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Robotic approaching movie reality. 

It’s slowing becoming reality TV. The future of robotic show real advancement. They are becoming more and more real. The skin and movement are just about perfect. Similar to Humans,  the TV show, they are really gaining a lot of ground towards that furtue. Will there be a terminator or a Ghost in the Shell in the near future? The way things are going, it looks possible.

We already have Google Voice, Echo, and Siri gathering more and more responses and AI info gains. What’s stopping someone from dropping this AI inside one of these Androids once they perfect things? Our furtue could really resemble this Detroit become human game or worse. 


Playstation comes back with rengence on GT. 

An update is coming in December and it’s big! Gran Turismo is coming with an update that will destroy every single driving game on earth, including Forza 7 on Xbox one X. Already, for me,  Gran turismo was a better looking game than any driving game on any platform. The problem was, it’s depth in single player modes. It became very boring after the newness worn out. The graphics just weren’t enough and it was that total package the Forza offered that was so hooking point for single player season mode, that beat out Gran Turismo. 

But now, OMG! Not only did they bring more cars, they have brought more modes to single player with the old style seasons modes found in the old Gran turismo games that everyone loved and wanted with the original game release. This is so big for me that I guess I will have to pull the ps4 pro back out of my closet, something I didn’t think I would need to do until Detroit, Become Human release.

It even looks like you will get a chance to have endurance races with the updates. This is so wonderful of Playstation to fix this. But again, this is really thanks to Microsoft and Xbox one X. Competition makes this happens because Playstation has never done something like this, this fast. In fact, in the past you would just have to wait to another version of Grand turismo happened the follow years. They never in go back and make things better, this fast, at this level. I means completely makes this game different. Microsoft has been the only company for years that shows immediate changes  to make things better for its fans and really it could be only because Sony has dominated. So you see competition breaths better gaming results across the board. 

Klarus Xt11gt vs Xt2cr concerns and overview 

Justice league changes up things, but why?  

Umm? A powerful god from a world that was located by cosmic power that was left over from creation of the universe. He makes his way to earth and wants to destroy things and it takes every single justice league member to try to even give him competition. Everything seems right so far. Well, Steppenwolf is his name and he is the baddest thing the justice league members have ever faced. The funny thing is that this vilian was suppose to be a blackman. 

Now, right away, we already see that we have problems. For starters, a blackman being the dominant  power(evil or good) makes people uncomfortable. The second issue is that a black man is the one that kills the woman’s libs hero, Wonder Woman(not saying this even happens in the movie, I haven’t seen it) . As you know these two things can’t ever happen in movies unless it’s a man like superman that gets gutted, then the woman liberalist are fine with that being depicted. 

So what do they do? Then they make the being,  a beast that has no identity in ethnicity. This way people can sleep better at night. The world is flat, not round… Time to go to bed, right? 


The Xbox One X :The first console to live up to their hype at launch.  

I was in best buy today and the Xbox one X ads are being pumped out over all the high-end Samsung tvs. It looked truly amazing to see all the Qleds in sync with each other playing the Xbox one X hype videos. The graphics looked amazing on those tvs. Microsoft has really put things together really well, as I have said many, many times prior. I would love to meet the team that put together all the hype and push of the system. They really need to be recognized. They got just about everything perfect. The unified stance present for Xbox one X is dominating now. 

You can not be honest and true with yourself if you are still pushing shade and hate on this system. The system is great for the industry because it basically means that Playstation will have to do its homework before launching the next system. They are less likely to do things that cause gamers to dislike them as well. But I do wonder how fast Playstation fanboys will chime in on power and the so called “small differences” when the ps5 launches. Maybe this time Sony might actually listen to gamers again. Microsoft has been doing this for some time now and this is why I have always preferred them as a gaming company. Competition is so great and necessary for us, the gamers, to get the most out of these companies and their systems. Xbox X is a result of playstation 4’s dominance and ps5 will launch earlier than Sony wanted and probably missing features it should have had due to the Xbox X dominance. So, thank you Sony for pissing off the one Company with enough money to do whatever they wanted to do to make us happy. 

Another day of humble chocolate being ate around the world. 

Anothet day of great news and confessions everywhere around the world of gaming about Xbox one X. This has truly been one of, if not the most complete launch in all of gaming. Microsoft truly has dominated this launch. So many gamers all on one accord, praising the Xbox One X for delivering on all the promised power. You have even a few hatters still trying to do their best but their voices have been drowned by all the applauses!  It shouldn’t shock everyone but it still kinda does. The amount of people still claiming that the world is flat is sure laughable now. If you are still trying to hate on this system you truly need help. It’s one thing to have a preference and it’s a whole other thing to ignore truth because it’s not what you want to hear. It’s no longer even an opinion anymore. It’s mathematics people. The system is the most powerful and best platform to play all your third party games. Its time to stop ignoring this and trying to minimize it haters and fanboys.  Now I’m must return on my career mode for Forza 7! Until the next great information that is released on Xbox one X, over and out!

Dishonored 2 comes to the X

Xbox one x is now master of 4k movie quality too. 

Today Microsoft dropped a little apology letter and a gift off to its fans. Microsoft not only fixed the 4k image for movies but they are now going to be ranked with the best 4k pictures quality of any player on the market, making it even more of a must buy for 4k TV owners. I have owned stand alone players and had the Xbox one S. I have always felt that the picture quality for 4k movies were overrated. I never found the wow factor until today. Thanks to Microsofts hard work and fast response. I finally have reason to shout about 4k movies. The graphics are much much better than I have seen before and blows me away with how far a software patch took the performance of the Xbox X’s movie image. As if it was not already reasons to say that this is the best console ever made, you certainly can say it even more so now. Truly dominating turn of events. I am not sure I will ever see a better or more complete package in gaming for a long time. Thank you Microsoft ….again!

Forbes tring click bait for Xbox one X fans and haters. 

One of the stupidest statements I’ve seen in a while was just uploaded by yet another Forbes article writer. You got to love the flipflops of articles to get people to read. But the title, OMG, the title is priceless. You ask a questions to and give the answer to that question in the same sentence. Erik, let me help you out here. You buy the Xbox one X because, like you said, IT’S GREAT. What your title statement should have said was, “If you are a fanboy of Playstation, why should you buy the Xbox one X”. This is really what this guy is and is coming from the mindset of. Becsuse last I checked if I like Microsoft and have a 4k TV with Hdr this is the only reason I need to buy the Xbox one X. If you are a playstation and just can’t stand that your system isn’t better than this system, then go pray about it and hopefully you can live with that fact easier one day. And if you are a Switcher, you stand beside your Mario Carts and world’s and bounce your head away from this conversation because it doesn’t apply to baby games anyway. Erik, if you can’t see why you would buy a system that you yourself have already defined as great, even if it’s to play the best 3rd party versions of the games (which sell better than exclusives anyway), then check yourself into the hospital and get some much needed help bro. 

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