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PlayStation experience brings even more games to PS4. 

Sony came out this morning swinging. Yes they have the lead in console wars world wide. Yes they have the best line up for 2017 in games even before today. But this didn’t stop them from coming out with other exclusives to stack the deck on. This is where they have the advantage for 2017 being that this year wasn’t exactly what it should have been as far as games go.  And it seems that they are planning for 2017 and beyond not just 2017, which is smart. Unlike Microsoft who seems to be set up for a bare bones 2017. 

The conference opens up with a devastating game reveal, Uncharted Legacy. With two hero woman involved as the leads in story I can already see the openings for what could come next. Hopefully, this won’t become the “token” lesbian story tell to sell the video game because it doesn’t need that. Personally, I can do without this in a game. I frankly don’t need to know what god they believe in nor who they are sleeping with. Let’s just stick to what makes the series good and move on. But all worries aside the game looks like another winner that will add to an already impressive lineup of games that should see the shelves in 1-2 years. 

Easily the biggest announcement of the night happened with this title above. This game is herald as the greatest game ever made and now after all this time we have a part 2. Once again hopefully we can have a great game without 12 year old child lesbians kissing on each other. At least this time the girl is older, maybe a adult. Again, maybe there’s a story without having to focus on Hot button themes like “god” and “gays” and just have a fun exciting video game. Then again maybe I’m asking for too much but I can dream. 

What you can take away for sure is that PlayStation has all the ammo they need to take on the Scorpio with a very dominating lineup of games for at least the next two years. Microsoft needs to be really paying attention big time. All the horse power in the world can’t give you games. And without those games power can never be appreciated.

Jaybird Freedoms arrive for Digitalcrack. 

The first thing people will see and experience is that the Freedoms are the smallest Bluetooth footprint for earphones. But make no mistake that these small plugs by no means push out lack of sound. In fact, now that I have tried all the Jaybirds now, I think this has the best overall sound. It has a larger sound stage, something that I didn’t think would happen with a smaller design. I had heard that some said that there were no differences between the freedoms and the X3’s as far as sound goes. I dispute that now that I have heard them. The Freedoms have a small but noticeable kick of better bass and a wider sound stage. How this done I have no real reason why. If I had to guess it would based on how deep they go inside your ear canal. I also wear mine S wrapped and looped over my ear so I never experience any weight issue or complaints with the battery pack or controls moving, walking or running.  

They are arched in a way that pushes the music down a direct path inside you ear. It doesn’t have to forced feed inside your ear either, they just fit. Now granted my experience might not be yours because for what I can tell there are different version of this earphone. The first released batch came with the open air design foam which basically is designed not to seal because it has breathable holes throughout its design, like shown above on first picture. Mine came with the isolated foam design not the open air design foam. So mine seal and stick with incredible feel and hold. This allows incredible bass to go along with the small design that goes deeper inside your ear makes unmatched sound hit you and surround you with immense detail. Now, the X3 has this same foam for its tip too but unlike the Freedoms they are bigger and the Freedoms do a better job at going inside your ear over the X2’s and X1’s. However, that size gives the freedoms the design advantage over the X3. One area that the Freedoms can’t compete is the straight battery life. This unit will only get you 4 hours without the battery pack. 

