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The Fidget Cube Craze!

You may have heard of it, you might not have. But this is the most addictive toy for adults and children alike. It’s a toy to fidget with. It’s a toy that allows us ADHD adults and children to take out our energy on. It’s a toy that helps us working adults get through their boring meetings or school studies. It basically handles your floating attention so you can remain engaged in what is more important so you don’t loose focus. 

This amazing tool/toy makers requested a modest 150,000 on kickstarters and got over 6 million instead. Why? Because we all fidget. You might not know it but you do. When you sit and play catch with a tennis ball at your desk, squeeze stress toys, or flip pens and spin rings or coins. These are all fidgets. Some of us have simpler signs of having to tap our leg or bit our nails. All of the above are types of fidgets for this toy to replace. I can’t believe how much time I actually fidget until I examined my everyday life. It was then when I decided to get this. 

You have 6 sides of fidget tools at your disposal. You even have different sides and functions for silent fidgets vs noisy ones. They understood not all fidgets environments allow the same level of noise for your fidget desire. So it gives you the ability of choice. Science has even proven that those people who find a way to properly exercise their needs of fidgets concentrate better as oppose to trying to suppress it. But you decide for yourself.

 If you choose to buy this it will run you about $12-$16-$25 with different color schemes. Why different prices? Because once people learned that people invested in this toy they started duplicating the design and selling them because the first maker couldn’t get the product out to the people who bought them. Most people that invested their money into the company still haven’t received their Fidget Cube. So this opened the door for others to capitalize on the wait. So these same people went ahead and brought from other designers on the web. Some of them had great quality and build while others didn’t. You have to research the right one if you choose to go down that rabbit hole. I myself went with They seem to have the quality and professional site I could trust in pulse they have 2 day shipment and real feedback and reviews that gave very high marks. There may be others but this is the one I went with. Or you can just buy from Antsy Labs and wait for a couple of months in hopes of you getting it, your choice. For me its about the concept and function not the thought about who made it, as long as they work the same. I will have to get the original makers version in order to know for sure. But for now this will do. 

Mass Effect Andromeda: A look inside the ship!

More PS4 Pro love and support!

It has been announced that two more great titles have decided to add the Pro support to their game. Mafia 3 and Diablo 3 both added their hat into the 4k PS4 Pro support. This is great news once again to anybody with the Pro system and a great tv. The level is clarity just can’t be beat and the the color and over feel is top in it’s field.  I have always said that this support is key to the success of the Pro and now it seems to be more evident that it will be a well worth investment for people as the months turn. Hopefully Microsoft will see such support or more for the Scorpio. It’s a great time to game folks!!

Samsung KS8000 continues to blow my mind!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have put something on this tv and have been absolutely blown away. It doesn’t matter, video games, tv, and or movies. Whatever you remember about any movie you seen changes to amazing detail. This isn’t just with 4k movies. Every blu-ray put in my PS4 Pro/Ks 8000 set up looks like 4k itself without every being such. Nothing looks like it did, not even close. The 1000+Nits this tv pushes is beyond amazing. Sun light looks like real sunlight through the window of your home. A flash light beam looks like a spot light coming through a frame. And oh my God… the colors…the colors are flat out from another world. As I have mentioned before, I have never seen a more deeper and expansive color levels ever in my life, not in even in real life. For the first time I believe we have the first TV generation that can produce better images than real life. Is this OLED? No, it’s not but again if OLED is considered a perfect 10 this would be easily a 9.5 or higher. The biggest win for this tv is that the blacks are amazing while the brightness is on a level by itself. You would be shocked at just how much the brightness adds to the overall look especially with HDR. This is why it made more sense to me. HDR usage is so important in gaming and movies now and brightness is a huge part in how good the HDR works. So to me Samsung brightness levels and Quantum Dot tech at the price I got my Tv for was far more important and a no brainer. In fact the OLED TV thats being produced for 2017-2018 are just now getting the Nit levels the Samsung KS series have and they will be 3-10k+ more expensive than my Samsung now when they come out. If you have the money I would think that would be the perfect tv money could buy. For me this will happily do, not ready for a 3-10 thousand dollar price tag. 

Horizon Zero Dawn trailer shows real potential in the overall game. 

Mass effect andromeda trailers proves gaming future is exciting. 

Microsoft confirmation of exclusive loss leaves fear in hearts of fans for this 2017. 

