Even as a Xbox one player, one should not pretend that ps4 success isn’t big.


Look, let’s just be honest here, I love playing my xbox one and I live in America. Here we have a chance and are very competitive against playstation’s numbers. But let’s not fool ourselves about other issues. Fact one, stop trying push the term “5 million” right now. Xbox one has not sold 5 million and we most likely aren’t even close, more like 4.4 million at best. Fact two, the biggest problem Microsoft has isn’t in America, its Europe. It’s not a close battle at all and frankly put, its the lowest output of sales of a new console than I have ever witness from Microsoft outside of Japan. This is real folks. No games, no twisted words, its serious in Europe. This is a big region to loose and is probably more devastating than the inability to sale in Japan. As it stands right now Microsoft is barely selling 17 thousand per week in Europe, while Sony is averaging close to 40 thousand per week there. So if this keeps going Microsoft will have two territories that it doesn’t have a shot at winning and would make America the only solid sale numbers region for them. While this is good for America, but unless Microsoft plans on only dealing with America for the console then this will spell failure for them on a worldwide global success rate. But to be fair microsoft still would be fine. So its there where Xbox fans in America can relax a bit. Even as well as Sony is selling at 7 million it’s not our region who has abandoned Microsoft. So this means developers in America will still see value in games for us unlike they will for the European region and Japan. The few thousand or so Sony console outsells Microsoft consoles in America isn’t at all significant enough to endanger games here. And with Microsoft’s billions at their disposal we can look forward to great gaming and amazing exclusives here in America. I only ask us Xbox one players to stop deluding ourselves about winning global numbers over Sony, it’s not going to happen nor is it needed ,for the success of Microsoft as a company. They only need to continue to outdo what they did with the 360. In fact its like this with any company.

Ps4 finally starts to update the software features and options!

I can’t tell you how long I have felt left out week after week of updates on my xbox one yet since launch I haven’t received any meaningful update or add on for my ps4. I have always said that Sony should work harder on delivering the system and its features that were promised. Well with the new update looks like we will start to get some. We get pre-loaded updates finally so we don’t have to wake up and wait for add on’s and updates for the system and games. And finally the share factory. Below is a tutorial on how to use some in game camera work in your gamesinfamous second so game for pictures as well. Thanks Sony! Still think we should be able to upload automatically to youtube, but hey can’t have it all.

Even with Titanfall Microsoft falls to ps4! Things looking pretty bad for Microsoft!


As a gamer who plays more Xbox one than my ps4, even I am blown away with the numbers. 7 million though, isn’t the thing that made me think the most. It’s the software sales and the lack of hardware sales by Microsoft that made me wonder the most. Just think about it. Microsoft has done everything they could last month to get numbers and to try and reclaim at least America. They discounted the systems price, gave free games, and launched Titanfall. I just can’t help but get the impression that ps4 just withstood the best shoot Microsoft had for its xbox one this whole year and still beat them. Europe is a disaster!!!! It’s just flat out ugly for Microsoft’s Xbox one. Then they even loose in their home. Now I would be the first to tell you that hardware sales alone aren’t the governing fact for victory. But like I said if you mix software sales in with ease of development and stack the higher install base for hardware on top of that, then you have almost unstoppable force. Something very, very wrong would have to happen to Sony’s ps4 or Sony themselves to reverse this. I don’t see things getting better for Microsoft. One of the biggest things to overcome that will always keep Microsoft down for this generation is perception. It doesn’t matter what you do and what you can prove if people “assume”the opposite. Last generation Sony caught up with Microsoft because of Japan numbers and the red ring of death that hurt he perception of Microsoft. Luckily most still believed that the system was still better. But this generation most believe its not as good as the ps4. Everyone from the 7 million gamers to the developers, all of them in one voice scream “ps4″. So unless perception is turned around about how good the system is vs isn’t, it won’t matter what new game the xbox one comes out with nor how low they can afford to cut the prices. The ps4 will still sale more units in more places. Microsoft better start sweating bullets now because shipping 5 million units doesn’t mean “sold” units. So this means they are still at 4 million or little over and this isn’t going to cut it compared to ps4 7 million sold numbers. Developers have chosen the ps4 as their system and now the gamers have seemed to have done the same. On one hand I am so excited about the ps4′s success because they really worked so hard and listened for the first time. Then on the other hand I wish the competition would have been better in numbers and or software sales because I don’t want a world where the consoles aren’t trying to win us because they have no worries about us leaving them or even coming to them. As long as there is competition we win. When there isn’t, we see less accountability for the success of their business.

