Omg, MADDEN 15!!!!


      Omg, madden 15 looks absolutely freaky amazing!!!!!!!!! I am blown here, mind is gone , I’m lost in my mind somewhere. I have never seen lighting and textures like this ever in my life. Grass, jerseys,  player models, sunlight, contrast , and color just pop! I purposefully didn’t look at to many videos and pictures because I wanted to be surprised when I got it downloaded through my Xbox One and there EA partnership. When I tell it’s THE VERY BEST FOOTBALL GAME EVER SEEN , I TELL YOU NO LIE FOLK!!! The added tv presentation again is the very best seen in any sport game to date.  Tell commentary is flat out realistic and sounds like you are looking at real tv. The virtual overlays you see on TV all the time that adds amazing details and info is in THE GAME! The breaks between periods so life like and brings again a little more realism to the game too. Every inch of graphics and movement seem to have been reworked greatly. Then finally the new camera angles add the final icing on the cake for me. I love the look and feel of this game and couldn’t have imagined a better madden period. Thank you EA sports , microsoft and Xbox One team. I love it already, 25 minutes into it!

New rumor is that Microsoft demanded that diablo developer hit 1080p.


Keyword “demanded”! I doubt they demanded anything more than they advised. The biggest thing I want you to notice is what I have been saying for months before the xbox one and ps4 launched. You can’t force someone to do something that is not possible. I don’t care how many people demand me to fly like superman, it can’t happen even if I wanted. If Microsoft demanded and they delivered then this proves once again it’s possible to get 1080p/60fps out of the xbox one if the developer wanted to so if they don’t reach it then it’s because of their lack of knowledge or unwillingness. So if microsoft is starting to get feed up with lies and excuses I could see why they are demanding and I don’t blame them. You make the levels when you are pressured but without that pressure what you have is excuses and I’m tired of them like Microsoft is. But yet over and over again all you hear is more lies about what the system can’t do. When will people use common sense and stop lies from filling their mind. Again, I can’t do what is not possible to do no matter how much money you give me or what you demand, why can’t people see this for themselves?

Note :Every time xbox one reach levels stupid websites, media, fanboys, and stupid developers say that the system can’t do there always has to be some kind of story to try and come up with a excuse why it proved once again that they could do this numbers.

Nook brings out tablet with basic specs!


1280×800 with 212 pixels and a 3mp camera on the back?! No info confirmed on the processor! This isn’t a very good spec sheet for a tablet at this time. Now the price is $179 with $200 purchases credit included is their pitch though. The later is amazing and probably will be what brings whatever customers they do get to their door. But the rest of the specs are flat out unacceptable in this time of tablet Era even at $179. Did they forget the Kindle hdx has far better stats (both processors and screen resolution) and can but purchased for $199? And a samsung tablet that has better specs can but purchased for the same price or a little more. Anyway , maybe I’m spoiled with my crazy specs on my samsung galaxy tab S but this in no way makes me feel I should have waited. Frankly I’m not sure how much real effort went into this from samsung’s side of things. It looks like they didn’t even try and make this thing something that stands out when people see a Nook owner and this is important. If it doesn’t stand out and look different from the pack you will miss the free advertising you get from someone across the room walking over and saying those magical words ” Hey is that the new Nook?”. This is where the true sales start and come from and they just blew those with a product like this.

Numbers game overshadowing facts!


5 million vs 10 million. Or 10 million vs 4.8 million or whatever number people want to attach. Too much is put into these numbers. I know it makes you feel good but it doesn’t make your system weaker or stronger in performance all of sudden because you sold 10 million unit or didn’t. It’s the same hardware, same company, and same direction. So in basics, Microsoft and Sony are in great positions. Sony has more sold worldwide but yet Microsoft has yet to launch worldwide. Then there is the elephant in the room that most gamers aren’t even paying attention to or know about. Both Sony and microsoft are record paces in comparison to sells of their previous console, a almost 80% sale increase compared to last Gen. This is what defines a company. It’s not about the other guy as much as its about being better and more successful than what you did before. Sony and Microsoft both know this, and while Sony is overall doing better in numbers this doesn’t take away from Microsoft being extremely successful compared to their previous gen system. And we all know how many it sold last generation. If they do better than what they did with the 360 their company will be in great profit standings at the end of this generation and same goes for Sony. This is the real true goal folks. Not just beating your opponents numbers but beating yourself and making a profit.

One day later after you add updated features Xbox One does it again! Reddit, MTV, and updated twitch

   Like I need to say it again! You can hate all you want and or you allow media fanboy lies to keep you in the dark all you want. But Xbox one and Microsoft did it YET AGAIN! One day after adding one of the biggest update they have on the xbox one, which was made for and requested by the fans themselves, they go ahead and add one of the biggest forums out today, Reddit today! This is the very first time Reddit has hit a console much less created a custom app for it. Then on top of that they announced MTV app later this weekout today(teenwolf baby)for Xbox one too along with a new better version (as if they already don’t have the best version now) of my favorite app Twitch!

Best games, most content, best innovation, and most complete gaming 1

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I love this guy, Phil Spencer! Als challenge, and ask Sony and Nintendo to join!

Phil Spencer represents everything that is right in video games in my mind. Yoshida from Sony does in many ways too but unfortunately his company isn’t following his direction. So, even though fanboys and media want hatred between the companies phil again extends the olive branch out to not only Sony but Nintendo in helping to support the ALS ice bucket challenge. Just another reason why I support Xbox one!

EA adds it’s Trojan horse to its subscription.


As I have commented on before I’m far. I’m not going to say something is good just because it’s my system or someone else’s. If you do something great I give credit for it. EA forgot to tell it’s fans that the subscription service early access is only for 6 hours total of game play for each game. So even though you have access a week early you won’t be able to play for a unlimited time as it was last time. This is unfair and very deceiving if you ask me. Now personally even with this it’s still worth the 5 bucks a month because I have definitely enjoyed the free games madden and battlefield . This alone was with the 5 bucks month. Then when you add the 10 percent off the digital copy it adds to the use. But again to tell us all of sudden how this really works is really dirty to me and I can see why some fans will be outraged at this. Hey maybe this would have been what fans could have had a problem with if they were ever asked by Sony. Hopefully this could be turned around with enough complaints but I feel EA got away with a little Trojan horse magic on this one.