Personally, you might not care but the X3 has flat out 8 hours without the need of a pack to give it 4 more hours. Now, some might say 4 hours is plenty and they like the idea of having a battery pack for back up if needed. Me, I haven’t decide yet but I can say I never used up or needed 8 hours ever with my headset. But it still remains to be seen if 4 hour is enough. I’ll find out tomorrow though. Other than that I can say that the Freedoms have shocked me a bit. I didn’t think that the sound was going to better but it was. I thought because the X3 were the latest it would automatically mean they would be better in sound but they weren’t. Now I’m not saying they aren’t in the same conversion, they are. Jaybirds for any version is the in the conversion. It’s a small advantage that if you gave me the X3 and force me to give the X5’s back I would forget about the Freedoms cause they both use the My Sound app. So don’t think for one second I still don’t think the X3 are the beast that they are. I still think this. I just respect the qualities I have seen thus far in the Freedoms and think they bring a bit more bass and sound stage to the stage. The limits of 4 hours still have to be tested before the finally conclusion is voted on. The last thing to consider that might ultimately play a big role in this is that the Freedoms are more expensive. They are $179.99 off sale while the X3 are $129.99(but sold out everywhere). Through Amazon though, you might be able to pick up the Freedoms for $149.99 but this still is more expensive than the X3’s. Strangely enough even the X2’s have rose in price from $79 to $149 now. So I think the prices are not what they should be and think the X3 are by far the best priced. But finally verdict on the Freedoms to come. 

Update so far

Well went to work and all went very well. I listen to music throughout the day. Sometimes I just left the unit on and hanging around my ears with the music paused. I didn’t once think about the limits of the battery life. When I went home I decided to listen to the music again and to my surprise my battery was at 60%(no battery pack)! That’s more than enough for me. I was a bit nervous about the battery levels I just don’t using battery packs and if I can come home at 60% and still have the battery pack on stand bye without use I can see how this might be staying with me. I really shouldn’t be that surprise I never once came close to draining the X2’s or X3’s.

PS4 Pro drops bomb with announcement of Native 4K beast. 

Hideo Kojima announcement of his exclusive Death Stranding for PlayStation was already a major announcement for the system. When it was shown at the last conference people already held their breathe when they saw the amazing graphics for the regular PS4. Well today it has been announced that not only will the title have a PS4 Pro update but that update will make the already incredible looking game Native 4K! 

With the amazing detail that you see here you can now see why Sony may not have cause to fear Scorpio. This is by far the greatest detail we have ever seen, even dare I say on PC. Sony’s Pro system continues its amazing shock values for all gamers everywhere. If this system is able to do this, what can’t it do if someone properly programs for it? This is absolutely jaw dropping and incredible. I don’t care what camp you are from if you can hate on this then you are just hating. 

This is yet again another reason why I am concern for Microsoft’s library of games when looking at things like this. Scorpio isn’t out yet, and I get this. But it takes time to develop games to take advantage of software. Games need to be already in place and being worked on so that the introduction of the Scorpio can be greeted with the proper games. At E3 we should get a clearer look at the Scorpio plans for games and for Microsoft sakes they better come out swinging because Sony isn’t playing around. 

OMG 4K PS4 Pro’s Mass Effect is Stunning!!!

Reasons like this make gamers want PS4 Pro. The advantage third party game makers are giving to that system is already making itself evident. Will this be a sign of more to follow or will makers jump ship to give advantages to Scorpio? Or will they just give them equal attention in hopes of not making Sony mad? These are important questions that we won’t have answers to for another year. Until then it’s clear that PS4 pro is the most powerful and developers are using that power easily out the gate. 

PS4 Pro limits could open up door for Scorpio, but will it?

The PS4 Pro is selling well and getting a lot of looks and considerations. It’s had it’s healthy share of positive and negative statements about it so far. What can’t be denied is that it’s truly a 4K console. Yes, not all games will reach that level but if even one AAA titles reach this level then the system can do it.  To say it can’t is pretty stupid now. It’s the most powerful console ever made now until the Scorpio comes out. But to be honest, isn’t this the same thing that can be said about any next step up in a console life cycle? Will not this be said about the next console that comes out after the Scorpio? Through all this we have learned about the Pro’s limits and hurdles they face with frame rate when trying to maintain that 4K status in either upscaling or being native. This could easily be the growing pains of a new development technique that comes with adapting new technology. It could also just be the limits of the system, which most will say up front,even without knowledge of it. However, Microsoft could put in place the things that are needed to make sure frame rate isn’t an issue in their push for 4K. Up front though, it would seem that Microsoft has already started putting things in place. If you do the simple math on the differences of the PS4 Pro and the Scorpio you can easily see how 320gb of memory and 12 megs of video ram and 6 teraflops of compute power would easily give every one of PS4 Pro games out today native 4K and at least better than 30 frames a second, if not the full 60fps if they put these same games on the Scorpio. 

