Well ps4 does it again, lack of knowledge again cost gamers.


It’s being reported that the new 2.0 has brought heartache with it . Me as well as others have suffered yellow blinking light after going into standby mode and other problems. With that, huge download speed reduction. I’m running 24mb download speeds and it took me over 4 hours to download the update file for lord of the fallen which is only 5gb. I feel sorry for those of you who wanted to download a full game. You might be done sometime next month. It really shouldn’t shock anyone . This is what happens when you ride with Sony. As long as you understand this you can make it. If not you will most likely seek someone who knows what they are doing in network and software , umm Xbox one. I knew this update was going to have consequences and problems. So I can’t get mad at Sony. I know who they are. Do you?

Microsoft drops price yet again. I fear it won’t matter though.


Well it came official today that microsoft will drop the price of the xbox one yet again. This time is not permit yet but it is for the holidays to boost those Christmas numbers. As I pointed out before price cuts and bundle deals are the only thing that Microsoft can do about Sony’s ps4. This is a aggressive and yet desperate but yet it’s something that comes from competition. This is the reason I don’t feel that Sony needs to match or will match this. For one, microsoft has tried this before and still lost every week and ever month following. Yes this is the first price cut that has placed them cheaper than the ps4 but most ps4 fans and supporters will say and feel that if the system is weaker, it should be cheaper. Where as the ps4 with all its advantages and power at $399 is already a bargain. In American , this is really the only place I can see this being helpful maybe, as this division is the only one they don’t loose by much. In Europe it won’t matter to most. And we already know about Japan. So while this is the only move , yet aggressive , the biggest reason why this won’t matter is that it’s still the same system. It’s still the same system that can’t be developed for 1080p properly . Same system that everyone know is the weakest and most importantly, same system that is loosing mind share. Mindshare trumps prices everyday and any day. If people truly feel you aren’t better it doesn’t matter. If they feel they have the best they will pay whatever the price tag as long as they can afford it. You see when people say they want a ps4 it isn’t because it’s $399. When they write about how hard or weak the xbox one development is for resolution and frame rate it’s not because the price tag was too expensive. So a cheaper system doesnt make this go away. All microsoft is doing is cutting the price of a weaker system vs a more powerful one and I fear most will see this overall around the world. Price matters only when this is the reason people picked the opposing system. Problem is, this isn’t why you are loosing  Microsoft. You are lossing because you are harder to program for and therefore produce less quality than the ps4 and then finally the Mindshare. People truly believe in the Ps4.

Hindsight of knowing for sure that ps4 would rule.


So much has changed in less than a year. So many thoughts and beliefs, both from system devleopers and gamers. Phil Spencer was asked if he knew what he knew today would things have been done different. His response was that he couldn’t say that he would have done anything different outside of making sure the focus was on gaming. The question itself was directed at the making and hardware of the xbox one and DRM policy reveal. I found that answer political more than honest in my opinion. As the head of xbox one now he would not be much of a leader if he blamed or pushed of blame for the xbox one situation to the fact that he wasn’t in charge. I get that but you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t have changed the xbox one power limits. If xbox one had come out with oh say 16gb of gddr5 memory at $499 there wouldn’t be anything out there that could match it. Even if they did still pushed entertainment first like they did. If they had come out with the same games and double the memory for $100 more there would be no ps4 talks today and being that playstation put their whole company money including the lively hood of the company behind the success of ps4 they could possibly be on their way out as a company period if that had occurred. So I don’t buy that he wouldn’t have changed things. If he wouldn’t he would be a fool and I don’t think that he is one. As a gamer though I would have saved so much money never buying a xbox one if knew just how bad things were going to get with the 2nd generation (sport titles specifically for me) of games this year. Not to mention the amount of sales and friends that play only ps4. Then the amount of issues the developers games showed with 1080p vs 900p and 720p. Again I express my belief that the system can do 1080p 60fps but it’s just so hard doing it developers can’t get there with their deadlines. But regardless of reason they aren’t producing and that’s the bottom line. So with these things in place along with VR for ps4 there wouldn’t have been any chance that I would have wasted one dime on a xbox one. But now I know better so I do better right!

Ultimately Ps4’s “Game Features” and third party graphics in sports led me away from xbox one.


