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Assasins Creed Orgins parity is a problem for Microsoft. 

You’ve seen the beautiful videos on this game being played on the Xbox one X. Kudos to Microsoft for taking a page out of Sony’s playbook. They have tried to formulate this into a exclusive game that is a third party game by showing it off on their system before others. What most thought was that this game was showing off amazing visuals due to the Xbox one X. This is how it was sold. It was Microsoft’s way of showing that they have the best console to play this game on. But as more and more info comes out on this, what we find is that that game will look just like this on the PS4 Pro. Now that’s a problem for me if this is true. The Xbox one X has 12gb of memory that can easily be used for 4k textures over what the PS4 pro can do. So please explain to me how in the world this game is exactly the same on the both platforms if one platform has at least 40% more power to use for graphics. 

Now, there is only two reasons for this. One of the obvious ones is that the company is looking for parity and not really being fair to the more powerful console. The second reason is that regardless of the power, the extra power of the Xbox one X still isn’t enough to make a true difference over a PS4 Pro. So then, if this is the case, what the Xbox one X is and represents is Microsoft’s way at being equal in graphics with the Pro. Nobody that has a Pro would need to go out and buy the Xbox One X at this rate if things don’t prove to be wrong. But if you are a fan of Xbox then you definitely want to buy the X because it will be your only way to match The PS4 Pro’s graphics. The biggest issue is that if they are really that close in graphics what’s the point in buying the X for $100 more when the Pro is there with better exclusives? Spider-Man, Ace combat, Grand turismo, Uncharted, Detroit, Last of us 2, MLB , and God of War are all on deck for this year and next. So Microsoft better have some really good news tomorrow. 

Come on Microsoft …we need a follow through here at this stage. The Xbox one X is suppose to have the best versions of the all games. Let’s get this done!

The PS4 Pro 4 IS the competitor of the Xbox one X regardless of what Microsoft says.

The Xbox one X will be the most powerful console on the market when it hits. It’s the greatest and most unique system ever come up with. As a big suppprter of Microsoft I am not blind to the fact that the Pro is still every bit of a threat as it is currently to the Xbox one S. So it baffled me to here that Phil thinks that the Pro isn’t a competitor to the X. The Pro is the Xbox one X of Sony. It is the best system on the market today and I have always seen the graphics difference and potential in it no matter how many standard PS4 players claim they couldn’t. With amazing games coming in 2018(hopefully) like Spider-Man and many others, Microsoft’s upcoming GDC in the next few days hopefully will have something to look forward to in terms of IPs. The absolute clarity that the PS4 pro can produce will make it an absolute must for Microsoft to really deliver on their third party games at least. 

 As of right now, most feel that the exclusive Games for the PlayStation will stand out and deliver the victory regardless of the Xbox one X power. Microsoft is hoping that the third party game difference will be enough to hold them without exclusives. So far there is hope for that according to some developers. The problem with this issue is that the differences might be there but might not be enough. I mean look at the clarity of Spiderman. How much more graphics can honestly be added to make it any better? This is my biggest fear for Microsoft. Will there be a big enough difference between checkerboarding 4k and native 4k? Will there be enough difference between native 4k PS4 pro graphics in sport games with “high fidelity” vs Xbox one x native 4k sport games with “4k textures”? Honestly, for me, as a Xbox fan, my biggest fear is that the PS4 pro graphics advantage over the Xbox one S is greater than the difference between the PRo and the Xbox one X. Specifically, if the Sports games don’t show enough difference to matter or they are equal then all of this hype is for nothing. Does this mean the Xbox one X is crap? No, not if you are fan and just want more power. And bottom line is whatever the difference is, it’s still makes it better. But if you are just a gamer unbaisely making a statement you would have to declare The Pro and Sony the victors with the power it has in Pro and the amazing game lineup if Microsoft doesn’t find a way to get the developers to present their games better. And if the half teraflops technic comes to life for Sonys AMD chipset on even a handful of third party AAA games, it’s really going to make things harder to tell the difference. Which will push all attention back to the Sonys exclusives. 

