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Crash Bandicoot on Xbox one X?

What the heck just happened? Xbox one X lands Crash Bandicoot… And in 4k, Hdr, and X Enhancments??? Look, I’m sure somewhere, somehow this information was released, but I sure hadn’t heard of it until today. Once again, if this was a all time long standing exclusive from Xbox, it would have been all over the place in news. They would had reasons like the game has given up on Microsoft and finally saw that they needed Sony or something like that. But when it happens the other way around…crickets. I never thought I would ever see something like this land on Xbox. I’m sure it cost a lot of money to bring it over and is apart of Microsofts push for more games. I personally will love to play this game enhanced for the X. There is no question the power capabilities of this system. Onward and upward for Microsoft! Good pick up!!

My Kindle Oasis 1 (6 inch)after 5 days

This thing is absolutely wonderful guys. After about a week with this unit I am totally happy that I made the right choice when I took back the 2017, 7 inch model. I am still blowed away with how much this thing outperforms the latest model. I really think Amazon software team made a big mistake that they are hoping not too many people find out about. That firmware (5.9) basically made everything about the 7 inch version powerless over the 6 inch. Giving this unit the audiobooks Bluetooth access as well as the bold reading levels changed everything for me. Basically the only thing you get with the 7 inch is water proofing and 1more inch of screen. But the problem is that this comes with a cost of less battery power. And I’m not talking about just a little. I’m talking about a big difference! After only 3 days of use with less than 10 level back lighting and airplane mode I was running for the charger that 3rd night with the 7inch 2017 model. With the 6inch version, I’m at 5 days right now and haven’t even gotten to 50% on my case and am still around 94% on the unit. And the light weight difference, OMG!!! Wow, what a difference. The feel of this unit while reading, along with proper placements of page turn buttons vs size ratio creates effortless unification with you hand and the unit(7 inch just didn’t fit my hand to page turn buttons ratio, top button button pressing still too high for normal position for holding). Then you add the perfect case that came with the unit that has a black inside material, it creates a worry free feel and design free of dirt or smudges unlike the grey material found on my last case for the 2017, 7inch. Overall, it’s one my best purchases I’ve done in years.

PlayStation declares War on Microsoft

In a recent interview Sony exec’s declares that “Sony will double down on Exclusives”! The war has been folk all over again. Just when you thought it was safe to come out of your rooms the console war heats up again. Sony, already dominating exclusives last year and already looking strong this year, has declared they are doubling up on them? In some ways I’m feeling sorry for Microsoft and in other ways I’m excited for the industry because we all win. Competition is why there is a Xbox one X. Competition is the reason why Sony is double down on an already dominating factor of exclusives. As a gamer we should be very excited over this. As a dual owner of the consoles, this validated my reasoning of having both. As a fan of Microsoft I cry just a little when I hear stuff like this because I have a very good belief that Sony’s exclusives will be better than the ones Microsoft’s is working on, at least for me because I like single player story exclusives more than online group gaming and first person shooters. And Sony is the master in the area of story base single player games and will gain more attention with theirs over Microsoft’s. Now this is not to say that Microsoft won’t succeed in the efforts, they have too much money not to. I’m merely talking about it from my prospective. Microsoft’s services is what makes money. How many people are online playing games and steaming, makes them their profit. And while Sony has “sold”more PlayStations, they don’t have the profits like Microsoft and doesn’t make enough off their services. Because of this, Microsoft will always look to the profit margin and Sony to the games. Sometimes this works in favor of Microsoft, aka PUBG/CupHead. And sometimes it works for Sony..aka Horizon Zero. Nobody has the perfect formula and is for everyone. But for me, the perfect combination would be the power of the Xbox one x with Sony’s exclusives.

Kindle Oasis 2016 (Updated) vs 2017 Oasis

As mentioned in the above video, Amazon add-on for this 2016 kindle is a game changer for me. It basically removes all advantages that the 2017 Kindle Oasis brought to the table. As a consumer, I’m pleased that this came to me, especially before my return period was over for the Kindle 2017 Oasis. As a business, I’m not sure this makes good sense, at all. Why would you let this firmware exist and more importantly why wasn’t this firmware already on the 2016 model when it launched? Maybe this update was a mistake. Afterall it is hidden from the purchasers unless they go online to download it. It’s not an update that comes with the unit nor is it an update that will automatically update on your unit. In fact, as I said in the video, the unit will make it seem like you have the latest update. Even Amazon Customer service didn’t know about the update. They had the old update as the latest as well. So even they were surprised by the update I showed them on their own site.


I have decided to return the 2017 Oasis. I have just gotten back from doing so. I just couldn’t ignore the features, battery life, and form factor of the 2016 Oasis once the update was added. It’s just a better fit for me and I’m kinda glad my wife didn’t want it:). So those of you who might already have the 2016 model of the Kindle shouldn’t need to worry about looking over your shoulders with the 5.9 update added to your unit. It really makes things better and removes the need to upgrade.

Playstation confirmation release of Detroit: Become Human puts Microsoft on notice.

We knew the game was supposed to be coming out. But lately there had been doubt about the release date and year. So many rumors about delays or even cancelations. As a gamer who has both this one game is my most anticipated game in years. It is one of the main reasons I still have a Playstation, to be honest. The famous KARA demo trailer effected more than any game trailer in my whole life, no joke. I can’t tell you how important it was that playstation went ahead and greenlit the game to be made. I remember when they first said that it wasn’t going to be a game. I literally wanted to cry. It actually hurt me to think that such a great concept and character was never going to be experienced and I hated Playstation for passing up on this. But then they changed their minds.

