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Mr Glass trailer finial out


Burn-in for Speakers are REAL!

luna_eclipse_4 (1)

There aren’t a lot of times where I have to do this so enjoy it. I WAS WRONG! My previous article that I wrote about the comparisons of the Edifier’s Luna’s E25’s was done before they finished burning in and my test on the Klipsch was also done too early as they were not finished burning in either. This was very irresponsible of me to do this and I apologize for this. Where do I start? So much has changed after 24 more hours with both speakers. For starters, the once tight and present bass for the Klipsch got too loose and too muddy. I became very messy over time. Yes it’s was powerful and still had clarity but the bass became soupy and even if you turned it down it became too hollow. I was very shocked by this. I even brought my wife into the mix. I brought her into the room and sat her in front of the speakers and asked her what she thought. To my surprise, the speakers that she thought were so good weren’t good anymore. And she was not fooled or retrained by the sonic sounds of the Luna’s because she had not spent any time with them. The only speaker she sat down with was the Klipsch and she even stated that it became sloppy and muddier than before for some reason.


So what happened then to the Edifier Luna’s? Just the opposite. The more it was used the more the sound became what I wanted. The bass grew and become the type of bass that you feel and hear instead of disappeared or just heard. Another thing that happened was that soundstage grew. It became almost like a surround sound speaker. The stage was wide and sounds were directed in front of you very impressively. This was just not something that the Klipsch could do. With the Klipsch, you knew exactly where the sound was coming from and it stayed right in front of its speaker. So then I brought my wife up and sat her in front and sound tested the Edifiers. Right away my wife noticed the difference and thought that the sound was coming from the Klipsch because the sound was so present in front of her where those speakers were at that time. But, when I showed her that the sound was actually coming from the Edifiers which were a bit more spread out she was taken back. It took her maybe 5 seconds before she clearly picked the Luna’s as the best sound. She stated that she really loved the sound separation stage and liked the more controlled and less muddy version of the bass on these over the Klipsch.


Are these the perfect set of speaker most claim that they are now? Nope, I still say that even though they are better than the Klipsch after burn-in, they aren’t perfect. I would still say that they should have a little bit more pump to them. Maybe not as much as on the Klipsch, but just give me just a little more. And maybe as burn-in still goes on, it will produce it because this is completely different from what I heard from them when I first took them out of the box. So far as the burn-in continues I am willing to bet that they end up almost perfectly fitting my needs. But I think that a subwoofer would be the only thing that could really make sure of that. But as these stands right now, I will have to say they are really, really good and a nice shock after further Burn-in. They look like they just might make the cut but I might have to rearrange my desk to a new color them.  I’m thinking a Man of Steel ( b/w or Silver and Black )Color profile for my PC set up new. This should help bring out the White color of the speakers more. More later.

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Emisar D4 vs Thrunite TN12 final round

Digitalcrack tries the Edifiers Luna’s.

Well, I guess my assumptions won’t do. I made some bold statements about the Edifiers Luna e25s on my last article. After about a week or more with the Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia I was really ready to write off all other speakers. I mean the stats alone prove my view but I really need to look further into this. Everyone on the internet can’t be wrong in that big of a following. Everyone from TechSource to TechFlow all were just so in love with this speakers. Everywhere I looked, nobody was talking about the Klipsch and yet the amount of people that gave them high ranking on Amazon were in great numbers, even over the so call kings of speakers. So I went ahead and ordered the Luna’s over the audioengine a2 which had even less bass in them. I figured if I’m wrong about these, then I will look into audioengine. But if I’m right, then there is no point.

So even though I just finished the cable management for my desk I went ahead and took down wiring and exposed others to put these up side by side for my test. So just to remind you again, the klipsch is a 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer kicking out 200watts at 110db’s. The Edifiers Luna’s is a 2.0 system without a subwoofer, stuck at a mere 85db and only 75 watts of kick. I knew this issue before I purchased them but so did all the other reviewers that still ranked the Luna’s the best speaker of 2017 and or had them within the top 5 speakers for the desk. So I let the test start.