Life will come alive on the Xbox one X 

As more and more developers and sites see the Xbox one X at work, the more surety is stamped on the product. And while the Sony leads and controls the market, making developers less likely to speak on anything that would make the ps4 Pro seem weaker, the xbox one X picture is becoming a reality. For me, the biggest about the xbox one X is surrounded by games. Yes, I said games. Not just exclusives( or the lack there of) but all the games. Third party games are the new exclusives for me. I say exclusives because they are there is no other version better than the xbox one X version. Just like Sony past efforts, if a game clearly looks better on their system, you might as well call it a exclusive because nobody will want to see any other version. Games like Madden, NBA 2k, Fifa, and all other massive AAA games clearly have a new home of greatness and I for one, can’t wait to see this console in action playing the games that matter to me. 

Yes, I’m sure people will try and pick out flaws all the time but all things made by man have flaws. Crackdown 3 has just be reported as delayed until 2018 for some reason. Sad news for those interested in it, I’m not. So it doesn’t effect me or my excitement for the console. Neither does shareholder stocks and profit. Why? Because its Microsoft. They have the money regardless and are already working on the next system.  So they aren’t going anywhere. On top of that, the system isn’t designed with the thought of massive numbers. Microsoft knows their xbox one S will outsell the X. They aren’t bringing this system out as the train in their money supply. So people need to stop acting like Microsoft is Sony with billions of dollars in the hole every year facing buy outs. They aren’t hurting regardless of what the console division does. But what I do care about is companies that actually listen to you and does things to make everyone’s experience better, even if it hurts the companies profits. This is what Microsoft does and I love them for it. 

NBA 2k18 …Shook!

The Xbox one X gains even more unprecedented support 

Unity is excited to announce that support for Xbox One X is available now. Developers will be able to create projects that can be deployed seamlessly to any member of the Xbox One family: Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Taking advantage of the increased power and 4K HDR output of the Xbox One X is as easy as changing some quality settings.

If you haven’t gotten by now, you should start to get the picture pretty soon. The Xbox one X is a system unlike any other in console history. Not only has this system been developed with first water system in console history, first console to ever have its own power management chip set with its own name because it was the first of its kind, the first console to have embedded direct X12 on the system board, the first to have 6 Tera flops, and 12mb of memory. But the most important thing about this system is that it’s the first system created with the current codes engines in mind to make sure they have what they need in code to properly and use the power of the system. Unlike other consoles that come out, the developers have to create after its out or after they get that dev kits. Microsoft made it so that they already have their code structure in the system so all they have to do simply bring over game and take advantage of the power. Developers are very happy about this and are all getting on board. Epic, EA, and many others joined in and now Unity has done the same today. This goes a long way in developing games and creating powerful versions of them. More and more you see how deadly a company like Microsoft can be when they have their backs against the wall and the money to spend. This system will be a game changer for all other systems moving forward. And fans have something very specially coming in the next few months. This is why without a doubt the best system and most powerful system ever made.  

The world awaits the battle of Ps4 Pro vs Xbox one X 

This image of the two best consoles in the world will be seen in gamers mind for a while. While Xb1x is the very best offering of a console ever, Sony hopes to defend it’s position with its Pro and it’s games in 2018. The Xb1x will, without a doubt have the best graphics overall. It will be a powerhouse compared to all other consoles. We have already seen the developers excitement over its power and all signs point to it truly being a game changer and push 4k console gaming needs. But of all the things the Xb1x is going to bring to the table, the one thing it may not have counted on was bringing attention to the Ps4 Pro.  
Ever since the release of the ps4 Pro, most people said it wasn’t worth the upgrade. Most people stayed with their original ps4. This is mostly due to the 4k Tv sales. There were way more PlayStations played on 1080p TVs. Yes, Sony has sold incredibly for its consoles but that fast pace selling, while consistent, has started to evened out. It’s only so many people that are Sony fans and want to play games. And as they sell, they subtract from that pool bit by bit. This in turn slows sale spikes. 

