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I think people will need to rethink their quick criticism of AO Tennis when they see Tennis World tour

OMG…I can’t tell you how many people tried to down AO tennis because they assumed World Tour was going to be the next Grand Slam tennis. Boy were they wrong… World tour is absolutely horrible. The Gameplay is completely slow and sluggish while AO is fluid. The graphic for AO are far more superior and don’t get me started with the sound. So many people wanted to get on AO Tennis for not having enough emotion in the crowd… Well listening to World tour tennis Gameplay make me want to shoot myself. It’s so repetitive, generic, and 10x worse than any complaint against AO Tennis Sounds. See for yourself guys. Sometimes weaker games help you appreciate games you might have been too hard on.



There is no other Console!!! Playstation dominated yet again.

At least for me, there is no surprise. It’s a foregone conclusion! As if I really need to say so but Microsoft is dead. It’s been buried honestly for years but this last knockout is just too much. I feel someone should step in and remind Sony that Microsoft waved the white flag a while ago when they told the world that they goal is to give all their exclusives over to all consoles. This day was the confirmation that Microsoft was dead to me and really to the world of the core gamer that had any hopes in them. Playstation dominated everyone and everything in April. Their game god of war totally destroyed records in April as well and Playstation continues to add even more sales and growth over the Xbox that its laughable now. There is no other gaming that exist that is worth being called a game unless it’s on the Playstation. Some things are without dispute, the world chose Playstation! It’s just time to move on and free online gaming just isn’t going mean anything(for those who know about the rumor from Xbox). It’s a temporary pop! Think for one logically second folks…. If the Xbox one X release can’t changes things, making online free ain’t going to do crap either. Microsoft will never mean anything to the core gamers as a whole worldwide. They are done!!

Hyper cloud Alpha, is Alpha of the headset market.

For those of you that have been keeping up with the site know that I have had the most expensive gaming headsets, all the way down to the least expensive. The one brand that I never tried though was the hyper headsets. The reason why is that they weren’t wireless. I really didn’t want to go backwards, so I thought. But what I noticed was that the wireless feature never helped me avoid anything. Having a wired connection to a wireless controller still created a wireless feel because I didn’t have to be connected to the console or computer. So when I recently got rid of my Xbox one x and its accessories, I found I needed to replace the headphones for gaming for my PS4 pro. Not to mention that my wife was getting a little upset at night because of my new sound system for my gaming room. So a new set was needed. So I immediately went back to the same brand, although I knew I didn’t need to speed $300 on a headset. When I had the Astro 50, they were great for the focus on being wireless and stability. The sound was good but the unit was heavy, I had to admit. It was comfortable around your ears but still had just too much weight to really keep on for a long period time without press on my head. So I saw these and was tired of hearing how great they were in sound quality and light on your head they were. So seeing that perfect price just under $100, I knew it would be,at the very least,an experiment, so I went with it.

Once I got in my car I finally took the time to really look at the quality of the box and then finally opening it to look and feel the headphones themselves. I will say without any doubt in my mind, that these are the best looking and feeling material used on any headphone I have tried to date. One of the biggest quality I love about the headphone that I noticed when reading the box, was the fact that they were build and pushed for all things. They are not heavy, not overly bulking, and generally look like regulars over the ear headphones. Basically they want you to use these for all your listening needs. So if you have a smartphone other than the iPhone with its dongle, then you should fit right in(if you don’t mind wires connection, that is). So when I play games on my console, pc, or just flat out want to listen to music on my phone, this has me. This is in part to the fact that they don’t force you to have this huge microphone hanging off your face. This is detachable. Another thing that stuck out right away to me the 2 year warranty. Most headphone stop at a year at most, but HyperX has you for 2 years, which is great! So driving home p, I was fairly excited but still felt fear knowing that the most important factor was not tested by me yet, the sound. So as I hooked the wire to the headphones, not having to update firmware, charge the unit, or hook up dongles to my console, I felt a sense of relaxation come over me as I remembered what they felt like before the wireless age was born.

Finally, the console was on and god of war and Gran Turismo was in and I was totally submerged in the sound. Just like with the Astro 50’s, the world disappeared, but with these the comfort came with it better than any prior. The dual chamber advantage made up for the lack of 7.1 surround sound as it duplicated surround sound with an amazing soundstage that I have not heard before. The sound was so crisp and yet so balanced. Was it better than the Astro 50’s on sound alone? No it wasn’t but it was definitely the second best. But where these took the top place was when you add the comfort and the ability to carry and use these outside the home or office without looking like a complete idiot where a fat microphone attached to your face. So it became the best headphone for me, especially with it’s price. The soundstage for this headphones absolutely makes everything you have ever heard, better. Sounds you have never heard before are present and while it has bass it doesn’t overpower while using it. So I’m know I’m late to the party but I have arrived and will continue to test these out. Right now, thumbs ups .

The Darkest Minds… The next x-men?

E3 2018 for playstation might lack shock but playstation won’t lack content.

I’m thr first one to admit that Sony’s e3’s have been a mess. In fact I believe the showmanship goes to Microsoft for the last 2 years. But what does this get Microsoft? Nothing. People put to many hopes and dreams bets on E3. Yes, it’s something you can gauge from but it shouldn’t define your console of choice. Right Sony has confirmed only 4 exclusives will be shown off. But this doesn’t mean only 4 exclusives are coming in the next 12 months. Unlike Microsoft who are just now starting to look for studios and New IPs, Sony has more that they have mentioned before in prior E3’s.

