Samsung proves through its specs that it’s still the tablet to beat.


The tablets market just got heated again. The iPad mini 3 and Air 2 have been introduced. But for the first time ever Apple have come out last with weaker specs than what is currently on the market. Samsung tab s especially has a pixel count of 360ppi vs the retina displayed Apple ipad mini 3 of 325 ppi. Now both Air 2 and the 10.5 models of the tablets have 325 ppi, but the resolution for the 10.5 is higher at 2560×1600 vs the new iPad Air 2 at 2048×1536.


Samsung also has had fingerprint lock out options on their models for some time now prior to Apple’s but this didn’t stop Apple from acting like it was the very first time this has been done like they always do. This really proves again how little Apple has left as far as true innovation goes. It’s very clear that samsung is clearly the leaders in this department and have grabbed hold of this market now. Me personally, haven’t seen anything that can touch my ppi and resolution on my samsung galaxy tab S and Apple is no exception to this. 

Counting games I am interested in on both consoles for 2015.


    This list doesn’t represent all games coming to both plateforms only the ones I want.

Xbox one exclusive titles that I am still interested in for 2015:

1. Quantum break

2. Gears of War

3. Scalebound

***Halo Will be epic for most everyone but me. I just don’t like Halo like others do. So that’s why is not on my list. 2nd tomb raider would be second on my list if it wasn’t for it only being temporarily exclusive.

Ps4 exclusive games I’m interested in 2015:

1. 1886 The order

2. Eve valkyrie

3. Hellblade

4. Uncharted

5. God of war

6. The next MLB the show

7. Grand Turismo

8. No man sky **If it’s more than walking around looking at animals that is**

9. Bloodborne

10. Deep down



HBO Go on its way to xbox one!


Xbox one adds more entertainment it’s system. HBO GO is reportedly being work out for the xbox one now. This seems to be exclusive to the xbox one only for next generation systems. Ps4 has no such confirmation. This is great news for all us xbox one owners I guess. However, I never thought I would really feel this way but I have been feeling this way ever since the Halo channel walk through. For the first time I feel xbox one is truly focused on too much of the wrong things like entertainment and apps, and not about more things that makes gaming better for us. I know I sound like a ps4 fanboy but hopefully by now most know that I’m not. I’m a gamer that has both, and would prefer it if microsoft was doing better but at the same time don’t wish for anything bad to happen to Sony to get that done. Look I love the different apps and this is one of the bigger ones but I do see how people could complain about too much focus on apps and entertainment and not feeling like it’s a gaming machine as opposed to a entertainment device. But I guess they have to play to their strengths.

Pachter the super genius analyst, was , how you say, Umm Wrong!


King of the mountain top yet again! Ps4 can celebrate yet another victory over Microsoft as NPD numbers have confirmed ps4 reigns top selling system period, U.S or otherwise for September. The news brought me a sad but joyful expression today. Sadness, why? Because as I have expressed before, over and over again I don’t wish for anyone to rule like Sony has done for gaming. Competition is so important for us to get the best out of these gaming consoles. So where is the joy? The simple fact that the Pachter, the super genius he is, always finds himself making false reports and statements and this is no different. I found it very hard to believe when he predicted that the xbox one sold 350,000 units and ps4 so 250,000 in a loosing effort. Although I was hopeful for Microsoft to make a go of it I really had no real faith in his report. The biggest thing about Pachter was how he tried to defend his statements and bashed back at ps4 fans that called his statement bull crap as most knew he was either just trying to get noticed or talking from his butt. If analyzing is his job , he clearly needs another job he is actually good at. One good thing reported was that xbox one Destiny sold initially more than the ps4 version for hard copies at least. It’s one the very few months that xbox one was a leading format for a number game. So that’s good news Microsoft! After that though it was all ps4 from that point out for software sales. Ps4 is truly the dominate console in sales of software and hardware this genration. They have all the momentum behind them and it will take a miracle for xbox one to derail them I fear.

Xbox one is in a much better position than Sony was with its ps3.


    Good news Microsoft and Xbox one fans. Xbox one is not in as big of a hole as most will lead you to believe against the ps4. Right now ps4 is about at 11.5 million sold worldwide and Microsoft is at 5.8 million sold worldwide. This equals to just under 6 million. But keep in mind ps4 before they even sold one unit in the U.S was down 10 million in worldwide before coming back to take the tie microsoft before the next generation started. So this isn’t something that can’t be done. Keep in mind last genration playstation was the most expensive, lowest selling software console, and the hardest to program for. Sounds familiar? It should because it’s the exact picture of the xbox one today. I swear these companies look like they just swapped positions from the old genration to this generation. You just have got to believe that microsoft just isn’t done yet and won’t be dying softly if it is to happen for this system. Also don’t forget one failed system doesn’t mean they’re done for the next. I guess owning both consoles really puts me at ease no matter where this generation takes me. There will be great games that come out for both and I can play them all! I would just prefer that both companies give me their best and the only way I can get it is by competition. Here’s to a long genration of great back and forth by Sony and Microsoft to wins the hearts of gamers worldwide.