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Tissot Watch get reviewed by Digitalcrack. 

The Tissot brand has been in the Watch business for over 100 years. Since 1853 to be exact. Watches cost anywhere from 300-$6000 in some cases and they are still well sought after. Brands like the mighty Omega and Tissot are partners in the Watch making business and are listed under the Swatch company umbrella. This particular Watch would be considered a mid range Watch in price as it lists for $650. I got this one for about $400 On Amazon. It comes with a 2 year warranty but buying from Amazon and the store “Perfect Timing” gets you an additional 6 months of warranty. 

As you can tell the Watch comes very professional. The box itself looks fantastic and matches the sure quality the Watch deserves to be in. Tissot makes it their business to prompt in NBA , IFE , Moto Gp , and even NASCAR. They are a very Well known brand because of this. You probably have seen their image watching a NBA game easily. They also are the official time keeper of the Tour de France so you know speed is important to them. 

I am very impressed with the feel and overal functions of the movement and looks of this Watch. It just screams take me home and or put me on doesn’t it? I’m so impressed with this brand I know for sure I will buy again from them. So if you are looking for a very good Swiss made beast of the Watch and you aren’t ready for spend 3-6 thousand on a Tag or others, this is the Watch and. Rand for you. Digitalcrack’s scores this easily 9:5 out 10. The only draw back is that is not Automatic and the band has to be cut to your size wrist. 

Tissot comes to Digitalcrack 

Why I love gaming again!

For some time now I have fought the issues of giving up on gaming. It has happened 3 times in the last 5 years. This last time it was so great that I actually just built a pc and focused on using a Pc. Well using a pc didn’t spark my interest either and then I thought I was trouble. I knew one day I would stop playing games but I really wasn’t ready to stop now but I just didn’t feel that connection with gaming anymore. So I recently picked back up my Xbox one S because my son has one and he wanted to play against me on separate consoles. While I have had both the Xbox one s and PS4 pro I never play both at the same time. For the last 5 months I have been playing the PS4 pro only since its release. But something happened when I started to play the Xbox one S again. After about 2 days of random plays I started to feel that fever. The connection to the controller, which is the best in the world, kicked in first. The ability to have that “all in one” system for the 4k movies/gaming when my wife and I had date night kicked in. That effortless connection masterpieces for online with the addition of clubs and beam have opened up another world for me. And then it hit me. What was the common denominator on every single past event when I wanted to stop playing games? It was when I was using my PS4 system. And every single time I found that love again it was because of the Xbox systems. The sure amount of features all the way from gaming to tv features shows, even the faster download speeds feature added recently shows a much more complete the Xbox eco system vs the PlayStation is. 

This system and its vision from Phil Spencer is what I need for gaming to continue in my life at least. So I really hope they knock it out the park at E3 for the game side of things. They really need something in place that shows dominance in both third party graphics as well as first party.  And I trust in Phil to deliver this. Yes, I know PlayStation has the most dominate numbers in console sells and has the most exclusive titles this year and maybe even next year. But what I have notice is that I don’t take advantage of those games when I play a PlayStation console exclusively. Take MLB 17, I couldn’t wait for that game to come out and once it did I played like 3 games since it’s release. I hoped it would be the spark I needed, thinking my problem was with gaming all together. My thoughts was based on the fact that I love sport games and I just knew that this would put me back into gaming. It didn’t! In fact I watched more games on tv than I played MLB which is totally not a common thing for me. So all the exclusives in the world won’t help me if I never play them. Nor would any third party game be played any where the amount that it would played on my Xbox if I continued it on the PS4. 

So now that I have found my love for gaming return and now I understand why it left all the times prior I now know where I belong in gaming. This may be different for others and I wouldn’t dare tell you to feel the same but Xbox is where I belong and that’s a great feeling when you know what works and doesn’t work for your life and taste. Having a system and group of people and leaders like Microsoft has in gaming is what works for me. Seeing my sons face when he can log on to his own console and play any game I have on mine console in a different room, play online on his console or with me under one gold subscription, connection to play 4k movies, streaming clubs, amazing layout interface, super fast download speeds, stable network and security, a controller that last more than 3 hours, hdr and 4k with Netflix, Vudu 4k download options, oneguide, upconvertrd 4k tv channels, amazing gaming achievements options and finally the knowledge that the most advanced and most powerful console ever made is just around the corner ready for everything I have now to just flow to it is just almost too good to believe it took this long to figure out. It was never gaming that I was loosing interest in,  it was the console and eco system. 

The honeymoon is over Apple Watch!

Well, that didn’t take long did it? This has been a bad week for me and gadgets it seeems. Everything that I have put together and gotten in the last month or so has went out. My computer has some kind of weird surge that cuts out the handshake from the computer to the monitors that nobody can figure out. My garage door is going crazy. My PS4 got damaged while traveling to NJ. And now my Apple Watch blanked out and locked up on me.  

