One week to go before a new start to a new chapter of Gaming begins.

As I look to the days ahead I see the future and it is bright. Endless possibilities are upon the horizon. I’ve had to make changes and sacrifices for a better future and it is almost ready to pay off. Microsoft’s new chapter into its gaming begins next Tuesday with the Xbox one S. 

Games like Watchdogs 2, Tomb raider, Quantum break, and all other first and thrid party games up-converted to 4k is going to be a sight worth waited on. Microsoft has set themselves and their supporters up for a great second life of their division. This entry will be better than the first and will soon start to push new and exciting levels to xbox gamers everywhere. On top of this all is the fact that this is only the beginning. The table will be set for the ultimate gaming machine next year, the Scorpio! But until that happens I happily prepare to welcome the best console on the market currently, the Xbox one S.

With this will come the haters. Playstation fanboys will gather in numbers to find flaws and all that happens. PC fanboys will continue to hate on consoles period because they can’t match the diversity quality of games. Media will also pit console against the other console in hopes to insight anger and fanboy traffic. Digitalcrack, will..I plan on enjoying games that I like. I leave the other games up to others. What I plan for myself is at most two consoles. It will either be Xbox one s with Neo, Xbox scorpio with Neo, Scorpio by itself, Neo by itself, or Xbox one s by itself for the foreseeable future. The bottom line is really that there is no room for the old consoles and I could care two monkey butts which choice it ends up being. I’m not ever going to let brand loyality cause me to be blind and or biased towards honest opinion about what is best for me and the games I like playing. Most importantly I will never let others online or in person tell me what to think or believe about the consoles or games. “I think for myself because I buy by myself”. 

Things I won’t miss while waiting on the Playstation Neo. 

Well my ps4 is gone as of today. It’s been really good and all but this is the same point where I was with my Xbox one sell off. If the company is moving forward why stay? But while I wait here are some things I won’t miss about the ps4. 

Number one, at the head of the Pack, is the blasted controller need for power. I truly don’t understand the reason for a controller that doesn’t last all day at the very least. This thing spends more time on the charger than it does off. And with no way to change the batteries, all players are stuck with this choice and no other. Hopefully Playstation will correct this with the new Neo system. 

Number two is the chock point download speed limits. I have a blasted 100mbps signal running through my home and yet the ps4 chokes off at 32mbps or lower hardwire into my modem. It’s the absolute only system that pulls this lower number on downloads and then on top it takes forever to download simple updates like 4gb download or lower. Even my tablet on wifi picks up 3x faster. It’s really frustrating and very confusing to see this knowing you have the signal strength in you location and paying for it to boot. 

Finally the most frustrating and stupid concept I’m really sick of dealing with is the corruption during a power lost. At anytime you too can have a brick randomly because of a power lost. With system like the Xbox one it has a power surge protection built into the system. Why on earth the Playstation didn’t build one into theirs is beyond me. I’m just thankful none of these crazy power losses moments have damages the Playstation permanently. But I’m one of the lucky ones, as I’m sure there are stories of not so fortunate people who’s system didn’t get the same mercy.

So it is with a sad heart that I bid the Playstation world a much deserved rest and retirement. I await greatness with the Neo hopefully. If not then hey, it was fun while it last. 

It’s so sad people can’t admit that Scorpio will be the Most powerful console ever made. 