First off I can tell you without a doubt that the Edifiers Luna’s need a burn in period. The first time I turned this on, there absolutely no bass. After about 9 hours the bass was present. But to do this I had to turn off my Klipsch altogether because part of the burn in period is your ears getting use to hearing a different sound signature. So at that 10th hour I was beginning to see what people were thinking they were getting from the speakers. They have a decent sound stage and it did develop “a” bass signature for itself. I can see someone thinking that all things were great with this speakers system. It really took on a decent life for itself until I turned on the klipsch again. The difference between these two speakers is like night and day. You only need to hear the klipsch for 2 seconds before you feel and hear the clear difference. Everything from classical to Rap had better clarity, way better bass, and better sound stage. The Edifiers aren’t even close to being in the same league as the Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia. You just can’t compete with a a 2.1 system that includes a subwoofer and 110db on a 200watt system with a 75watt 85db 2.0 system with no subwoofer. Even if both systems had subwoofers, the fact that the klipsch has 110db at 200watts puts the reach of level out of reach with anything that I have seen on the market, especially when you factor in that this can be purchased for $129.

People, this is a dream system and deserving of praise as a speaker system. I honestly can’t understand why this is the most kept secret on the market. I promise you if you aren’t one of those people that needs for their music to remain flat, there is absolutely no way you walk away from listening to these speakers and not immediately know without a doubt that the Klipsch is far and away the superior system. And no this system is just not about bass. It’s a perfect balance of highs, mids, and amazing lows. It’s not the bass you hear but the one you feel, which is the best kind. Now, if it’s a beauty contest and presentation contest, the Luna’s wins before the gun goes off. The box and unboxing really makes you want to like them real bad. But unfortunately it’s about sound and sound belongs to Klipsch.

My New Top powered EDC Flashlight

Flashlights are the latest fad for me as you can tell. Gadgets are apart of everything I do and is the reason for the channel. Finding the perfect one for any type of gadget can be a challenge. It can take lots of experiments. Some will almost reach that level and others will fall short. What you try and do is get the one that has the most boxes checked. My latest search was a suggestion by many other people on candlepower forums.

The mighty Emisar D4! This 18650 flashlight is a, get this… a $35 light that reaches over 3000lm. That’s right, over 3000 lumens of power, 3400lm exactly. It uses 4 emitors in the head of the light in a pocket size light and the company even allows you choose the tint and brightness options. Some options even get you up over 4000 lumens. They even have option where you can get a different tube that will make the light an even smaller cr123 light form.

But along with all these options and power comes heat, lots of it. In fact it’s the hottest light I have had in EDC light by far. But with 4 emitors in the head of the light, can you blame the unit? No size light this small should be handling 4 emitors pushing over 3000 lumens. Heat is just something that is going to happen. The saving grace is though, is that this unit has ramping levels of brightness. This means instead of jumping all over the place like all over lights do with low, medium, and high levels. This light actually gives you access to all lumens leading up to the highest level. That means you get lumens 1,2,3,4,5…etc, etc. Not lumens 1, skip to 150lm, then jump to 500lm. And it is this that makes this light stand out over all other lights.

Emisar D4 arrives at Digitalcrack

My LG Ultrawide 34UC888…The Key piece of the puzzle!

Lg Ultrawide


I know, I know. I’m late to the party of Ultrawide goodness. It hasn’t been for lack of trying though. You can’t blame me for this wait, you will have to admit. I mean, they were monitors that ran $1000 or more at first. I just didn’t believe in spending that kind of money on a monitor vs a Tv. Then when you add the fact that I still prefer my Playstation over PC gaming, then you can really see the pause in pulling the trigger. But now that prices have come down I finally pulled the trigger on one. I was torn between getting a 144hz refresh rate panel at 3440 x 1080 but that didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t want to deal with the loss of resolution that is associated with spreading out my image using horizontal 1080 textures. I also only have a decent set-up for PC that wouldn’t really take advantage of both the resolution and refresh rates thoroughly. So I went with the 3440 x 1440 with the Freesync to 75hz on a 34-inch Ultrawide and it was the perfect mix.