Now fast forward to the Xb1X hype and talk. Now, we have hype for 4k graphics even greater than before. Now, we have technical stats and proof that it’s obtainable; something PlayStation didn’t do a good job of really explaining and showing. Most importantly we have Tvs going out the door in great numbers for 4k. With those sells comes the interest in seeing what these TVs can do with videogames. Now, all of sudden that Ps4 Pro starts to look different. As a sony player with a new 4k Tv and the hype talked with the Xb1x, you really have only two choices that most fanboy will make. They either pick up their ball and play for the other team or start to look at the Ps4 Pro more carefully. Right now, it has the very best graphics you can get on consoles, if you have the right Tv. At 1800p resolutions – sometimes 4k, it’s ideal to use and take advantage of that new Tv if you play PlayStation games, just about. I say “just about” because they still don’t have a 4k player. Which I believe really hurt their sales even more. So, in a strange way the Xb1x hype could end up helping Sony sell more ps4 Pro. In fact, in stores, that is what I see. More people go straight for the Pro now and very little stock is even put out to sell the regular PlayStations lately. They see where things are going now and don’t won’t to be left out. 

For the Xbox nation, things are looking great. For the first time in a while the best place to play all games well be the Xb1x. Problem is, unlike Sony fanboys, xbox fanboys have already had upscaling 4k and a 4k player in the very impressive Xbox S. So the wow factor might be a little less on them. But this something Microsoft has already prepared for. They know they have a battle internally against the mind share that exist just from its own system. How to convince xbox one S owners to buy yet another 4k console? How to make sure they know upscaled 4k on the Xbox S is not the same on the Xb1x. But the biggest thing will be to make sure they convince the world that the ps4 Pro Checkerboarding without 4k textures will not be equal to their checkerboarding and native resolution with 4k textures. This is going to be the real talk. Will the graphics difference be enough to justify the hype and price. Games like God of War, Detroit, Grand Turismo and Spiderman will be the real test for the Xb1x. For Sony the problem is that most of these games don’t have a real release date and which means that they aren’t even promised for 2018 and Microsoft is counting on this. 

Overall, if you are going to have two systems it would be the ps4 Pro and Xb1x. If you are going to have One system, it would be the most powerful in my opinion, the Xb1x. At the end of day the console that can produce “clearly” better third party games will get the attention over 3-4 exclusive differences. If you don’t believe me, go ask Microsoft’s original Xbox one with tones of exclusive but they couldn’t out duel the ps4 in third party games. 

NBA 2k18 graphics design talks. 

Project cars 2 reveals painful reality to Playstation fanboys and media liars!

I can’t tell you exactly what all the various sliders will be at when you’re on Xbox One X versus on PS4 Pro, but obviously, they’ll be higher, so there will be a significant, a noticeable improvement, because you have better hardware.”

I knew from the moment the developers said that they weren’t going to buy into the parity push lies that some other developers and media were trying to accomplish, that their game would be one of those games that were going to be different from the other consoles. With all the lies out there, being pushed by Sony fanboys and media liars, its good to see more and more truth hit the scene. And while this game won’t be as technical sound as Forza 7 it does show more consistency with other games that actually care about using the power of the xbox one X. I know this scares a lot of people that want so much to believe that the xbox one X isn’t going to be the King of Power in consoles, but it’s true. They will be the best place to play all third party games and this makes room to develope good exclusives instead of rushed ones.  If I know Microsoft they will deliver exclusives next year to match the ps4 exclusives lineup that PlayStation fanboy talk as though they are happening this year but aren’t. All those “Detroit”, “Spiderman”, and “God of war”cheers need to die down because no real release date is even set for 2018. For all anyone knows, based on Sonys track record, these games might not make it til fall or even 2019. So don’t hold your breath. I’m afraid you will have to endure the reality that the Xbox One X is the best console ever made and will be the best place to play games for a while. 

The Xbox One X will be the first Console to produce graphics just like they are shown on posters/ads. 

For years over and over since ads and videogames were used together, we had lies. No game console, until now produced graphics as they are shown on the ads. Why? Because still shoots are doctored and Photoshoped to sale the game. I don’t care if it’s a posters or webshots, games never looked as good once they were on your screen at home. Now, finally this console, for the first time in history will. 

I don’t care what you want to call it! Graphics like this is why I play. Nothing touches this..Not Grand Turismo and anything else that is on the Ps4 Pro. There is a difference between resolution bumps only vs resolution with 4k textures!  

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