I wish people will stop making excuses and making up ways to try and make themselves feel better about their Playstation’s. Just get over it people. There is no discussion and no way to make up the differences that the Neo lacks compared to the Scorpio. Now if you want to say it doesn’t matter because one console has your games vs another I totally respect that. If you want to say that the Scorpio still won’t help Microsoft beats Sony’s worldwide sale numbers then I’m perfectly fine with that as well because these statements have truth to them. But to act like one isn’t more powerful is just stupid. All you are doing is proving how biased you are toward your console. Just be honest and let it go people. Sony isn’t the only console in the world and Microsoft isn’t some wannabe rookie company that doesn’t knows how to compete. They do, they know exactly what to do and they have the money to do it. Stop being surprise by this stuff guys. Microsoft set out a journey to make sure they would never be put into a position where they were lacking power and they are making this happen. They will be the best system for Vr because they will be able to produce real 4k graphics inside Vr instead of that pixelated wannabe half/half =1080p for Playstation Vr(if that matters to you). They also will be the best system for TRUE Native 4k gaming at 60hz, not just up-converted. This is by far the most complete dominate console ever to be introduced and this isn’t biased crap talk here guys. This is just the truth and if people can be honest with themselves they know it deep down. So in the end why does it matter? If you like another console for whatever reason then stick to it? It shouldn’t matter what the other console is doing as long as your console is delivering on the games you want to play the best. For me who can deliver on the best looking sport games and action games? I hate 90% of all indies. I can’t play first person shooters or swinging camera angles games for a long time. I love apps and add on’s that make connectivity easier and faster. I love stable Internet speeds and downloads. Finally, innovation, it is the quintessential feature I look for in companies, inventions and technology. So who does this better is my normal place of residency. I frankly could care less what the brand name says. Actions speaks louder than words. 

Microsoft pushes Xbox one S to your doors on Aug 2!!!!

Yes, yes, YES! That’s what I wanted guys! Thank you so much Microsoft! Nobody wanted to wait til the 31st of Aug if we didn’t have to. It’s also a awesome move with the release date of Neo being confirmed for the month of October. Baring any set backs issues with software, features, or mechanical failures this will be the best console for the money. Microsoft has done a beautiful job at counters and I think this move to release the final shipment day was something they wanted to hold back on as long as possible. Once Sony started releasing info on the Neo (for the the second time), they made their move. Now Microsoft and people who think for themselves know that it’s the best option now and in the future. This xbox one s is going to do all the things the Neo is going to do for less and more importantly…it’s going to do those things “Right Now”. Neo will up-convert games to 4k, Xbox one S will up-converts games to 4k but with HDR capability as well. Neo plays 4k movies, Xbox one S plays 4k movies. Neo will have a new design, Xbox one S has a new design. Then finally Neo is the best system Sony will have in the next 3 years whole Scorpio is Microsoft’s best system and the most powerful console ever made. Microsoft seems to be making very powerful moves to help take back the “United States “territory. But that’s all it will do. Playstation will still be the best selling console worldwide because people still assume their better and refuses to deal with Microsoft. This won’t change I’m afraid even when Scorpio comes out. If it does it will be the biggest upset in the history of console gaming. So if you buy consoles because others have said to do so or only because your friend has one then xbox systems aren’t the right fit for you. If you are influenced by what others say online or in person then xbox systems aren’t for you. If you think for yourself and use logic and reasoning the xbox systems might be your fit. If you don’t care about ours and stand on your own opinion, then Microsoft might be the best place for you. Nothing is promised guys with these systems in the end. Games have to be made to justify the hard work of both. The systems better not have defects issues on a high scale because they are being pushed out too soon without proper R&D. 

And the thought of handicapping developers to make them never make a exclusive game for the high end system needs to be revisited as well. Not all developers want to be FORCED to continue making games for a lower end model because of the money involved in splitting developments. I get why this thought was pushed, I really do. I for one thought it was unfair to bring a system out this fast. The Scorpio is really the only one that truly makes sense if I’m honest with myself, as this gives players at least 4 years on the market with the previous Gen. Both the Xbox one S and Neo were meant to be really placement holders or a .5 edition to the current consoles. However, the Xbox one S has possibly turned into a competitor of its own more so than the playstation system, as it removes the need for both the older system and makes a strong case to bypass the future one, especially of VR fails like I believe it will. Depending on how good the up-convert is for Microsoft’s slim system(which normally is outstanding) people will find it very hard to buy the Scorpio because all of the wow factors will be gone. 4k gaming, 4k streaming, and 4k movies are all going to be old by the time the Scorpio hits at the end of next year. And I don’t know if a “trade in program” is going to be enough to make people go out and rebuy especially if they stick to the “no exclusives” stance. $299 will get you all you need to experience 4k or at least up-converted 4k if you are fine with a 500gb hard drive. That’s why I believe the Xbox one S will be more important to the gamers than Microsoft thought at first(up until they saw the pre-order #s) and is the MVP of all the consoles coming out. It has the most to offer for the least amount of money and that makes it dangerous. 