Last of Us, Death Stranding, Spiderman, and Ghost of tsushima will be the show offs this year. But what about Gran turismo 7(not Sport) ? What about that Finally Fantasy 7? This time next year we will be getting yet another MLB, The Show. Also Detroit Become human is coming this month as well. So exclusives for the next 12 months won’t be a issue at all. And by the time you add great third party games like Red Dead, Anthem, and others, we will have our hands full with gaming.

No PS5 at E3, is a smart move!

Sony confirms with the press that there will be no introduction of the PS5 at E3 2018. This is a great decision by Sony and the smartest way to go. PlayStation doesn’t need a PS5 right now. Microsoft can’t even sell 30 million units. They are absolutely no threat whatsoever. In fact with the latest info released, Microsoft is a actual joke as far as the Xbox one consoles sales compared to Sony. Sony could stop selling the PS4 right now and never ever sell another one and Microsoft will still never catch them. As a gamer this is actually sad regardless of the console you have. Competition drives the market. So honestly Microsoft is to blame, moving forward, for any lack of innovation in the console market. I personally believe this will be a very weak showing for Sony at E3 this year. But this never dictates anything for Sony anyway. They have had weak e3’s before and still dominated. But one thing Sony doesn’t want is to shoot themselves in the foot. They know how successful they are and probably feel no pressure whatsoever to bring out another console. Which means they can take their time and develop correctly. Which also means, bad news for Microsoft yet again. The same amount of disappointment will continue to pore out for Microsoft and their core fans. And the 29 million owner they do have will continue to leave and go with Sony. Ultimately, once the the PS5 is announced, Microsoft should just know that have again lost and wasted money billions just to loose again to PlayStation. The hard truth is that Microsoft will never be able to outsell Sony in consoles because they are rejected by too many regions vs the region they are accepted in. Sony has many more markets they are available in vs Microsoft. That sure fact alone makes it impossible for Microsoft. Because of this, Sony will always have more access and reach when it comes to developers and studios. Which means better games and more fans( Facts not opinions).

Sony is ready for E3, are you?

Christmas is almost upon us all. It is time for the greatest event in the gaming world. It’s almost time for E3. The place where gaming gets an incredible boost. For fans of the Playstation, we have grown accustom to events like E3 revealing great and wonderous adventures in gaming. It is also where fanboys get all their fuel to point fingers at the other brands notably. For me this event, while never living up to the hype promised by either company, has always been a moment of clarity. It was, in the past, a time where Microsoft would show off great services and promise of games later, but only to deliver baby games. For me on Sony, it was more of what I already knew. I know they are kicking the crap of Microsoft in sales. I already know they will get all the third party dlc that really matter. And finally, I know that they make the greatest exclusives. This year’s E3 will be no different. Rinse, repeat cycle in full effect. Good news for one company and bad news for another company. I’m sure you can guess which company is which.

Playstation’s Pro newer model quietly becomes the hybrid model of choice.

Being that I. Late to the party, I wanted to chine in on this. The 7115b is a shocker to me. No only is the controller redesign in the box but the units ability to run cooler creates the quiet playstation 4 pro you have always wanted. So many fans out there have complained that the fan noise of the pro was too much for them. I will admit, it was a little loud depending on the game played. However, I never believed this newer model could make this much of difference. The model plays huge cpu tasking games like NBA 2k without even one ramp up in sound. The unit is xbox one x like quietness, and we all can admit that is amazing. Sony really went to town on this units rebuild and modifications. That really made this system amazingly better than its predecessor. In fact, if I had known this system ran like this(didn’t believe the reports to the extent they were saying) I would have been really upset and jealous about this prior. To know that I was stuck with such a weaker model would have been a tough pill to swallow. Thankfully, as things would have it, I blessingly ended up with a failure that led to me getting the new model. It just doesn’t pay off buying original models, does it?

Microsoft numbers are in question.

Look, I’m not here to add to this punishment of articles out there on purpose. Yes, I have been very open on my opinion that Phil Spencer has become the evil dark side leader pushing for a direction that is anti core gamer. And yes, I have abandoned ship and sold my Xbox one X off in favor of Sony’s direction in gaming and innovation. But I still take no pleasure in seeing this company fall apart for core gamers. Is Microsoft a good option for those seeking baby games like pee of thieves and spoonhead? Yes! And does Microsoft not stand to make money off their direction to put games on every platform? Sure it does. But if you think for one moment that Microsoft will ever be good enough to take on Sony’s innovation in gaming… You are sadly mistaken. In fact, over and over again Microsoft has told the world that its not interested in single player games, open world games, and seeks more games like Cuphead. They have also told the world that they are “working” on a plan to deliver more games in several years down the road. In other words, they got nothing. You will not get crap for several years and when it does come its not going to be nothing more than the same baby crap they gave you two years running. But saying all that, I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Microsoft hasn’t even cracked 30 million xbox one’s. 29 million lifetime consoles sold vs almost 80 million for playstation is a flat out embarrassing fact that absolutely shows that Microsoft is a console Failure for most gamers around the world. Those who are waiting on a impossible comeback can forget about it. There is no such comeback ever recorded in history with that kind of deficit. And if you think for one moment that developers aren’t looking at this and judging what resources to put behind the Xbox games vs playstation, you are lying to yourselves. This is so sad for our industry as a whole.

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