The xbox one was defeated by ps4 in my house because of two main things. One was the game features that make the “gaming” better. This is something microsoft could do more of instead of putting out movie apps and tv apps. Now I had no problem with them in the beginning having cool apps but it started to become too much. They focused way to much on apps that had nothing to do with gaming. Ps4 added game streaming and play share features that really do focus on gaming. It’s this important direction that most give playstation credit for over the xbox one. Outside of playstation’s stupid move of refusing ea access, all their moves for gaming have been perfect.  Now if it’s was just this I would still fine. Still fine until more games started reporting 720p graphics, like PES 2015 which the ps4 version is full 60fps and 1080p.  Now I already know that the xbox one can do 1080p graphics. Problem is, it doesn’t matter what I believe if the developer won’t and can’t do it. All that matters is the results.  Speaking of PES , which is a sport game , it isn’t the only one that ended up being less on the xbox one vs ps4. While madden , fifa, and nba, nhl games all show same resolution and frame rate the graphics aren’t the same. The ps4 version is much cleaner, fps is more smoother and color depths are richer. This was the highest and most shocking to me as this has never been the case in the past. This is the case with other third party games as well. This is where I believe that money made on ps4 caused EA and others to take more of a important roll in the development of their games for ps4. But whatever the reason again, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the results. I can’t buy games based off what it should have been on my system. I buy the game for what it is on my system. The graphics aren’t going to be better simply because I believe that developers should try harder to produce better graphics. They are what they are. Even when listening the Phil Spencer, as great of guy he is, still tells the truth. He knows they are in trouble. Not one time have they ever said that the ps4 wasn’t more powerful. How powerful? I have no idea because the ps4 seems to be getting better with each game while the xbox one seems to showing that it is tapped out. I wish this wasn’t happening, I truly do. I really liked the xbox one up to this year’s latest batch of games that have revealed just how far the xbox one is slipping in the race to remain close to the ps4 graphics. And make no mistake the play share feature will kill microsoft’s xbox one. Then what make matters worst is Morpheus is still on its way with no answer in site for microsoft. They can’t even figure out how to take a screen shot with its software. It’s all over for microsoft’s xbox one, they are dying each game release, each ps4 feature release, and each innovation like Morpheus given to ps4. As a xbox one supporter I am absolutely humbled, shocked, and embarrassed that things have gotten so bad. I was so sure that I didn’t have to worry about me ever having to return to ps4 even though I knew they would outsell the xbox one. I didn’t think I would loose my sport titles advantages and admittedly thought ps4 would never be able to pull off the play share feature. Now everything has changed I have no choice but to return back to ps4 solely. I have zero purpose for the xbox one and therefore it is no longer apart of my gaming setup.

Sony lied to yet another gamer. I remember when it happen to me, it sucks.


This is exactly what happened to me with mlb the show 14 and I got mad and I sold my original ps4. Sony’s customer service sucks and they flat out lie to you and nothing is ever done about it. Looks like they haven’t stop lying and robbing people. Problem is we have to live with it if we want the best for gaming and that makes me sick. I wish microsoft’s xbox one was better in graphics or at least on par with ps4, at least for my sports. Sadly though they aren’t and I’m stuck with ps4. I learned my lesson and now I buy hard copies of games for ps4. The guy above will most likely follow suite or leave ps4 like I did. When I left I had my xbox one performing better in sport games but now they aren’t anymore and I’m stuck with ps4 if I want the best. It’s bad but good to see I’m not the only one that got lied to by a Sony representative. But as long as they are #1 they will continue to be our only real gaming choice if we want the best.

Man, its really hard to find reasons to own a xbox one anymore.


If I could cry about this I would. This day is very hard for me. A xbox one players who is about to sell off his console is who you are reading about. It’s just no getting around the needless purpose of it. This pulling of a console isn’t because they robbed me or lied to me like I did with the ps4. Even when I got rid of the ps4 I knew it was the best console for gaming. But I didn’t have to worry about that because I had my best looking sport titles on my xbox one and that was more important than all the other games ps4 show better with. So I felt comfortable letting it go even though I knew it was the number one system. I was fine with xbox sales numbers as they had nothing to do with me. I was fine with 900p on the first party titles. But when it continued to drop 720p and then it lost its sports graphics edge to ps4 everything changed and this is what makes this a issue that will be a final call unlike the ps4. There is nothing you can give me to make up for all these deficiencies. Especially being that I dont care about Halo. It’s just too many this time. I’m so sorry fellow xbox one fans I just don’t have a one single reason of use for the xbox one now. I hate how things have ended up and I really hate that I’m adding to the problem of competition. I’m just loosing too much staying with xbox one and don’t have the time and money to continue to buy for two systems anymore.


I’ve lost my best looking sport titles
We continue to loose in sales in software
Developers continue to put us second place
More than 70% of all third party games look better on ps4.
Almost 50% of all third and first party game come in lacking 1080p, even worse, games coming in at 720p more and more now.
Ps4 the only place to play baseball
Ps4 only place for VR
Ps4 only place I play chess
Microsoft killed off purpose of kinect
Worse download speeds for disk and digital
Ps4 only place that has play share feature
All my friends have ps4’s
Ps4 is now the best format for the best looking first party games by 2015(Grand Turismo, bloodborne, 1886, uncharted, eve valkyrie, etc )
Xbox one already limited where ps4 graphics continue to get better.

It’s just too much guys, I’m sorry.

Play share feature of ps4 could be the killer feature that truly hurts Microsoft!


I will be the first to say it. I didn’t think Sony wa going to be able to pull this off. I heard them and I saw the introduction of the feature at the ps4 come out party but I always felt that it was one of the too good to be true things that really never made it on my top hopes for ps4. But if this works next week it could be THE KILLER feature that hurts Microsoft more than anything else Sony has added to the ps4. In fact I will just state that this single feature is bigger than anything the xbox one has said they can do or will do.

The weight of all that is present in your face from backward compatible games streaming to play share features, share button, and soon Project Morpheus, all build a system that truly will be unstoppable. I give Sony mad props for pulling off all they said they would do for the ps4. The only thing left is the play and resume feature from the promised features. They truly have a system that has no equal and if not before, it is very clear now that Sony is push new boundaries and hitting levels never seen before and is this Generation choosen One. I just don’t see any mercy being shown by Sony as they continue to prove to the world who is number one and why.

Ps4 and xbox one labels


PS4 = “Most powerful game console in the world”, ” The gamers machine” , and
“The developers gaming console choice”.

Xbox one = “The most complete entertainment console ever”, “The best place to place the top titles”, and “Made for gamers by gamers”.

All these above statements are legit labels for both consoles. I don’t feel either console have over stepped their place with these quotes. They both have shown justification for these labels at one time or another. But I’m sure the fanboys out there will hate on something about these labels.