This issue has ended my honeymoon. I know this is recoverable but that isn’t the point for me. It bought me back to to reality basically. Instead of the Apple Watch possibly serving as a death blow to my regular Watches it has kick started it again. Instead of me be blinded by the newness of features and convenience I’m back to reality that Apple watches are just as unreliable as they are realible, if that makes sense. What good is having the ability to answer text without the need to pick up your phone, the ability to answer calls on your wrist, or anything else that identifies it to a smart watch if the unit crashes out on you. And when it crashes out it takes some time to come back. My iPhone is more reliable for smart features that the Apple Watch and my Tag, Citizen, and G-shocks handle time keeping without crashing EVER. So why give Apple $400 when I can put that on a Tissot Watch to add to my collection? Which is exactly what I’m going to do. So keep a look out for the new Watch I’m going to get in place of the Apple Watch soon cause I have already filed for an annulment, sort of speak. I guess I should have waited and saw what the Apple Watch looked like without makeup on before I said I do:)

Did the Apple Watch just mess up my love for regular watches?

I am not use to this at all. I know I’m still in the honeymoon stages with the Apple Watch right now but it still scares me. First off, I’m a big Watch fan. In fact Watches have been bigger for me than any other product since I was 3. I used to tape the image of the Watch I wanted on my arm or even use water to stick it to my wrist. I absolutely love Watches! So when I get a chance to buy a watch I normally find it very hard not to buy it. The Apple Watch itself has been on my arm for a couple of weeks. So when I went to NJ I not only saw a very nice looking Watch it was very nicely priced. It was Swiss and chronograph, my perfect mix. The brand Tissot! The Watch was steel with sapphire glass to boot. But something happened on the way to the register. I looked down at my Apple Watch and found no pull to buy it anymore. 

The first thing I did was compare that Watch to my Apple Watch. The feel of the Watch on my arm, Apple wins. The accuracy of the Watch, Tissot-quartz, Apple-Atomic( the most accurate format for Time in the world) Apple Wins. The looks of the Watch, Tissot steel chronograph with highlights of red and black. Amazing right? But then Apple has different faces and quick ability to swap all kinds of brands that changes everything(just like it did for me when I added that classic brown with white stitching). On top of this I have chronograph options at my figure tip. Apple Wins again!

Pretty soon that $500-$700 Tissot started to fade into the background. All this happened without even bringing up the smart features it has over the Tissot that I have started to rely on very heavily now. Texting by voice, Siri for scores, navigation, fitness tracking, heart rate, sos, etc, etc. . Needless to say the Tissot Watch got left at the counter before check out. What has happened to me? I have become spoiled by technology on my wrist at the cost of leaving behind my standard Watch formate that has dominated for centuries. I’m not sure I like this either. I mean I know it’s my choice but honestly I don’t know how to take this fully. All I know right now is that for the first time in my life this formate of what you define as a Watch has morphed into smartwatches and I love it but I didn’t think this would lead to me not wearing anything else. I have a Tag Heuer Carrera in my bag right now and yet I haven’t once picked it out of my bag to wear it because I needed my Apple Watch for some kind of smart feature daily. Am I that guy that from this point on will only buy smartwatches? Only time will tell. 

Digitalcrack falls for the Apple Watch❤️

Ok, yes I joined the nation of people that have a love their  Apple Watches. I can’t believe that I’m saying this. I have purchased this thing before and took it back because I hated the amount of time I had to charge the watch. I also hated the fact that I couldn’t get the classic look I wanted in a Watch without having to be charged $700. I also hated the expensive Watch bands that Apple was selling for this produce. I just thought and still do think that this is a injustice. Now fast forward to now. What you have is a highly pleased person after my watch band purchase that is.

I finally found the band for the Apple Watch that gave me the exact look and feel I wanted in a band without it costing me hundreds of dollars if not over a thousand if I got the band and Watch combo by Hermes. Now instead of the Nike look ( good but not good enough to keep)I have this one which has that Hermes look, real leather, and the band total was less than $25. For me that band saved this Watch from being taken back for the second time because I could where only so many things that would play nice with neon green and black without spending at least another $50 for a different band. Once I was able to achieve that classic look I fell in love with since I had the original Asus Zenwatch, I was finally able to really start to take notice of the convenience of having Siri on my wrist. Having the ability take a phone call while my hands tied up moving things. Or just simply not have to reset my Watch time because I flew into NJ. Or my favorite, the wrist buzz on maps for driving direction that tell when to turn or wake buzz during sleep times. I know there are plenty more but these are the ones I use the most. So these once overpriced boring Watches have become a overpriced exciting watch and a stay in my digitalcrack’s gadget list. The Apple Watch gets a 4 out of 5 star rating for me

Sleight! EPIC and Real!!