I have waited for years and I finally have a release date. It’s finally real now to me more than ever before and I really want to thank Playstation for doing this. The release dates of MLB and Detroit along with games like God of War and Spiderman are the reasons why most of the world in console gaming still stand by Playstation. Beyond that, most say that this game on the Pro is beyond any graphics we have seen to date on any console. While this remains to be seen it wouldn’t shock me if it’s true. Unless this game was a third party game, there is no chance for the Xbox one X to show up its power to run this game. It’s the reason why exclusives are important to some people. For me, I just want to play this game. All other stuff don’t matter. I don’t care if this game was a Nintendo Switch game I’m just glad I get to play and experience this great game.

Exclusives for Xbox is already dead for 2018. 2019 may bring more, but what kind?

Look, the great thing about being a dual owner of consoles is that I can honest. I’m not blind nor do I make excuses. Microsoft has done its job for hardware. No doubt. But the exclusive games and all their investments won’t be seen for another year. 2018 is lost already and really was done from the very beginning. We are almost three months into the year and the only thing of note that Microsoft has done is PUBG but really that was at the end of last year. Not to say that this game isn’t big, it is. But Playstation has produced much more and will continue to do so throughout the year. They will also hang on to aces like the Last of us, Death stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima games for 2019 according to reports, so that they place themselves in the ideal position for 2019 for possible game pushes by Microsoft. This is a smart move if you ask me. Where Microsoft still hopes to focus on is their 3rd party game advantage over the ps4 and ps4 pro. For the most part, we gamers know that they will have the best version of the 3rd party games without doubt even if those differences are mostly Digital Foundry seen differences that most people don’t even know about until it’s brought up by them. But in fairness, the same differences were on the ps4 side at one time too. And for those fans already plugged into xbox echo system, it’s business as usual. I don’t see them making any changes. But if you are one of those “hype made me buy it” owners who already had a PC, ps4 or ps4 pro. Things like this really won’t make you happy at all. If you already have great exclusives on the other consoles purchased and still played it, it will make it harder to flip flop and you may just stay on the other systems. Microsoft is in a unknown spot. It could be on purpose to hide things til e3 or it just could be that they have nothing to offer different now that they have the hardware. My concern is that they are a business more than any other console maker. They are about bottom line profits and you can’t blame them. But if you are a hardcore fan, all the Cuphead awards in the world won’t make you pick that game up over a Last of us, over a Halo, over a Detroit become Human or Quantum Break. But because it sold millions to non hardcore fans Microsoft will be encouraged to continue this path as they are with Sea of thieves, and Crackdown. We need great single player story and action game experiences. This is what needs to change. Not just adding more exclusives. It’s the type of exclusives that matter, not the quantity. And I really don’t think Microsoft is getting this. The simple answer in my opinion is just give Xbox fans access to PC titles. This will surely make this format different and no console will be able to stand against it. But this answer to much like right and would probably create a worldwide panic in the street. Trade commissions would probably try and investigate this to see if it’s something good for the market to allow it. All I’m saying is that I think if they truly want to put this thing to bed, moves like this end Wars. No console on the planet will be able to compete against it from that point out. But we know, based on past events that Microsoft doesn’t have the balls to do it. They still want to play nice while everyone else profits over them in the hearts and minds of the gamers. When will they learn, people may freak out but ultimately they will follow the road to better gaming all while kicking and screaming about how unfair it is.

Cobra Kai… Karate kid trailer.

Playstation Vs Xbox game direction difference.


With the launch of the Xbox one X, Microsoft put to rest the power debate of the consoles on the market. Now with that behind them, the next thing they are focused on is the games. The company with the most money to spend has declared war on the gaming part of the business. I have no doubt that they will make just as much noise with the software as they have with the hardware. But what type of games are they going to devote their money on? That is the billion-dollar question for me. For PlayStation, even though they don’t sell the exclusives anywhere where they need to, single player games are the master focus.


With huge games like Spiderman, the whole world waits even though most won’t buy. And this is where the confusion lays for Microsoft. Single player games create the most buzz all over the internet but don’t create revenue ratio to the sale of the consoles they are played on. Yes, Playstation can brag about all the exclusives but as a business, I guarantee they would rather have an earning ratio like Microsoft. Fans everywhere can’t wait to brag about the trailers, can’t wait to see the reviews, and can’t wait to talk about it on forms but they don’t go out and buy. In fact, with Playstation’s 70 million fans, 3-5 million copies of an exclusive game sold should be, at the very least, the standard for such numbers with the level of exclusives and superior reviews these games get. But the rarely get even close to this average with their exclusives.


I can’t tell you how many times I have purchased such games myself. I own both consoles but prefer Microsoft’s Xbox console and ecosystem the best. But with the PlayStation, I love their exclusives because I am a single player gamer. I have tried over and over to get into multiplayer games and just can’t. It is so hard to really meet the right people and the right environment you wish to play in. Over the years I have given up any hopes of finding that niche. So devoting to this direction may not create the money Microsoft would think to make going into the single player direction for the exclusives.


I think this is the reason why I play so many sports titles over all others. It’s there that I can feel like I’m playing against someone without really playing them. Yes I know they are multiplayer games options within them too but I never use it unless a specific friend calls me to do so. And the strange thing about that is that those friends are just like me. They would still rather play the CPU, so we still never play each other on a regular basis. So any hopes of finding a consistent partner for gaming is lost. Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Tekken, Injustice, and all Sports games are my only hope for gaming in the past. With new titles on the way like Detriot, Spiderman, and Mlb 18, I know I have at least an exclusive date on the PlayStation. I wait to see what Xbox one X exclusives can produce within the next 2 years. Fingers crossed for at least a couple of  solid single player games!

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