Games like Warchdogs 2 could easily hit the full 4K native levels and higher frame rates. It would easily be the best version of the console games and even 70% or more PCs out there. The big problem with coming out first is that you give everyone an idea of what is needed to avoid your criticism and mistakes. This is really the last thing you want to do with a console like Scorpio and a money giant like Microsoft. They are still playing catch up and they still feel like they have to prove themselves. This is the mindset and situation you need to succeed. So when Microsoft says the difference between the Scorpio and Pro will be evident they aren’t lying so PlayStation fanboys better get over their fears and hate, this is real. Once again, I can not stress enough that if the PS4 Pro can create 4K natively at 60fps (FIFA and NBA 2k17) with only 4.2 teraflops and 1g more system memory added to the system, what the heck will happen once you have 2x more teraflops, 4GB more graphic card memory and 100gb more system memory? The difference will be obvious so stop fooling yourselves. But like all things there will be concerns and my concern are Games. Who will have the games to support the push of the console. Most people’s money would be on Sony. As of today and the evidence known today, it is my money bet too. Yes, anything can happen, but I still say “Content is King”. So unless Microsoft has something other than Teacup and Sea of Theives type games it’s. Its not going to matter how powerful their console is if they can’t back it up with games.  

Xbox one S is the best value, but is the PS4 pro the smartest investment?

Seating here is pure delight playing NBA 2k17 in 4K and HDR, it dawned on me(pun intended) that the future is very bright for the Pro and PlayStation. Over and over I have expressed my thoughts about the value of Xbox one S. However, best investement may go to the PlayStation Pro. Why? Simply put, timing and games. Coming out at the right time with the library on schedule to take advantage of that new product is everything. It’s what I believe will ultimately make the Pro better for a lot of people. There is no doubt that right now people are still trying to figure this HDR vs 4K thing out. But the sales of the 4K tvs seem to be bigger and bigger by the month so this will turn into the new standard and with that, more attention on to gaming in 4K. With the Pros power that is ready today, even without a 4K player, it places itself top of the food chain. People can say the differences are not that big for certain games but they unltimately will be once games start to release in 2017, especially Sony exclusive games. 

Now hopefully Sony won’t make the same mistake Microsoft has made by throwing everything into one year with nothing to show for the next two. However, baring anything going wrong, I can’t see anything that would make me believe that they will not destroy Microsoft next year in gaming. Third party developers are slowing adding to the PS4 Pro list. Not just basic third party companies but companies who have had Microsoft’s back before, like EA and 2k. When this starts to happen it doesn’t vote well for the opposing company. Microsoft will most likely win Black Friday and the fifth month straight in the States, this is what makes them the best value. However, once this year is up and the drought starts on their exclusives and the third party games are developered in favor of the Pro, where will this get Microsoft? I for one would love for them to really dominate and put pressure on Sony. But the amount of gaming I will be doing on that system is very sparingly. Forza Motor sport and Maybe Halo Wars but that’s it. With the Pro you now have a system that is going to have the best games available on the market, both exclusives and third party and you will have a system that will be supported by Sony as their top focus. This is more than I can say about the Xbox one S once Scorpio comes out. And as I have said before, the problem with the Scorpio is that it comes out at the end of 2017 which pushes back any real gaming to brag on for 2018 and that’s only if they can land proper exclusives because Sea of thieves and Cuphead just ain’t gonna cut it. What good is having all that power without real blockbusters that showcase your console? So best value vs best investment, your choice. 