This is the look on the face of Xbox one owners. Scalebound, one of the very few AAA exclusives Microsoft was set to launch in 2017 is canceled. This isn’t great news because Microsoft is already in trouble with the PS4 lineup coming this year. As I have pointed out before the games are what defines everything. With Scorpio around the corner the biggest issue it will face will not be its release but the lack of games and ability to set themselves apart from their own Xbox one S and being truly better than the PS4 Pro out the gate. Losing game exclusives just doesn’t scream excitement about the Microsoft camp, even with 6 teraflops. As reported before developers have already started weighing in on their ability to truly make better looking games during the first release window titles. And now with the loss of one of the few AAA games they had coming, this puts even more attention to huge titles for PS4 and its Pro. This also adds to a 53 million people install base hype that developes see so much of. If this wasn’t Microsoft I would seriously think that they are about to turn belly up. The loss of Christmas and Black Friday along with a knowledge of a 53 million install base of its competitors would normal cause any investors to think twice about furthering their pursuits after such a title loss at the wake of all this. Hopefully this isn’t the case for Microsoft because I would love to see some competition. E3 is so important this year. Microsoft better find a way of delivering on some AAA titles that will take advantage of the scorpio. Without this they can almost be garanteed to lose again. 

IKEA lamps add to my amazing Samsung Ks 8000 set up!

Every so often you have that need to add more to a setup that has the perfect center piece to it. Such is the case with my new IKEA alvangen  lamps. I love the wide bulb cover. It spreads the light perfectly. 

I also love the pull chain vs the push in switches. The length of the pole adds flavor to the look of the pull chain and overall look and extension of the look of the lamp. This is something I can add to my desk once I finish my pc but for right now…

I believe the word I would use here is … “SICK”! 

I can say ,coming home from work is really relaxing when I get upstairs to my game room before but now it’s just flat out cozy. The bulbs I’m using are Wifi controlled white and colored LED. These you have to order online through Amazon

Trust me you don’t have to waste money on $40-$50 bulbs. But at the same time these are the only cheap wifi bulbs that I have tried that aren’t crap. Most other cheaper LED bulbs are absolutely horrible. And never, never buy the cheap ones without wifi that use the physical remote. Those remotes are pathetic, just saying. This one requires a simple app by icolorlive and bam you are in and working with a very simple interface yet has great control over the intensity of the light, colors, and music beat features as well as others. Overall this setup is really turning out to be amazing looking. I only have one more item to add, a better couch or futon. To be continued…


“Sowing and reaping”: Ronda pays again!

I love it and I don’t think I’m the only one. Ronda Rowsey cockiness and bad attitude gets her yet another defeat. The woman that bought into her own hype pays the ultimate price. The one the claimed she would beat up Floy mayweather,the one getting in the face of other UFC fighting men as if she would beat them, refused to take weigh in pictures, disrespected every single woman fighting in the ring today, the woman that with less than 10 fights in the UFC was giving the title “best female athlete in the world” over Serena Williams who just broke every tennis record a woman could break basically. Yes, this woman got her butt beat yet again. No excuses, just truth. She was overhyped, she was overblown, and all it took was a few punches to level her yet again. What on earth made her think she could beat Floyd or other UFC Men fighters is beyond me. This is why I knew Cris Cyborg would destroy her. The UFC knew this too and tried to protect her. The same UFC that already counted their eggs before they hatched, setting up Holy Holmes for a title fight but yet she didn’t even win one fight this whole year. They were counting on the rematch and money. Now they have no money because there is no fight. The UFC rode Ronda’s hype way too long excusing her for press access, something they just sued Conor  Mcgregor for not doing. All the excuses, hype, and the pampering got the UFC and Ronda nowhere. She was a one trick poney who got exposed on her first loss and has paid the price again. I guess they believed they had a female Goldberg but they were seriously wrong.  I’m sure the press and the Ronda crybabies will find something to blame other than the accepting the truth. Sow it, reap it..respect the media and sport and others you face Ronda. Stop desrepecting other greats who have earned to right at the top long before you ever put on UFC gloves. Above all know that you are not invincible and above all grow up. Stop acting like the world owes you something. The spoiled pouting child routine got old, fast.. bury it. 


…. another thought into this. You know, the one thing I’m sick of seeing is bad, evil hearted people being cried over when the reaping starts. It kills me how all of sudden Ronda’s did so much for woman… yeah she sure did. She made sure every woman in UFC were called “bitches” on national tv. She direpected every single person that had the nerve to ask a question that she didn’t like. She also made sure that all the media people knew that they were beneath her. Now, all of sudden when she looses… its “poor Ronda” and crying. Poor Ronda.. a girl that looked like she didn’t belong in any ring that night got paid 3 million for it while the champion got only 100,000(What genius in Nunes camp signed for that?) with no win bonus. Where is the crying and the sorrow for the women Ronda laughed at when she won after submitted them. Where is the sorrow for the women Ronda said weren’t deserving of a hand shake? It really very interesting. 

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