So now that I have the perfect speakers and the killer Ultrawide with just the right amount of balance and power attached to my PC, gaming looks amazing. I am waiting on a computer desk to be built by a friend of mine that will give me a white desk instead of the darker desk theme I have here. I think this will bring a cleaner looking desk setup. I will admit that it took a little while to get used to the size of this monitor and the complexity of using it on all sources. Youtube was my biggest hurdle. Not having the ability to see the videos in the ultrawide aspect got to me immediately.  Every day I hated it a little more until I found the extension upgrade add-on for Chrome called Ultrawide Video. This extension makes playing videos in the Ultrawide aspect ratio a breeze. Once you set up it up, it remembers your preferences and just runs effortlessly in the background. You really never know that you are running a program at all thanks to Chrome. Now, whenever I play a video it plays on the whole screen instead of playing it in the center of it with black bars everywhere.  This really helped me settle in and grant me the vision I needed to really understand the point of the ultrawide ratio in a video, productivity, and or gaming. It’s just a beautiful site to see in my opinion and this is the first time I have seen the true potential of my PC set-up.

Thrunite TN12 vs Zebra SC600w

Klipsch 2.1 Pro Media Beast!!

And in this corner, weighing in at a whopping 100 watts/200 watts peak THx certification with short-term peak punch of 260 watts(35hz-22khz), we have the mighty champion of speaker innovation, The Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia! This bad beast of a speaker system for your computer might not have the light effects but what it does have is a 110db output of absolute clarity and punch not heard by anything in its price class or close to it. The subwoofer has amazing punch that is clear and powerful with 3″ inch midBass driver and 6.5″ side-firing kick that you can adjust separately. The tweeters are 19mm PEI domes that give the most amazing pin drop clarity. The cost of such power is $149.99 – $179.99 depending on location or sale. If you need music, it’s got it covered, if you need gaming sound, it’s got it. If you need to watch a movie at your desk with that amazing THx coding, go right ahead and be blown away. There is nothing I can’t see this thing killing for its size. There are a lot of speakers out there that are bigger or have more watts but they don’t contain the DB ratios that this thing has at 110Db. Case in point is the popular Edifer Luner speakers and Audioengine Speakers.



These speakers rack up awards left and right. Why? I believe is only because they were given to the right endorsers for the product on Youtube and everyone went crazy over them. Yes, they look different but that’s about it. I go by facts! The Klipsch 2.1 Promedia’s has the pedigree behind their technology. They also contain a subwoofer and independent subwoofer volume controls on the speakers. And, if nothing else stands out as fact, the Db’s will. The Edifer’s Db ratios are only 85Db. 85Db’s, are you kidding me. How on earth can you claim to be great with 85DB’s? You can’t. I don’t care how many Youtube clients are paid off to host them on your computer layouts. 85Db aren’t going to cut it, especially against these Klipsch speakers pumping 110Db’s with a subwoofer for $149-$179 compared to this Edifer’s without a subwoofer and mediocre Db’s. Even the highly talked about Audioengine Speakers at 95Db still don’t compare to the quality of clarity of these Klipsch and again don’t come with subwoofers for a whopping $249.

The only things I can come up that I don’t absolutely love about this is the white light on the right speaker. It’s kinda bright and not as subtle as it should be, especially being a computer speaker that you normally use in a darker room. But I will take care of that with a magic marker, black tape or something. So that’s not something I will be dealing with for long. And then the subwoofer humming when you turn off your computer is a little annoying but its just something you have to remember to turn down before you go to bed.

Overall guys this is one of those gadgets that stand out. I don’t remember ever being more impressed with such small speakers. But we are talking about Klipsch though. Nothing about their pedigree in sound should ever make anyone experience anything short of amazing anyway, so this is no different. This gets a very easy 9.8 out of 10.

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