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Sleight, The Movie Review!

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Every now and again there comes a movie that really hits home to you and yours. Sleight was one of those movies for me and my family. I remember when I first saw the trailer and how it moved me. I could tell that it wasn’t really a big time budget movie but it had so much potential I couldn’t turn away from the trailer as they played on the tv. I promised myself that I would go see this movie at the theaters. It was one of the few movies I actually would have jumped out to go see on first day. The day it came out, life happened, and I was not able to go see it.

Everything from business trips to family demands came up and I was forced to watch it go by. After seeing that I missed my opportunity to see the movie I promised I wasn’t going to miss buying it and watching it at home once it became available on Digital downloads. Today was that day! I got my family together because for some reason I really felt that it was going to be one of those movies that taught a life lesson, not just some action superhero movie. Boy, was I surprised by the overwhelming perfect mix of drama and the urban struggles of a young black (Tony Stark type)in the hood.  The main Character, Bow, was a like a child genius that was dealt an almost impossible hand of circumstances that he had to find a way of overcoming. The movie’s ironic nature link to magic really showed a vision not often seen in directors. The symmetry was so fitting and deep that you would need to see this movie again to really get everything that was going on truly, how the handle dealt in life VS what he had to deal to maintain his. It had my wife and me at the edge of our seats waiting on each and every scene.  Even my ADHD son sat still and watched the whole movie and had tons of questions but really liked the movie. Honestly, I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow. It’s some things that I know I still missed that were so deep. It was truly one of those Unbreakable types of iconic movies that will sit with you for a while. Personally, I hope it does well in the DVD and digital download area because I don’t think that the movie made a lot of money in the theaters and it deserves a part 2. It’s a drama, it has action, it has heart warming moments and good lessons to learn about being caught up in things that are well over your head. Best of all, it shows you anything is possible. Digitalcracks score on this is a 4 out of 5star. The only reason I can’t give a perfect score is because you can tell they didn’t have the budget that most movies from Universal had and I can tell it could have been a little better if they had more money. But this is easily one of my favorite movies already.

The Atari System joke!


If you haven’t heard yet, one of the oldest game systems in the world, Atari is making a come back. Yes, that’s right, the Atari system is coming to a store shelf near you. This is what it will look like according to the latest pictures released by Atari. It will contain both USB and SD card slots. As far as a CD drive, it doesn’t look like it has one. One reason why this is the case may reside in the fact that this isn’t a true full system. It’s more like the Nintendo classic system re-release. I guess they saw the success of the Nintendo nation and want in on some of that money. For those of us that are still playing games that remember these consoles, you might be in the 40 -50+year age mark. This might make the buying line a little short as they are even older than the Nintendo generations players. What I can’t understand for the life of me is why someone would want to play anything back then. The games are going to be absolutely horrible to look and will burn your eyes out trying to focus on that level of graphics again. Now, if for some stupid reason this console is meant to be a reboot to enter the world of the current systems, I will have a big problem with this. The gaming market isn’t in need of yet another system. In fact, I will guarantee absolute failure to any company that tries to enter into this congested market of consoles. For one, the developers of games already hate the consoles division the way it is now.  This is why the developers aren’t lining up for the Nintendo switch.  Its far too much money involved in making a game for different formats with just Microsoft and Sony. They aren’t interested in yet another company entering in asking for yet more resources and time trying to make their game compatible with another console. They already complained about the different power levels of the Xbox one X and the Ps4 Pro.  I guarantee, if this system comes out it will not be accepted by developers. It will be another Nintendo Switch, which will have to depend on the first party games as their only source of income. But unlike Nintendo, they don’t have Mario and therefore will not have the exclusives to help the system survive, if this is a truly new system entering the market to compete with the current systems. Personally, I think someone should have been smart enough to tell Atari to leave what’s dead, dead. The market isn’t ready for yet another system. They already don’t have room for the Switch, which is why games like Destiny and Call of Duty will never be on that system. Stick to games Atari, the time has passed guys.



MX Master S2 comes to Digitalcrack!


Well when the words “Best mouse ever made” is thrown around, you know that I had to check it out for myself. Granted, I didn’t have my PC setup last year, so I missed out on the original Mx Master Mouse that started this trend. Even then I had heard rumblings about this mouse and how great it was. Personally, at that time I had no cause to really give it a second thought but always thought it looked cool. I wondered what a mouse would feel like shaped like that. Once I got my PC build I kinda forgot about the original Mx Master. Logitech was still something that pulled my attention when I first felt that Infinite scroll on the mouse wheel but it never dawned on me that this existed on the MX Master I saw prior to my PC build. So I ended up with the G02 mouse from Logitech, which some will say is still better for gaming.