Xbox one vs ps4, now that ps4 has 7 million.


Even though the launched systems haven’t been out 6 months, rumblings have not stopped about the future of both. I have told all that ps4 has the best chance of any console released since the ps2 at beating its record setting sales number worldwide and nothing has changed. But , I still play and use my Xbox one more. So, now that I’m out of the way lets look as a gamer at the current state of the consoles. Right now Sony is gaining lots of momentum with the “Last of of Us”game announcement, release of infamous and sale figures talks. Things are really starting to heat up for them. Microsoft at the same time have continued to make this better for their system just about every other week. Either its a game release like Titanfall, software updates to their operations or the hiring of a new head and forming a better indie or game relationships period. But honestly they have the most work ahead of them. Sony’s ease of programing is really hurting them in the media and opinions of people. And even if numbers aren’t everything, fan base seems to buying better than it did last gen for the ps3 at its beginning and that is great. Is it where it needs to be? No, but it’s better than it was and it’s growing. This, I believe is where Xbox needs to worry if they really believe they will somehow beat Sony’s numbers( which I don’t see how they can think this). If developers get a higher install base, then sale figures with an easier system to program for, then Xbox one is in trouble regardless of Microsoft’s money. Now this doesn’t mean that Xbox one goes under people. They have way to much money but any hopes of somehow catching the ps4 is going to be a pipe dream. Frankly as I have said here, I think Microsoft should just focus on being number two. Focus on translating their 360 people over, their exclusive games, features, and that’s it. Sony isn’t going to loose its global sale superiority unless they stop making their system and I can’t see them doing this if they’re still up and running as a company. So I believe Xbox will need at least 5.1 or 5.2 million to stay in this conversation for numbers wars. If not, then no further talks is needed by them from this point out.

Over 7 million strong, congrats Sony.


Gaming, got to love it. It’s like no better time to be a gamer right now. Its so exciting to see different things daily and new improvements and features that come from great competition. Sony announced that it has sold over 7 million units worldwide in less than 6 months. This out them well over the 10 million in one year mark. For me, Sony deserves every bit of this. They created a system built by the most obvious people, the developers and this was common sense to me. No body did this before and didn’t think to do this before. They put aside their ego and asked for help. Mark Cerny ,the genius he is , had a vision and pushed that vision. Therefore he deserves all this praise. Now, fanboys of ps4, if we can just spend more money on the games instead of the forums pushing anti-xbox one stuff Sony can be even for rewarded. If more ps4 fans can award sony with their money support on games like Infamous the developers can see how much we like things and continue this way. With seven million in the pocket we should be able to give back more than a million in sales before the end of the life of Infamous hopefully. Great games deserve great sales, not average sales.

RBI Baseball confirmed to be the worse thing that happened to baseball fans.


Well 4.5 is the review score that ign gave this game. Personally I think they were being nice when they did score it this high. I have no earthly idea what the heck this game maker was thinking when he released this game even for the old gen systems. This is a mediocre cell phone game at best. I have played with such bad arcade like controls and graphics since my handle Matel baseball game with dots for players. Ok, that’s a little harsh but I guess this wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t come out at a time that people were desperate to get another baseball game to compete with MLb the show. So many of the people out there wanted an alternative to The Show that they really believe this game was going to be a miracle savior to baseball hopes on Xbox. Even if the game does come out on the current gen systems the graphic won’t replace how horrible it plays and it’s the gameplay that really makes your made. The throwing , the base running , the catching and the generic animation is just plan horrible, slow and unresponsive. Turning two is flat out cumbersome and way to sluggish. The sliding of the batter is so pathetic it’s almost funny. Then finally you give us the pitches , oh my goodness, the pitches. It’s like controlling a ball on a string of a kite. You can literally make it move all the way to the catchers glove. Is a embarrassment! I hate that this has happen but hey ,that’s why I have a ps4 and X1. Looks like my ps4 will be getting so major play time from me with the releases like, Pure Chess, MLB the show, Watchdogs, Destiny, and Last of Us( hopefully without the dlc child lesbians event).