“My beta looks better than your beta”


OK forgetting the fact that this happens every single time and every single time almost the videos comparison are flat out lies and or aren’t meant to be used to judge the final version of games. Why on earth do you people waste time doing stupid videos on comparing a freaking beta unfinished version of the game. This is the dumbest thing in videogames to do. Why the hell would you try and compare two unfinished weak version of the game to make any statement whatsoever. The director and creators of the games already ran and posted the Xbox one destiny in its final 1080p stage and it looked just like the ps4 version of the 1080p if not better. So why on earth would one bother looking at beta comparison videos when you have the real final videos out showing full strength versions. Well I got that answer for you. Because we have to have a ps4 fanboy parade about something else they can try lie about to make them feel better about their console. I promise you I have never seen so many people who supposedly have a superior console spend this much of their time focused on crap that isn’t even relevant. Its not like this is the final version they are comparing. And on top of that its not like the there was something that truly stood out as better but yet if you look at videos people will swear they see “some kind of magic they can’t explain” about the ps4. Oh, may heaven above that is such horse crap!!!! You people need to find a life for yourself, you truly do. But just like I said it would occur and now it has happen. You put the spec numbers to bed and ps4 fanboys will try and find something to hold on to make them feel their system is better.  Its truly sad. I’m getting ready to play my Xbox One Beta now and I’m going to enjoy every bit of my amazing graphics and features of my system while my ps4 continues collecting dust until I sell it. 

Xbox one’s real twitch app perks give me a beta look at The Crew!


See unlike the ps4 access to watch Only ps4 twitch streaming (which sucks in quality), the Xbox one give you full access to twitch the way it was meant to be. I can watch PC gamers, Xbox , or even ps4 players play games. This week up, The Crew. Simply put, amazing. Flat put amazing looking and the depth of this game will have you playing for hours. I can’t believe the amount of games I will have and have now for Xbox one and all this connected to a rock solid 300,000 server world. With the The Crew and many others out there being so linked to being online and to a strong server set up is vital to your play. This was one of my main point of choosing the Xbox one in the beginning over the ps4 before I let hype cause me make the opposite choice. But anyway back to the game. The graphics are a sure thing of beauty even when you car gets dirty and then magically gets clean once you ride on pavement. The map itself is massive and the things you can do and places you can go are nothing short of a epic in size.  I will say that I think after this, Forza horizon 2, Driveclub, and Project Cars “car games” need to take a some time off. Its getting overly saturated and that’s never a good thing in general. But the saving grace is that they are all looking like quality games and that’s helps a lot. Bottom line is really nice to watch games like this in beta form being played and looking amazing in stream quality thanks my Xbox one!

In ps4 news today: 1.74 date is here !


Here is a list of things ps4 is yet again given to all its customers!

Let’s see there’s umm…
1 …….




5. Oh yeah, the same stability crash fixes that they still haven’t fixed from the last 10 updates they said contained it before.

So yep ,that’s about it! Yet again! Have fun!

Again people, this is what happens when one company sales exceed another and competition isn’t there. We all suffer. If ps4 was loosing they would given way more effort in delivering things to fans. They have gotten lazy because they feel they don’t have to do anything to stay in the lead. They think the war is already over. That’s why they take our money for games that can’t be downloaded properly on their servers and tell us its our fault and they aren’t going to give the money back. Its why they have made almost zero efforts in creating a better interface or simply given people the abilities to play a simple music CD. Look, I’m not saying Microsoft wouldn’t show signs of being complacent in one or another if they were leading like Sony was(but based on history they wouldn’t rob you and blame you for server issues). I’m saying that competition is vital to all of us no matter who leads. Its not Sony’s fault that they have better sales but it is their fault because of the way they have handled their lead. They decided to act this way after they got the lead. And really I blame myself for trusting in them yet again this generation after being shown over and over again that I can’t trust them. Like I have said they are the only gaming company in the world that has lied like they do and gotten away with it ever generation. They promise the world and under deliver on things too many times. I hope for the fans that have them this changes one of these years or generations. With Microsoft their updates are about given the people what they want. Also their updates don’t brick your systems as Sony’s update has historically done before. Right now the Xbox one team are pushing all they have into their fans and we are benefiting from it. This is what should be going on with Sony regardless of their lead.

Update: Sony has said that it has heard the complaints about slow update features and will be announcing a new1.8 update that will give mp3 playback features and video features add-on’s that the ps3 has. Some believe this means 3d playback. I hope so! But when this will actually be ready to download and confirmation on real updates features have not been given besides mp3 playback. But at least this shows the power of competition. If it weren’t for fans being pissed off by Microsoft announced 3d features update coming Sony would have sat on their hands and fans would have still been waiting. This is exactly what I have been pushing and why competition is so important.