Grand Turismo PS4 pro vs Forza 4k Xbox Scorpio won’t even be close.  

Look, let just get this out of the way now before it even starts. Grand Turismo for PS4 is being played and seen right now. The concern over this and reason why most aren’t really talking about this is the fact that Grand Turismo still looks too much like Grand Turismo for the last gen but just higher resolution. This game hasn’t evolved and based on what has been shown, it won’t be more in depth than Forza Motorsport 4 (yes I said 4). As far as the graphics, this is definitely not going to beat Forza 4k for the Scorpio! I truly hope Playstation fans aren’t fooling themselves in thinking this. Forza is the highest rates racing franchise in the World. Not an opinion, pure fact. So defeating them especially on Scorpio is just not something I see happening based on what they are showing in beta. Yes, I get the game isn’t finished but the core of the game looks and features are. You might get slightly better graphics or a little more features but at the end of the day the look and feel will remain the same for the most part of the final release. And judging the difference between to two screen shoots you could give Grand Turismo and additional 3 more years in development and they still won’t looking as good as Forza 4k. If Xbox fans want something to cheer about this is one of those things. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in the beta testing for Grand Turismo. I know it’s not finished but I also know what I’m looking at is pretty much what it looks like minus HDR. It still has that same boring animation and slowness about itself. Grand Turismo always struggled with producing a sense of speed for the games as you drove and they haven’t fixed this. They also still don’t show proper damage or great shading effects. Personally, I’m hoping things turn out great for Grand Turismo because I’m still a fan. I’m just being real. Right now it doesn’t look very promising.  What happened to the graphics shown on the trailer?? At least then we could compare more closely.

But even then you still see Scorpio’s version denomination. 

Concerns on Xbox Scorpio exist in 3rd party parity.


Microsoft has done its job at making that system as powerful as possible without just turning it into a desktop computer. I think they have done their job in R/D and have developed something truly powerful and yet easy to program for. Yes, it will be the greatest and most powerful console on the planet. Anybody saying otherwise is just in denial or a fanboy. But at the same time, the realization to this story doesn’t lie solely with Microsoft. Unfortunately, the real issue and faint isn’t in their hands now. It’s the third party developers who have this power. Microsoft’s focus on making all current Console games run at native 4k resolution. They believe by doing this, it will remove the power and the advantage Sony has had in this 3rd party titles.  They have no chance at defeating the Sony machine’s exclusives so they are attacking the main source gaming across the board. This is a bold move and one that would normal be a concern in most cases to the competition. But the big issue is Parity. Most people forget that the console gaming industry for 3rd party games has parity clauses in place. Basically, you will never see a game that looks like their demo for Forza put on the Scorpio if they can get close to that level on the Playstation. Developers alway program to the least powerful console to make sure they can get their game ported over properly. In others words, there will never be this huge disadvantage seen on the ps4 pro vs the Scorpio. Also, don’t forget that the developers have invested into Sony and the Microsoft camp can be assured that this loyalty will not pass to them simply because they have a new console on the market.


Case in point is this title. Look above at this native 4k image of this title being reproduced. Notice anything really familiar? I do. The game still looks very similar to the previous game that wasn’t in 4k. Yes, the graphic may have a little bit more texture but this is about it. This game will look like this pretty much when the game is released for the Scorpio and Ps4 Pro. And as far as the difference go, there will not be very many of them. You are not going to get the below image jumps for 3rd party games vs the Ps4 Pro.

Forza 6 Xbox 



Forza 6 tech demo with 4k texture



Much like it is for the ps4 now vs the ps4 pro, it will be one of those things that you would have to point out the difference instead of it being very clear and obvious like it was with the Forza tech demo. Games that already run in Native 4k will look exactly like they do on the ps4 Pro versions that run in native 4k. Games like NBA 2k and Fifa are Native 4k and 60fps. So this will do no more than do the same for Scorpio, but the problem is, most have seen this already from their Pro system. So if you think Fifa, NBA 2k, Madden, and other 3rd party games will jump in graphics for the Xbox while leaving the Pro behind you are in for a rude awakening. What I see with this is a company that will have the most powerful console on the market and yet developers will not program to take advantage of that hardware in fear of messing up their cash cow numbers in the Playstation. This is the honest hard truth in the matter. So Microsoft pushing for the advantages to be with the third party games is a mistake. This is why the exclusive games are a must and if not there, it will truly hurt the launch and the overall thoughts about this console long enough for the Playstation to announce another console that can exceed the specs of the Scorpio. Then what will happen if you give the hardware over to the PlayStation with the games and the developers backing them? Domination continued!


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