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Xbox One X 8 ways of power!

What matter’s the most to me about Xbox One X is still it’s Games!!


It’s coming! It’s coming in November and it’s not going to have to beg me for my money. I say this with confidence. Despite all the hang ups and unknowns that can surround a system release. Especially a system not named Playstation. Despite the lack of AAA Exclusives and changed name. So why then would such a system and situation interest me? Because my games that I play will be designed for my Xbox One X.


Games like Forza 7, Fifa 18, Madden 2018 and just confirmed NBA 2k18 will be Xbox one X enhanced for 4k textures( not just 4k resolution), frame rates, and with HDR. This is everything to me. If no other games are purchased by me these will be without fault. Every single game takes backseats to these games above. And those that know me know that I am absolutely into sports games above all else. No other game, exclusive or otherwise is played more by me. Your system can have the very best exclusives in the world but if you aren’t the best place to play sports games, it means nothing to me. Honestly, it’s really been over the moment Xbox Scorpio words hit the Screen last year for me. After seeing this it’s like a laughing joke to think of any other direction for me. All the other third party games and my Sports games are all I need for the system to be in my house and devoted to its brand. I know others are thinking about other games like Uncharted, Spiderman, and Detriot. For me, the only thing these games ever brought me is motion sickness from the first two and an unfulfilled feeling after beating games like the last because it has no replayability.  For you or others this may be different so I would not dare tell others that my direction is the best direction for them. I see everyone’s path as unique to them and them alone. My Son and I love Xbox’s advantages with Family-Share and don’t see use ever going anywhere, especially after this confirmation. For me, if you can make things different and better in the 3rd party games I play, then those games are exclusives to me because I can’t play them anywhere else and get the same results.


Xbox One X, why I am still getting it. 

So you have a Xbox one S and you are fine with it. You have Ps4 Pro and you are fine with it. Even if you have a Nintendo Switch, you also may be fine with it. There are a lot of choices out there in gaming, both in hardware and software. What you choose could be based on a tone of different things. Most importantly you have the right to have those determining factors. 

For me it’s always about innovation. After getting over the name change and look, I was forced to really focus on why this system is the “Most Powerful” console in the world. Microsoft did an amazing job at research and development. They did their homework and planned ahead properly. This stands out even more when you see how the PlayStation left out a crucial piece like a 4k disc drive last year and still didn’t correct it this year. Something Xbox S got right straight out of the gate and something the Xbox X will have as well. Why did this happen? Because Sony was lazy and unprepared just like they were this year at e3 ’17 yet again. Their success has put them in a bad spot of familiarity, back in their ps2 days. They dominated with arrogants and didn’t do what they needed to do for their fans. Microsoft, on the other end of things did their homework and knew that PlayStation weren’t coming out with anything more powerful than theirs. Even if you don’t know it, it’s impossible for a company to surprise competition with something nobody knew about. 

The moment companies are hired for board, video card, cpu and even memory the others know about. Microsoft knew that Sony wasn’t ready to be more powerful than what they were bringing to the table. That’s why they could deem this and brand it on their site as “The world’s most powerful console” Think about all the changes Microsoft would have to make if Sony released a ps5 that was more powerful. Sony didn’t and Microsoft knew that. This is why I knew Ps5 was not going to be announced at E3 while the fanboys dreamed and wished. It takes time and a lot of research to even rush a system to the market. But when you see how Microsoft designed the Motherboard, the vapor chamber, development its own technology method of delivering its own power management, and made the system even smaller, you start to see this was being worked on for a while. It’s so well done that I honestly can’t see how any company can have a better system without creating a PC and even then that advantage would be marginal. 

Then there is Phil Spencer. He still missed out on some things with the Xbox X. It’s still not perfect, nothing is. I still believe the true advantage of Microsoft isn’t being used. He has the ability to unify the PC and Consoles as one platform. He just isn’t doing it. This would instantly solve exclusives and first party problems all together. And it would make that hybrid platform the most denominating platform we have ever seen. But some reason I believe he knows this. He has a good heart and I think he fears what this could mean for PlayStation and Nintendo if he does this and he doesn’t. And this kind of thinking puts him in a unique position as leader. He can shape the gaming world if people would just trust his vision. I do, and above all others reasons he is among the most important. 