Here’s something that ps4 fans don’t want to hear but its the truth none the less


You can cry and can try and deny it but its the truth. Whenever there is parity across both platforms the Xbox one’s coding for color and contrast levels gives Xbox one the advantage over ps4 every single release. Even in some of the cases that the Xbox one was at 900p its up-converted quality was still better than ps4′s1080p. I know this because I was a former ps4 player that over and over again was left scratching my head about the true so called advantages I didn’t see and over and over again found the Xbox one graphics better. Destiny will more than likely follow suit. Trust me when I tell you, the colors will pop more and the black levels will be richer on Xbox one. Yes the ps4 will have extra DLC at first but Xbox one will get its own soon after. I personally care more about the richness and black levels in the overall game graphics than I do about DLC. DLC can change and be added at anytime, richness and black levels advantages don’t. You can try to turn up your TV setting but when you do if you plug both consoles into the same level the Xbox one still wins out. They just really know what they are doing when it comes to up-converting and adding optimizations to give them better advantages for third party games. Soon more and more games will have less and less spec number deficits and this means more and more third party advantages riding to Xbox one by default because of their custom graphic codecs. I know ps4 fans don’t like these articles because they kill the superiority lies they have been feed. I feel what they felt, I fought against it myself for months. But sooner or later the truth will surface and the lies will fall apart. Trust me I’m not here to boost lies I really honestly am trying to free your minds guys. Ps4 first party studios and sales make them great for gaming as well as their indies support. But every update and every game that comes out more and more pushes things to Xbox one side. In fact all the list of advantages Sony had at e3 2013 have all but been erased. Its no longer the only system that has 1080p spec wise , not the only source for indies titles, not the only one who has a ease of development, not the only console without DRM, or the cheapest console at $399. In essence, we have two great consoles with very little differences between them and gamers can choose equally which to support or support both.  All and all I still see the same consoles they were last gen. Xbox has better graphics on screen while PlayStation has better spec numbers numbers on paper. Specs didn’t make the PlayStation 3 the best looking graphically and was over hyped with the cell processor while the Xbox 360 had better graphics overall thanks to better software and programing that made up for what they lacked on spec numbers and this year its no different I’m afraid. Again you can’t truly go wrong with either but of the two the Xbox one is a complete package with more features and at the least equal power in graphics if not more thanks to their graphics codecs built in the system.

Destiny’s xbox one shown to be equal to the ps4!


It’s almost time to pick up those amazing Xbox one controllers and play Destiny. Confirmation on final version of Destiny for the xbox one being perfectly equal to the ps4 version in both resolution and frame rate. But what about the 40% more powerful console crap? Umm, shot to Hell with a gasoline arrow. Too bad fanboys even the developers are shutting down the notion of advantages existing on ps4 over the xbox one now and none bigger than Destiny.

3 more days Til Destiny Beta hits Xbox One !


    We are waiting patiently for the flag to drop, for the shooting to begin. Time to kill aliens and take back our planet! As a Xbox one player for this game and coming from the ps4 I can honestly say I am not feeling like I’m missing out on anything. I’m just not one of those people that downloads a lot of extra stuff for the game. I beat the game and I’m out or start over.


For me what’s in this game is in the game and I don’t feel like I’m missing things like ultimate teams in ea’s sport titles or child lesbian DLC for Last of us. Just give me the core game and let me have fun and I’m happy.  If I need DLC to do that then the game really isn’t that great to begin with. But hey, I’m different and you may feel different and that’s perfectly fine. I’m not you and you aren’t me. Bottom line Xbox One fans, wait three days and then its on!

“Xbox, record that one baby!”


The Nurburgring! There is no better challenge for racing and skill for most that race this track. This track has been on other games but not like this. Every single detail in stunning accuracy. Taking my LaFerrari on this track and taking in the sure beauty and skill needed to race it is something every single racer should experience in his life if you place video games or if you can ever race on real life. Forza 5 and Xbox one is like no other when it comes down to this and many other advantages playing on it give.


I can believe how good it felt to race on this track and experience its hard stopping turns, the true sounds of my specific car engine, all while being hunted down by people’s Drivatars. Trust and believe me you have never had a more real experience in video gaming to date. Maybe some are to come but as of today there is no greater racing game you can experience such a combination. XBOX ONE!

Numbers only tell you numbers not who’s right or wrong!


At one time, the majority of the population bought and smoked cigarettes.The few that didn’t we said to be weird or uncool. At one time the majority of the population believed that the world was flat. At yet another time the majority of the world believed that meat turned into maggots. My point is this; the number of people on one side or another doesn’t prove anything but numbers. Doesn’t prove that where the majority of the people are…exists the truth or that these people are better or smarter than those on the other side and visa versa. So fanboys out there you might want to think about that the next time you bring numbers into the conversation to try and prove that someone else’s beliefs are false because fewer people feel like they do vs your side. Even if there is but one person that believes something against the whole world, it doesn’t prove that he is wrong or right nor does it prove the world right or wrong either.

Forza horizon 2 will easily be one of the deepest gameplay racers out.


Microsoft seems to be the king of content. Not only did they take a concept of Driveclub’s club driving at 4 per club and destroy it with 1000 they also destroyed them with 200 cars to their 50! Now newly released info at e3 revealed that Forza Horizon 2 will included well over 100 hours of gameplay. Amazing! Simply amazing! I don’t know how they do these things so well with such a “inferior console”(lol!). It continues to blow my mind how much extra content advantages I have with Xbox one. If its not the domination in apps its the innovation of hardware , software, streaming, matchmaker, controller concepts,  and finally just flat out better content in their games. Best part of Forza horizon 2 is that it didn’t take two canceled launch dates to deliver such a great game!