LG Started to role out updates for PS4 Pro owners today. 

Well today Lg started to role out its updates for its tvs. LG seemed to be the only one that had come straight out and took ownership of their customers problems, which is always appreciated. I don’t know for sure if all models got this update but mine did come in. My model is the LG 50uh5500. Personally, after changing my HDCP to 1.4 and turning on my tv after boot was complete on my PS4 Pro I never had a black screen problem. With this update I can at least set it back to automatic for HDCP. Not sure though on what,if any difference this makes in the picture quality. So if you are an LG owner and have had issues with your PS4 Pro handshaking HDCP then today might be your lucky day. 

Paragon for the PS4 Pro is flat out beautiful!

Paragon was beautiful before but now with the PS4 Pros changes its flat out amazing. This is the one game I haven’t figured out but can’t stop watching. I wish I could understand all the cards features and tactics but I don’t. I wish I was good at it but I’m not yet versed in this. The more I watch it played the more exciting it becomes to me. To be honest this game and MLB were the only games for 2016 that I really didn’t look forward to loosing when I was all Xbox .


So when I got the Pro and found out about the addition to the graphics on Paragon for it, I knew I had to see it. I wasn’t disappointed as you can see. The Pro has made my gaming turn itself inside out for me. Now, every single thing is better on it.

 All my sports and all third party games even if not upgraded to Pro enhancements still look better thanks to the upconvert. And even though I benefit from this I hate this at the same time. No matter what, I want competition to lead, not one sided fights and dominations from one single company. What I wanted was for my Xbox one S to remain on top a bit longer til at least next year understandably. Without good exclusives I was expected a slack year from Microsoft. But I had always counted on my sport titles being the very best on that platform. Now that my Paragon’s beauty and all my sport titles looking better on the PS4 pro I’m completely at a los for words and it’s not yet 2017. 

2017 meaningful exclusives look good for one company and not so good for another. 

Exclusives! We all know the term. It’s what separates one system from the other in this age of competitive console marketing. Ultimately, it’s what helps many gamers decide on which console to invest their hard earned money. For years Microsoft seemed to have this down. They were able to deliever on many exclusives that actually sold well and screamed quality even in the midst of supposed weakness of their hardware. For many this is what they cared about mostly. It wasn’t the pixel count, it was the games. Sony on the other hand seemed to put their backing behind the wrong exclusives and the ones that counted seemed always to be delayed . Now the table seems to be set to turn. Great exclusives such as Grand Turismo and many others are set to hit Sony’s consoles 2017. The biggest fact is that it seems to be at the right time. A time where Sony seems to be loosing ground. A time where Sony has entered a territory not yet seen by consoles, the mid cycle upgrades period. So having strong exclusives to help push the resolve of a company is very important. 

And based on Sonys lineup, these aren’t just wanna bee big boy titles. These are heavy hitters that change the game forever. So for Sony to own their exclusive rights puts them in a perfect position at the perfect time. You mix this with the fact that at least this holiday season and the majority of the year in 2017 they will have the most powerful console out and the very best games on that format as long as the majority of the titles hit in 2017. 

And then we get to Microsoft. They are just on the verge of making very positive pushes to the market in the States and Europe. They are fresh of the heels of a very productive exclusive game year for 2016. In fact it’s been a couple of years of exclusive success for Microsoft. But every year can’t be the same. And the 2017 lineup will not work for the core players like myself. Games like Sea of Thieves and Cuphead aren’t what most core fans want. 

Yes we know Scaleboud and Halo wars are coming but again these types of games don’t attract a lot of core fans either. Real Time strategy games and dragon games just don’t sell very well on consoles. So the momentum that is needed before coming out with another system isn’t going to be there and I’m concerned that if there is a drought like this in 2017 it may set the foundation in people’s mind for the Scorpio before that system even is sold. This will not be good for Microsoft going into 2018 with new hardware without the games to back it. 

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