So what are you getting for the fair price of $499 (Yes, I said fair because it is)? Well, we get the best place to play ALL third party games and some decent first party games. For me personally, games like Anthem, Forza, NBA 2k, Madden, Fifa, and NHL are must have’s in my gaming life for 2017-2018. While first party games are important to others they aren’t to me. Mostly because they are one and done games and or first person shooters.  And as long as the Xbox X will be delivering the best platform for third party games while killing in services and network power I’m in. So that’s why I will role with Xbox X. It’s a great feeling to know where you belong when you have been torn between consoles. 

Xbox One X is what it says it is, but it’s still up to the developers. 

TechCrunch says “there’s no question” that the Xbox One X “is definitely a game system that puts out great visuals”

All the titles currently optimised for the Xbox One X, including Forza Motorsport 7, “looked” and “played great”, the site reports.  

Well, looks like nobody disputes the power the Xbox one X. People that played the new system are reporting very favorable results from the system. And it seems very clear that the system clearly has the best graphics of the any system out to date. This is great news for the people that are waiting on this system. The hardest thing to do is truly show something online vs in person.  And what I gather is that the confirmation on power is a thing to be seen in person. So to the nay sayers out there about this system, you can stop now. The “system” is exactly what it claims to be. To the fanboys of the system, this power means nothing if the developers don’t use it. I can’t stress enough the concern over parity. No developers wants to really confess they are only doing bare minimal for one system to keep the other system happy. Games like the original watchdog and now Destiny 2 are prime examples of this. But can you blame them, especially now that Sony has a 60 million fan base? I don’t think any developers will allow their game to really look so differrnt and better that PlayStation fans get mad. Why make 30 million fans more happy than 60 million? This is just the reality of the gaming world. One that Microsoft could have put to rest if they had just unified the PC and xbox games together. That way xbox players can just put the PC version on their console and uncap the frame rate or resolution blocks of the games. Developers know they can’t touch the PC side of things and Microsoft would benefit from this greatly. it stands, we aren’t yet at the launch window of the console and we already have developers purposeful holding back. You can’t tell me that if a system that has 40% less power can reach 30 fps, that the system with 40% more power has the equal limits( cough..Cough Destiny 2). It’s almost laughable! If this was the other way around, Sony fans would be making death threats like they always do when they don’t get their way. Just saying!

Destiny 2 will not be the only game that picks 60 million fans over the Xbox one X!

   Well the news is out and it’s not good for Microsoft. As always the numbers matters in gaming and development. Destiny has announced that their game on the Xbox One X will not support frame rate higher than the ps4 pro at 30fps. That’s right a system that is clearly in everyway more powerful is being held back to rich only 30fps while the PC version is upcapped.  So basically the advantage of having a more powerful system is neutralized because of parity pushing. I knew this was coming. Most game companies will duplicate this very thing. This is why I believed that Phil Spencer should have unified this system with PC formating. This way the developers wouldn’t have a choice. They wouldn’t dare put out a 30fps locked frame game on PC and this would by default place the best version of that game into the hands of Microsoft.  But they didn’t and this will become the norm very quickly and unfairly to the gamers from others developers. Personally I think the Xbox gamers should stand up and boycott this game’s purposeful sabotage by this developer to help Sony.  But we all know they won’t. They will sit back, let this go on, and fuse and scream but still buy the game. Sony still wins and their precious gamers ego can remain. 

PlayStation really let down people because people think more highly of them than they should. 

There is no doubt that PlayStation has the games. They have always been the kings there. But what happens is that people take what PlayStation does and over hypes the reality that this company really has flaws. People think that PlayStation has all the answers when they don’t. Innovation and services they don’t have. So when things like the Scorpio or Xbox x hits fans think to themselves that if Microsoft can do this I know PlayStation can do it. Well here’s a wake up call, PlayStation doesn’t have a answer for the Xbox X. They aren’t ready for an answer because they aren’t sure how to do anything that can beat it right now. They don’t just have some magic potion that produces things better than competition over night. It takes years to come up with something like Xbox one X design. You just can’t wake up in the morning and come up with all the custom design chips set and boards and vapor cooling systems inside a console that small. Sony doesn’t have a answer right now much less something that can come in cheaper than $500. So for Sony, leading at 60 million consoles worldwide, their work is done. So what does your support and money get you? A lazy e3 presentation with one of the most boring person ever put on stage. 

And then all they did was play trailers. Why? Because they felt they didn’t have to do anything more for their fans. They were going to just accept the same information they gave them the last e3, so why bother. They didn’t bother trying and everything they did was last minute and thrown together without any passion of true planning. Even the crowd was boring there. It was like they were sleep or something. 