I love this mouse still and still have it of course. I really didn’t have any complaints about this mouse and love the feel but I was getting a little curious about my set up look without the wired mouse. So when I saw this mouse and saw the headings on it, it sparked my memory about the original and I had to know what I was missing. So here I am. Testing what some would say the two greatest mice out on the market.


The moment I got this out of the box and plugged up the USB connector it was off to the races. The first thing I did was feel that amazing, super amazing hump curve. The mouse felt so amazing that very moment I laid my hand on it. The way the mouse supports and fits my hand completely was exactly what I thought it might feel. I thought the G02 felt amazing but this mouse is truly the best I have ever felt. I couldn’t believe how perfect this design was. I can tell you without a doubt there is no lag or difference I can feel or perceive using this wireless mouse vs the G02 wired mouse.  And unlike the G02, the Mx Master series gives you the amazing SmartShift sensitivity options. This is the infinite scroll super version that gives you the best of all worlds of scrolling. Everything from the button lay out to the texture is completely a work of art. While this may be almost exactly like the previous model, I really have nothing to compare it to because I didn’t have the previous one. So I can’t say that this is better than the original feel of the MX master 1. It looks like it’s exact but I could be wrong.


The difference that I think this has is the software and the battery life. The original is set at a 40-hour battery life while the MX 2 is set at an amazing 70-hour battery life. This is truly incredible! Basically, you may want to charge the mouse once every 2 months but that’s about it. I personally don’t know of a wireless mouse that has a better battery life. Logitech has done some incredible and notable things being such a small company and I take my hat off to them.


They could have stopped with the battery life but they didn’t. They created a software set that allows the users to use multiple PCs like a dual monitor layout. One mouse can go from the Mac to the PC on your desk without having to plug in things. You have complete access to multiple computers using the same mouse without breaking. This software option built into a mouse has never been seen before. You would think this should be a standard option for all mice on the market but it isn’t. Once again they stand out and impress many. Then after this, they gave you the software to customize every single button and response on the mouse which is really pleasing. You can make this mouse act just like you need it to. On top of this, it allows you to design different feel and button options for the different programs you use. So basically you have your mouse act completely different for Spotify than it does for Chrome. Every single software you have on your PC or Mac will respond and act differently if you chose to do this. Even the level of DPI you choose to have for different program and games you can custom design it for.


When you add all the features up you get an incredible presentation of a package not seen in the mouse world to date. It is truly breath taking to see and feel. Right now, I will continue to see what this brings to the table for my work load. Can’t wait to see how this affects my time line video editing. I hear it’s amazing. Overall, right now, I will have to give this mouse a Perfect 5 Star rating until I can find something wrong with it. I only see perfection and art in my hands. And I don’t know if I will be returning to G02 mouse but it’s still on stand bye, just in case.

Added two cents:

After more hours and more custom adjustments, I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that this is the greatest feeling mouse I have ever owned or felt. 


Let’s stop with the Ps5 hype, Xbox one X part 2 is coming too!


It’s really sad to see how desperate the media and fanboys are. Here are the facts, not opinions. Everyone that currently has a console out is working on the next one. Right now the Microsoft camp is already working on the next installment. So by right, we can start talking about that console too as if it’s coming too but that doesn’t change the fact that this system is not ready to come out anytime soon, nor is the Ps5. Just in case you are ignorant of the facts, let me remind you what is truly before a system can even think to be ready for release. The first thing that has to happen is a production of test equipment to start to test out the power. They have to produce boards, sign licensing agreement for Video cards, and produce hundreds of different hardware styles from the controller to the case arrangement. They have to worry about cooling and heat production. They have to worried about Software and CPU arrangement in most cases. All this and they still have to talk to developers and get out kits for them to start to produce for the system. They have to see what they need to do to properly balance the power that they need for the vision of games they plan on producing for that system. Bottom line is that there is always another system being created but it doesn’t make this system any more ready than a pipe dream until all these things are in place and they aren’t. Which is why the ps5 is no more of a reality than the Xbox one X part 2. Stop dreaming, making yourself feel better. The Xbox One X is coming and there is nothing Sony can do to stop it. Live with this fact and move on. It’s ok fanboy’s, the PlayStation will not be the best system nor will it be the most powerful system much longer. And it’s ok to be this way because it’s the truth. Better to live with reality than myths. You should focus on your games and support of your favorite console. Why worry about the Xbox one X being more powerful? Are you that shallow?

