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Code 8 Trailer( short film)..Amazing.


Forza horizon 3 now 4k…

Xbox one X enhancements just keep right on coming. Forza horizon 3 was already one of the most beautiful but Microsoft had to add more to the table. Now it’s like you are looking at a brand new game. The visuals are just outstanding! They already had the very best driving game and sports game on the planet, Forza 7. Adding this enhancment into this game brings it into those rankings. 

You can find a way to hate all you want but the bottom line is that this game looks amazing and is a testament to what Microsoft and others can do with the power of the Xbox one X. And just think this is post development enhancements that you are seeing. What happens this year with games that develope from the ground up going into the full year of the Xbox one X? Pretty scary if you ask me. If you thought for one second that the Xbox one X power could be doubted, you need to check those concerns at the door. The beast is here, so you better lock your doors and arm yourselves. 2018 and 2019 will be full of power push to the ONE X. They are only just beginning! 

Digitalcrack Multi-tool final round.. Surge VS Wave 

Time to see what the Leatherman Wave looks like against the Signal

What happens when a Xbox One x player goes back to play ps4 pro?

    Every now and again, console players, especially duel console owners, return to play the other console. Sometimes it’s because of Exclusives or sometimes it’s because you forgot what it was like to play the other console. Even me, knowing full well that the xbox one x is the most powerful console, I sometimes wonder about the true differences. I mean, especially in sport titles like FIFA, madden, and nba 2k. They are all listed with the same resolution and frame rate, so it can’t be that different, right? Well, I can’t tell you how wrong that thought is enough. Oh my goodness,  I tried to return to the ps4 pro today. I was trying to get myself reintegrated into the controller for when Detroit and Spiderman comes out. I used it the whole day just about. I played fifa, Netflix, mlb, NBA 2k, and more. I even tried to really adjust pictures quality to make sure I was getting the very best from it. I mean,  I was really trying my best and thought maybe, just maybe, the differences weren’t that great. Boy I was wrong! I don’t care what anyone says, the proof is right here in front of my eyes. Same TV, same settings, and same games except mlb. The immediate difference I saw turning back on my Xbox one X after playing my ps4 Pro all day was just flat out amazing. The Xbox one X just has  smoother frame rate, better colors, skin texture and clearer quality vs the ps4 pro version in every game I played on both consoles. I was really trying here! I wanted to believe that there wasn’t this big gap between the two but there is. Even Netflix was embarrassing to look at when comparing the two consoles. I think it’s really easy to forget just how powerful the Xbox one X is over all other consoles. So if you are even halfway thinking of either going backwards or believing YouTube videos that can’t show you the true difference, let me make it clear….its a night and day difference without question. You really can forget just how good things are sometimes. It’s really funny and sad that the main purpose of the ps4 pro really was just to remind me just how powerful the Xbox one X is.   

3 million PUBG sold for Xbox in one month is what Playstation should be doing for all their games with 70 million fans. 

Fanboy hate isn’t my thing. The truth, on the other hand is why do so many rules apply to Microsoft but not to Sony. When Microsoft announces success with 3 million games sold in one month, it’s a negative. But annoucing 70 million console sales is celebrated. Go figure! Playstation’s fan base is huge. Xbox fan base is modest. But I still say and believe that time has proven that Xbox owners play more games while Sony fanboys play the forums. Sony fanboys spend loads of time on the internet downplaying all things that aren’t Sony, that they don’t have time to play games or buy the games they have been bragging about for months. It’s so crazy that not even 2% of the 70 million people don’t buy “the greatest games ever” (according to them). They scream all day long about the exclusives and yet don’t even bother buying them. While xbox one fans are more likely to buy and play. This mixed with fact that Microsoft beat Sony in December, must really get to those fanboys of Sony.  

Krypton is coming 

Rainway set to change everything for gaming… Just not for playstation! 

Wow.. This looks like a change changer. To bring PC gaming to consoles and mobile phones is a big concept. It looks like it has the potential to destroy the lines between console gaming and PC gaming. This has always been the direction of Microsoft and now to have a software like this that can do this on the fly is something like a dream come true. The biggest fact is that Nintendo and Microsoft are the only ones on board for this. Playstation stands out in the cold as they continue to make stupid decisions on the direction of the company. Of this software takes off and does what it says it can do, Playstation will be left behind if they don’t get on board. And trust me when I tell you, this is bigger than Playstation. Combining PC, with Nintendo and Microsoft support will destroy anyone not on board, even 70 million Playstation fans. Playstation better open up the eyes and get on board. They can’t continue to block this unified play direction. I can tell you that even I would buy a Nintendo switch for my portable device if this takes off. I won’t have to be stuck with baby games on the switch and yet can use their portable power on the go for my favorite games. Personally, I’m still in shock about this. I never knew this was possible, at least not this fast. We will have to wait to see how good the transfer to devices work. But if it does work well….everything changes!

The Leatherman Wave…a proven Necessity! 

I guess that didn’t take long, did it? Just days after getting this multi-tool I have fallen for it. Once I got it loosen up and started to use it, everything just fell into place. The size is perfect for me. I was considering others models of leather and other brands like Gerber and Sog. But after reviewing all of them in comparison with the Wave, they all fell short. Either they were too heavy like the Surge. Or they were too overpriced like the Charge. And then the others were too heavy or missing key tools like the scissors. Basically, there is a reason why the Wave, for years has been the best selling multi-tool. People know that they can trust the brand first off and that this model has the best balance of strength and needs ever seen in EDC tools today. I can’t wait for the second half of my orders to come in tomorrow. It will make the Wave and its holster the very best combo to ever be made in my opinion. More on that when it comes in though. Until then if you are a man especially, and you don’t have a multi-tool, you need one and I think that this is about the best one you can have. The perfect size,strength, tool availability and weight ratio crosses it up with the best of all the brands and models. And unless you buying a custom Leatherman made exactly like you want it, you won’t find a better mix. Is it perfect? No. Personally, I would have like for the scissors to be accessed on the outside and remove the file. For me, the most unless tool it has is the file and it’s accessible on the outside, as if it’s the among the most useful. Even if it’s on there, put it in the inside and bring the scissors outside. The Surge has the scissors on the outside but it’s way too big and the Wingman has the scissors on the outside but it’s too small and isn’t designed right for one hand opening for my hand. So the Wave just meets in the middle. If you are new to the world of multi-tool make sure you visit their website. Look over all the true stories of this tool saving lives and how most that own it will not leave the house without it. Then you will start to understand the beauty in this tool and why it’s so important to have one.

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