The hype hurt PlayStation is the bottom line. People were claiming that a ps4 pro with 4k drive was coming and then a ps5 and none of that happened. Now the fans will claim that all they care about is games. But in reality it sickens them to believe their console will not be the best in graphics anymore, especially for third party games where people show comparisons on. They have teased xbox for years about how weak their graphics are. If it’s not the resolution its the frame rate. Even when xbox one first came out and had exclusives up the butt ps4 fans claim they still had the most powerful system and better graphics. But now, they are going to say graphics/frame rsre don’t matter, it’s about the exclusives. It’s pretty much a never-ending story. A story that will never end with Microsoft over taking PlayStation in worldwide numbers. And that is the real elephant in the room. No matter what Microsoft does the majority of the people worldwide still choose PlayStation. And those who love the Xbox one will still back them no matter how PlayStation sell. 

At the end of the day both companies didn’t live up to their potentials and left their fans wanting more. To me Xbox team did more and therefore has the crown this year. Thats if you can call it a crown being that e3 was so bad all together. PlayStation’s score is a 5 out of 10. 

PS4’s games clearly look better than Xbox one X game graphics. That’s a problem Microsoft!!

The Microsoft E3 statement!


Microsoft wasted no time in bringing out this beast on the first intro movie before hitting the stage to talk. I guess they wanted it out of the way so that they could move on to the games they had in store. For me, the moment I saw this thing I was underwhelmed. It’s a smaller Xbox one S that’s black( I do miss the black though), that’s it. No real thought was placed into this design for the outer part. Maybe they were more focused on what was inside the console more than what was on the outside. Sure they made it smaller, like another company known for its fruit. But this doesn’t impress me. Then came the name change. When he said the name it was like someone kicked all the air out of my lungs and stomach. It was so underwhelming to hear the name go from something so beastly like Scorpio to this simple X. From that point on I keep holding on to my seat waiting to be blown away by something but even Forza 7 was a letdown.  It really didn’t look all the different from the Forza that I can play right now. The only real standouts were Anthem, Metro, and Dragon Ball Z, however, they are all third party games. Now for me, this doesn’t matter because I don’t plan on going back to play a ps4 for a while, if ever. But for other people that love comparing and trying to justify their console love, it means the world. Basically, it means they don’t have to look over their shoulders at Microsoft and can sleep better if they are a PS4 fan. In a nutshell, nothing has changed nor will change. PlayStation will still be the best in most gamers minds because they have the more exciting exclusives and Xbox will remain the most innovative in technology and services. Who you ride with, contrary to most people’s thoughts, doesn’t ride on the E3 conferences. E3 is for the fans of that system not the fans of the other system. Companies don’t enter the E3 to be another company for the other fans. They enter to show up for their fans. With that said, believe it or not, the true enemy of the new Xbox one x isn’t Playstation. It’s their own company and system called the Xbox one S.  I have predicted this for many months if not more. The Xbox one S will serve as the biggest hurdle to overcome much like the ps4 served as one for the Pro. The world of gaming really doesn’t care about 4k. It doesn’t make that big of a difference to date. Will that change in the future? I don’t know. But what I do know is that most people that play on the consoles aren’t doing it on a 4k tv or monitor much less one that has HDR. Even if you tell them that the system will make the 1080p look better it will not be enough for someone to let their system go just to get back the same system for slightly better-looking graphics. People just don’t care right now to matter in the numbers. As long as there is a cheaper way to do what they want they will alway take that way. If Microsoft wanted to help sell this way of thinking then they should have shown comparisons videos of the third party games running on a ps4 and Xbox one S compared to a Xbox one X. This way the people can see what they are buying and can see why they are buying the console. Without this, all they are looking at is the promise of the better system without the fruit. Will Xbox One X be powerful? Yes, it will but the fact that Microsoft failed to sell in a way to show the difference in comparison videos will be why this system will not sell and will be considered a failure. Will I buy it? Yes, because I have a setup to take advantage of it plus I have a Ps4 Pro that is collecting dust. Will others? Not very many! Most importantly it will not do much to increase the Xbox one sells in America and this will mean that Microsoft will probably blow a crap ton of money on this push. I just hope it doesn’t hurt Phil Spencer. Overall I will stand as a Xbox one owner and Fan of Phil and Microsoft and confess this was one of the worst E3 showings I have seen from a Game company in recent memories. I would give them a 6 out 10 at the very least.

Black Panther’s First trailer!

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