PlayStation continues to show lies about VR graphics and still no call out.


Days ago people acted shocked about Playstation forging video footage to help save face against the Xbox one X game Anthem. Why is beyond my understanding. They have always done this from the days of Ridge Racer to Killzone. They have lied and continue to be the most lying gaming company in the world. But nobody ever makes them answer to it. Yet if this was done by Microsoft it takes them months even years to live down any hint of mischief.


Playstation continues this trend with ever single, and I do mean every single video they have ever played featuring VR games.  Every single video is some doctor image of the game that makes you really believe that the graphics are going to be amazing. It’s not, this image is what it looks like playing on a TV, not the headset. All, say it with me, “ALL” VR games graphic suck compared to what you see on the monitor and or TV for regular games. No headset out there can display graphic better than a Monitor and or TV. All you see is poor textures and horrible double lines and limited gameplay. VR is a failure, a failed attempt of resurrecting something that died in the 80’s and should have remained. Sales suck, game sales suck, and real gamers don’t want to waste time and money playing it. Wiring is everywhere for the most of the units out there especially on the Playstation VR and people have left that age of wiring a long time ago. Who wants to go back to being tied down again? True gamers don’t want this stuff and this is the reason why Vr units aren’t stocked with many units on shelves, and those limited few placed on the shelves,  sit there for months without selling. It’s also the reason why Microsoft didn’t bother announcing VR yet. They can clearly see it’s weak and watered down technology that’s dead and gamers aren’t lining up for it.


The problem with Xbox One X.

The world’s most powerful console is heading out to you in 4 months. Just four months remain between you and “real 4k”, as they say. The problem is, they forgot to tell the developers this is what they need to make too. Everybody is talking very badly about the games that are coming in with checkerboarding 4k instead of native 4k as Microsoft advertised. Now, right away we have all heard of Checkerboarding from the ps4 Pro. So when a system as powerful as the Xbox one X has games to use Checkerboarding ignorant people try and rip the console. When will people understand the facts?

Fact One: Nobody disputes the power inside the Xbox one X compared to any other system out today. So if it’s more powerful than the Pro it will produce better graphics. This is a 1+2=3 mathematics problem easily proven. So where the limits leave off on the Pro the One X will produce more leaving those limits behind not coming up the same. It’s just flat out facts not opinion. This easily means superior results. 
Fact two: The easiest to make a point about and the most overlooked and ignored part to all this is the mere fact that the Console doesn’t decide the game resolution and frame rates, the developers do. The console provide the platform to accomplish things. The developers must do their job to properly use the console to get the best results. Checkerboarding is a lazy way of avoiding having to divide and push the system properly to give the best results in games. Just like 720p and 900p games did. When every single game almost from first party Microsoft games reached 1080p but somehow when third party developers put their games out they were all 900p and 720p. Either the system can or can do it. If even one AAA games produced the graphics properly it proves the other developers just didn’t want to put the effort in to do it. 

Microsoft’s problem will always be perceptions. Ignorant people and websites push the idea of a weaker system or a system that can’t do things, then this is what others will say and believe. It’s truly a shame that people can’t think for themselves. Even when a PlayStation base website such as digital foundery reports how impressive the One X is it takes only one or two reports about game developers, who either don’t want to push the system or don’t know how to push the system, to claim anything different, to undo everything that was said . We also now have some people believing that the PRo is just as powerful (it sure the heck isn’t) because it uses checkerboarding in it’s games. The difference is that Sony designed a Checkerboarding system and pushed checkerboarding to save face and give a reason to buy the console that barely more powerful than its current one. Microsoft created a 4k native console that had to ability to use Checkerboarding as a secondary option, not it’s primary. Microsoft also put in a 4k disc drive while again sony took the easy way out buy not even bothering to do put in a 4k drive. Then on top of that convince fanboys that at $399.99 or $350 that this makes it a better buy over $499 One X. Once again..”perceptions”. Last time I checked, xbox consoles are far superior in online gaming, interface, the best controller in gaming, custom equipment, have 4k drives, better apps, family share, EA access, Espn, up converts your TV providers resolutions, backward compatibility, and 4k streaming services like VuDu, Mixer, others, all while on the edge of delivering the most powerful console in the world. There is nothing to compare if you being honest with yourself. Yet Microsoft has to justify everything while Sony can tell it’s followers what’s good for them without ever once asking them and they fall right in line. It doesn’t matter how stupid it is, “4k drives aren’t needed in this 4k gaming machine”, “EA access doesn’t provide a value to our customers” or “we want to keep our players safe so we won’t allow them to play with other platforms”. It’s pure stupidity and people fall for over and over. Maybe one day someone will make Sony answer questions over and over and just keep putting out false reports like they have done to Phil Spencer over and over again. Are we sure Trump isn’t secretly the president of Sony?  