It’s real funny how the media and ps4 fanboys aren’t talking about the lack of “true” 4k gaming ability the Neo has. 

Sony has released info about the Neo’s ability to run true 4k graphics. As you can tell above Sony has a lot of different issues above. They are throwing out all kinds of different technics and cover ups to up convert graphics. Fanboys are cheering but not will to admit that this above information only proves that the Neo will be weaker than the Scorpio. It also confirms that it isn’t a true 4k gaming system. Developers are having to manipulate all kinds of technics to hide the fact that the graphics aren’t native 4k. In fact developer are already coming out confirming that they have to lower resolutions to maintain frame rate. 

Bottom line is that all this info says that their Neo will only be a over glorified xbox one s but more expensive and a wannabe xbox Scorpio. Nobody is talking about this because it’s not popular to do so but it’s the truth. If this stuff would have been reversed Playstation themselves and their fanboys would have been sticking their chest out putting down Microsoft for coming up a a sub par 4k experience. They would have pointed out how much more powerful their console was compared to the Microsoft’s. And the media, wow.. they would have bleed through their fingertips writing about how, once again, Microsoft makes the same mistake by coming out underpowered compared to Sony if these stats above were on the Xbox scorpio. But this time it’s Microsoft with the superior systems. With price and function on the Xbox one S and the superior system in total power with full 4k native graphics in the Scorpio. 

Another thing to point out is that the Playstation Neo is only listing in at 2.3-t-flops compared to the massive 6 -T flops for the Scorpio. Basically you are talking about a system that is only slightly better than its original ps4. So any thought of this system being able to do what the Scorpio can do in terms of graphics is highly false. But we all know when the dust settles it’s up to the developers. This is where Playstation fans become hypocrites. When the Xbox one first came out they dominated the best gaming library but all ps4 fans claimed was that it was less powerful and therefore they had the best. Now this time around, I promise you, they will claim the opposite. They will say it’s because of the games that the NEO is better since obviously they can’t claim it to be more powerful anymore. World war 3-4 is about to happy in gaming folks. Be prepared for more lying hype talk, hate mail, and trolling. 

After more confirmation about Neo, Microsoft looking to be in the drivers seat. 

Like I said before, Microsoft’s strategy was a very good one. Sony has confirmed that their Neo will not , I will repeat, will not natively handle 4k gaming. And in fact it’s design will do nothing more than the Xbox one S will do. That means truly that the Scorpio will indeed be the beast promised and the most powerful console in the world when it launches. The funniest thing is that Microsoft players will be able to get a system that does the same upscaling to games that the Neo is going to do but it will start at a crazy $299 price tag. This is what Microsoft was counting on and they played it beautifully. Make a system that is bettter than the ps4 for less money. Then make a system that is the best console over before sony even puts their console out to brag. But, you can bet that somewhere, somehow the Playstation fanboys will make themselves see things that aren’t there in order to feel like they have a better system. Will I be getting the Neo? Maybe. Not really sure anymore if I want a 4k gaming system over a up-scaled system. I’m just not thrilled with the whole “no exclusives” statements for either camp. If Neo was going to do 4k natively I would be more open to it. But if it’s only going to do what my Xbox one S is going to do for more money or even the same, what’s the point? I might just keep my old ps4 and of course get the Xbox one S. I haven’t really made up my mind as some much info changes. The only thing I know for sure is that Xbox One S is coming to Digitalcrack. All other directions are in the air.