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Digital foundry’s Forza 7 videos aren’t even using the Xbox one S and comparisons are close. 

Look, I want nothing more than for Microsoft to come out swinging and actually make this console race interesting as the very least. The system itself has been built like that of a perfectly crafted piece of art tech. It’s power is something never seen in consoles, but this is the case in every generation of consoles released by manufacturers. If it weren’t that way, what would be the point in bring out another console if it’s weaker than the one prior? While I want to shout about the power of the console, isn’t the previous xbox one S more powerful, isn’t the Pro more powerful, and wasn’t the ps4 more powerful than the ps3? Basically, any console released can almost be branded “the most powerful console ever made”, right?  

But when we start to see results like this above, shouldn’t this give us cause for a pause on the hype train. Especially, being these images are from the base xbox one, not even the xbox one S, which upscales games to 4k resolution. Most people missed that on Digital Foundry’s video. So looking at a basic 1080p, non upscaled video and picture, you see almost nothing worth the hype.  In fact at first glance you might even pick the better colors and black levels on the standard version of the basic 1080p xbox. Look at the blues in the sky, the sand, and the black levels on the shadows on the street. I mean, I didn’t make the video, maybe they messed up something. I’m just honestly and unbiasedly reacting to what I really see. 

And as I have asked before, what happens when the xbox one X is compared to the Pro on games like Madden, Fifa, and Nba 2k18 who are already at Native 4k/60fps? If you can barely convince me of worth vs a standard 1080p version of the same gsme, it really leaves me in true doubt if the system is up against the Pro. Now I’m not saying that if you stop the video and zoom in that you cant find something that might be better, but what is the real world, true to eye difference?


Beware of the Silence of Sucker Punch!

Sucker punch,you remember them? I do, because I did nothing but obsess over the game Infamous for months prior to the launch of PS4 pro. I Looked at the video about how the controller was made and tested by studios like Sucker Punch over and over again. Seeing that amazing Infamous Second Son on the screen really made my mind up about which console I was going to buy first. Infamous was one of the key reasons why I got the PS4. I absolutely love this game, even today. It’s still one of the best looking games period on any console. It dawned onto me that this studio has been amazingly quiet. Yes, they are still in business but nothing has been done in terms of a new IP. Beware gamers, this means something big normally. This means the studio is taking its time producing something of note, something of worth. And if they can produce yet another title like Infamous with the new horse power of the PS4 Pro now more focused, you should see something really great. And this would just be yet another great exclusive lined up for Sony. Take my word for it, something big and great is coming. 

Detroit: Become Human’s graphics will not take a backseat to any game on any console!

Xbox One X sells out yet again!!

Big big news!! If you didn’t know, the Xbox One x has sold out yet again. Very impressive for Microsoft. The world’s most powerful console has sold out for the second time across the world, at least on Amazon. It is currently the best selling tagged item on Amazon and people are starting to pay attention more and more. Make no mistake, those of you waiting not to be the second fiddle in graphic comparisons anymore should really be excited.  Those of you who are fanboys of Microsoft have a very exciting Christmas coming. Competition is finally causing great grow in the industry on both sides and this is a great thing. While I still wait on the fence about the true differences counting, I still remain excited because I stand to make a good profit on my eBay sale if I find out no difference worth spending $500 on, exist.  If it does exist, then I’m excited about getting the console for myself. Either way, I win. I’m willing to forgo all the PS4 pro exclusives if Xbox One x can prove that it’s truly better in my 3rd party sport games. If I can’t see the difference without pausing the game and zooming in, then that difference for me doesn’t exist. If that is the case the money will be my only path and I will enjoy the ps4 Pro for the next two years in sure unbelief of greatness finally arriving, thanks to the Pro’s new Enhanced push because of the Xbox One x birth. Again, competition drives greatness and all gamers need to be thankful for the Xbox One X!!

PS4 Pro’s Rathalos Edition announced and is the best looking ps4 Pro special edition ever!

Shadows of Colossus for the PS4 Pro shows off power and yet another exclusive!

Xbox One S gameplay of Forza 7 shows game is just great and it doesn’t require $500 to see this. 

As a Xbox supporter, if we are honest with ourselves, you have to admit that when Forza 7 was showed off we assumed that the only reason why this game looked like it did was because of the Scorpio’s power. Now we see that it was not because of the console. The game just looks good period. The biggest problem with this is that most Xbox owners, like me, are starting to wonder the purpose of the console if the Xbox One s can do these graphics. On the commits for the video, more and more Xbox One s owners were saying that they regret their pre-orders choice. And this proves my original point. The real problem Microsoft will face is convincing Xbox One S owners they need the Console, now even more than ever.

Eve Valkyrie Warzone update could be the last piece of the puzzle for me and my future for gaming.  

Xbox one S vs Xbox one X Forza 7, didn’t show the difference I thought.

Well videos are being posted now. Comparisons are starting. And already I’m confused and concerned about things. Here above, we have both the regular Xbox one S vs the Xbox one X premiere exclusive, highly rated, and perfectly developed game Forza 7. This is the one game that was going to shine above all other things released. The funniest thing is that I believed the whole video length until the very end I believed that the Xbox one X was on the right the whole way through just about. I was telling myself that yeah, I can see the clear difference here, how the blacks levels and colors were a little richer. I looked deep and found I really couldn’t see anything on either of the cars that pointed out clearer textures. But then I looked up and saw that the Xbox one X was actually on the left side. What most pointed out is the reflections were better and the draw distant was better because the light poles all the way to the back left were clearer. Reflection on the street and a couple of light poles vs deeper blacks and richer colors, umm?

Look I don’t want to seem biased but come on people, be honest for once. These games really do look very similar. And it’s just my preference I guess but there are aspects about the Xbox one S version they I like over the Xbox one x version and this should not be. $500 laid down for you tell me that I will get worse black levels and worst color richness but I get to look at stuff a little clearer all the way down there and more details on the reflect in the puddle that I wouldn’t even be looking at while driving?Are you kidding me? I really hope things are greater than what this video is showing on tvs. But honestly, I don’t believe that they were and this is a exclusive game. What happens when you have a PS4 Pro game that is already 4k and 60fps with HDR. If you think you are having problems finding true difference now into this video when it’s comparing a 1080p game to a native 4k game, wait for it when the Ps4 Pro is compared with third party games. I truly felt that I was going to see something truly different. 

Whatever happened to the first picture they showed when the porter over the Forza 6 in hours with room to go? Those graphics looked more detail and different compared to this. Honestly, until the end of the video, thanks to HDR, the richness and 4k really didn’t stand out. I am so disappointed about the results I see here. Maybe still it might be different on a tv screen. I’m not going to hold my breath though. 

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