Digitalcrack gets his PC desk redone!



I remember when I had this setup. It was really thrown together and I made the best of the situation. I took apart an L-shaped desk and slammed two separate pieces minus the L together. The middle of the desk had this bothersome leg down the middle that prevented me from truly being comfortable. The desk space was so tight front to back that my keyboard really couldn’t be moved and left to right the desk had zero room to add anything. I needed more space and I notice that this desk sat too low to the ground and that made me really want to change some things. So I got a friend to help me out and build a desk for me.


A very beautiful desk indeed. I need something very simple but lite enough to move and carry myself if I needed to. I also needed it to match the colors I have for my game room. I needed rich dark colors to do so and he nailed it. He also nailed the height and room factor that I needed to be done. I knew once he sent me this picture of the table getting done I was going to be in love with it. I loved the color and finish he put on it. He also made sure I had the right amount of room to place the new monitor stand I brought recently to really set off the look. It took about 2 weeks for him to build with all the other stuff he did daily( he’s a very busy man). But it was worth the wait. Once we got it back to my house I was able to carry it up stair by myself with no real problem. I then went to town on the equipment break down and substitution process.



As you can tell the new look is just beautiful!! I was finally able to add the two lamps I wanted on my desk. I have plenty of room left on the desk to move or adjust. Most importantly it’s the perfect height where I don’t have to feel like I’m sitting on a side walk. Honestly, the level of sure bliss I feel just walking in my game room is epic now.


Look at the feel and look of this game room now. I got my couch and chase leather set up. I have the Samsung 55 inch K8000 series 4k HDR LED TV. And now I have my Dual Monitor PC desk setup looking like this! I think I’m ready for Setup Wars on Youtube. I might not win but I know my set up will be respected. Just walking into my game room makes you want to stay and live in heaven for a while. But you know, I could be just biased.

The covered up shot fired at Xbox fans. 

I’m sure by now you are fully use to shots being fired from Sony and Microsoft. Both have their history of low blows and neither are innocent in all things.  So this isn’t about bashing Sony themselves. But when the studios make statements like this, it can start to be concerning and disrespectful. Yes I know this isn’t a typical third party studio. And yes, I know first party studios are licensed to that company and represent them. But that studio is still independent in and of itself. In others words it can be fired and or can quit and it can seek other employment separate from Sony. Similar to what Bungie did against Microsoft. So while not as bad if this was a third party developer it still shows a level of disrespect. But I’m not talking about of Microsoft, this shot was fired at the gamers. This is what made this a act of war. In fact, most people responded in shock and disbelief, even from Sony’s owners( surprisingly). They took the statement in a different way than the studio hoped. An attack on gamers is still an attack on gamers. If they simply went after the console or Microsoft this would have been something different. But they didn’t and most people responded back as to say that they will skip the game now due to this twitter attack on xbox one owners. 

The simple truth of the matter is that first party studios, although liked and bragged about, don’t really sell well as such when you take in mind the amount of gamers on that console. Case in point, Sony claims to have about 60 million ps4 owners. Well what percent of those 60 million owner actually felt the need to buy Uncharted, Last of Us, and or any other so called “greatest game ever made” reviewed game exclusive. No first party games the ps4 has sold has reached even 20% of their ownership possibly never even getting 10% of them.  As loud as PlayStation owner and studios brag on first party games, the truth is, the third party studios sell more because they are opened to more chances in selling their games. Most PlayStation fans just want something to brag about. These same fans don’t even bother putting down money to get these games. Check the numbers out yourself against any first party game out there vs 60 million owners. You will be surprised at the % of fans that never buy these so call great titles. Detroit will be no different. It will be a game to brag about but not buy. And saying things like this hurts their chances even more. As of now they found a way to remove this twitter entry in hopes of coving this mistake up, but I think the damage might have been done. But then again we are talking about PlayStation, their bad laundry normally gets swept away really fast. I did have a hard time finding more than one article about this as of today. 

Xbox One X 8 ways of power!

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