on the go and need to be comfortable and portable with my writing. This thing showed up in this area too. Even gave me the access to the free app I needed to do so. Unlike the same app for the original fire it actually works without crashing and slowing down’s. Basically put, I have no reason to need or use another tablet if this thing continues to holds up like this.  Honestly I’m still not believing this production of sure power and usefulness. There just has to be something about this system that shows me that it’s not ready for prime time. What that is today, I can’t find it. I will say that it makes for one great reading device thanks to the amazing detail and ppi density. So if reading is what you love there really isn’t any other way to go. I will say though I haven’t found any guys reading and using a kindle fire HDX. It’s mostly women and kids that I see with a kindle. I’m not sure what that means or says about me when other see me with it but it works for me so far. Maybe that’s a small thing that is holding me up too is the fact that I see this as a women’s thing more than a guy thing. Us guys need the iPad’s of the world’s and the Nexus 7’s. Of the last three years I can tell you for certain that I have never seen one guy in public with kindle tablet. I’m sure there are some out there online that will say they use one and all but it’s just strange to not have seen not one male person anywhere in public using the kindle tablets.

EA releases subscription services for access to games for xbox one!


Xbox one today gets even more options. EA’s partnership has bought over a $5 per month or $30 per year access fee for free play of a games like Madden 25, fifa 14, peggle, and battlefield. Now I haven’t signed up yet but I do plan on it. It also is said to give you 10% off digital downloads of EA titles coming out this year like Madden 15, fifa 15, NHL 15, and NBA live 15. For sport game players like myself this is so great to hear. I just hope it works like it’s being advertised. If I truly get access to the full game of Madden, Fifa, and others (even though they are old) this is amazing for $5 bucks per month because I currently don’t own Madden for my Xbox one. I also wouldn’t mind trying peggle or playing battlefield again(which I have never played on xbox one). Umm plot thickens:)! So far this option is only available for the Xbox players! Thanks Microsoft and Xbox for making things better yet again. 

As of today only beta testers are using the program right now. Microsoft says this is headed out to all uses shortly after beta test.

Xbox one in China has about a much of chance to succeed as Windows o/s does there.


Recently a lot of fuss has been made about Microsoft being released in China. Fanboys of the xbox one that seem to think this matters are dreaming. As I have said before China and Japan markets want nothing to do with Microsoft as a whole. Just recently for the third or more time, China raided Microsoft’s offices in China trying to stop the the production of the Windows software(which is still found in the xbox one mind you) because of it’s elements of GPS tracking which someone could exploit outside the offices. Now forgetting this isn’t anything new in the world of cellphones or computers, it also wouldn’t require a policy raids to have this questioned. But yet there seems to be one after another pointing to multiple petty issues because China wants nothing to do with Microsoft. My advice to the xbox one fans is just be happy with America’s success in sales and your happiness with you own system, I am. Because nothing is going to change. Ps4 will lead worldwide sales and there isn’t anything Microsoft can do to stop them. Much less seeking a profiting off a launching in China.