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Jaybird x2 are as good as you make them!

There is no secret that I love my X2’s. They are the very best I’ve heard to date. The crisp sounds in the highs, the mids, and the amazing deep bass that rivals even Beats, there is no wonder why I can’t stop talking about them. Even my wife has her own now after listening to mine. But these earphones are only as good as you make them, literally. 

Everything that it comes with shows they tried to think about everyone’s different sizes and types of comforts. These are important to remember when you buy the earphones. Even I myself thought about returning them after about 5 minutes of trying on different combos of wings and tips until I found the right one. I couldn’t believe just how much a difference the right combo made. Even today I found a small adjustment that made my experience even more than it had been. So trust me it can take some sit down time for you to find the correct combo to get the absolute best fit and sound. Even when you think you got it right there might be one more adjustment that could make things even better. Don’t assume because you found mediums fit better than large tips this applies to the wings too. It doesn’t. My set is medium plastic tips with small wings. At first, I thought going with medium everything was fine but I was wrong. Yours might be different but this is why I urge you to try different combos before you settle. However, there is one thing I will say that seems to be consistent. It’s with the comply tips….

If you want and love bass don’t use these tips at all. You will do yourself a favor and just toss them in the trash the moment you get them open. Now I’m not saying this is for everyone because there are a lot of people that like that flat sound effect. I don’t so I couldn’t take the comply tips in any size. It was just a dead hollow lifeless sound for me when I had these tips in. I need very good bass with crisp highs and mids and I wasn’t going to get that with comply tips. 

Lastly is the cord. Having the cord hanging or off your neck can make a difference in your sound and comfort level while wearing the earphones. You might not think that it does but it truly does. And after about 2 hours straight of wearing these while running or walking you will know what I mean. 

They can fit like this regularly, hanging down your back or neck(left side image). It might not bother you at all, then again it might. For those of you that don’t like things bouncing constantly on their skin then there is the surefit way(right side image). This is how I wear mine and I love this feel the most. Wrapping them around the back of my head so they don’t move or bounce makes the fit in my ear even more secure. So the more secure they are the less you have to adjust them to make the sound and seal be what you want. So there you go.. a tip about the wear options of the Jaybirds X2’s . I hope this helps everyone in their purchasing of these earphones. 

iPhone 7 plus remains the most elusive smartphone in the world. 

For those of you that have the iPhone 7 plus be thankful. There are a lot of people waiting on them and as far as store walkin purchases, there are none. People that had no choice but to get rid of their Samsung Note 7’s tried to return to Apple or purchase Apple for the first time. These people would walk away disappointed because the only Apple product hot enough and large enough isn’t available in stores still. It’s becoming known that the only way to get one is to order it basically. This is a huge win for Apple but it’s one that I fear they could have capitalized on better if they had proper stock in stores. To their defense, this kind of traffic is hard to handle and foresee. Who would have thought that Samsung would fail like this? 

I’m sure Apple prepared for their normal rush and small stock tricks to make people thrist for the iPhone but this time I think they would have planned a little different if they knew the outcome of the Note 7. Thankfully, I have mine and can confirm it’s still the amazing phone it was when I first got it. If you don’t have one yet and are waiting for stock you might not be getting it in stores for a bit. I think the best thing for everyone is to order online. I think Amazon and Best Buy should have them ready to ship to you in 2 days which is way better than waiting for a chance delivery at Best Buy. I put my name down for one a month ago in store and they still haven’t called me(even though I have mine already).

So good, I had to get the Neon Green X2’s

Well I guess this was not a surprise to anyone who have been seeing my post on twitter or this site but I thought I would make it official. Once I got the black version and my wife heard them for herself she wanted a pair. This earphone is so much of a steal at $79 that I got another pair. I went with the Neon Green version they call “Charge”. So I gave my wife my black version. She didn’t want the green or white ones but deep down the green one were standouts in my opinion and I looked for them at the store but didn’t find them. So I got them from Amazon. This time it didn’t take me long at all to get them adjusted with the right tips, wings, and the cord setting for my head size. 

I notice that mine didn’t take anywhere as long as my black version. In fact as I recharged my black versions for my wife because I used it today, I charged my Green color X2 and they finished at the same time. One was completely dead while the other was only used for about 1.5 hours. I’m not sure if thats because the charge cable that came with the Neon Green X2 was longer while the black version was much shorter. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Tomorrow will be a full day with them but I have no doubt they will perform well and hold up just as well. These earphones are so good guys that I have given them to my wife. This says it all really. I never rebuy the same product for my wife and I to have a piece if that product has not fully convinced me of its worth.  

Follow up on the Best “wireless” earphones available?

Just a quick update on the Best Wireless earphones available on the market. The term “Best wireless earphones” is what I want to address here. More and more I see these earphones being described like this. The term, while true, only tells half the story. When you factor that this earphones can be purchased for $79 with this amazing sound you start to make another comparisons. Is this just the best wireless earphone on the market or is this the best earphone on the market period, wireless or wired? I say it is. When you take into view that it’s successor only adds a app and different colors and the Jay Bird Freedoms offer only a smaller version with less battery life you start to see what you have. Sound is the key. Nothing exist to my knowledge on the market that is even within a $400 pricetag offering a better sound quality.

One piece of needed advice.. Don’t use the comply tips if you care about good bass and great seal. The comply tips do the opposite of what they are designed to do. Wearing them made my music sound cold and lifeless and outside sound was present still. Only with the standard tips do you get that great seal you need with sound isolation which give you that bass. 

Yes I’m sure there are plenty that come close but when you examine them they don’t have the same quality and level offered with this these. Either they will have less bass punch, less sound stage, or less fit and stability. There just isn’t any other options giving you a better package. It doesn’t matter if it’s directly plugged in or not, there’s just no equal if you have the right tips and pads for your ears. So I submit that the label of best “wireless” earphones on the market only gives half credit to this amazing product. The Jaybird X2 are the best sounding Earphones you can find under $400 and most people won’t go over $400 for earphones searching. 

Another addition to my iPhone 7 plus, time for the music. 

Well it’s time to take the leap. Apple says Bluetooth is where we have to go, so I guess they are right. I’m only kidding, but seriously with no jack I guess it was time. I had heard so much about this earphones that I actually got sick of hearing about them. They have recently released another version of these but with that comes higher cost. So I decided to take advance of this because as far as sound quality the newer ones weren’t better, most say that they are the same in that department. So I found no need to spend more for looks when earphones are about sound. So I got the Jaybird X2’s! There were the white ones and the black there so I went with the black. The package was really nicely put together.

It came with a bunch of attachments that are very diverse as with most high end earphones. I will say that at first tries of these attachments almost made me give up and take back the earphones because I couldn’t get them to fit in my ear or seal right. I tried every size almost before finding the right one. But by the time I got to the right one my ears were burning and I was just almost fed up at that moment and didn’t want anything else in my ears. My ears seem to take to the regular plastic medium heads over any other one(like shown in the pictures). When I gave my ears a chance to heal up from all the friction I got the perfect seal and fit and was blown out of my mind. I didn’t expect them to beat every earphone I owned today past or present. But blow them away it did. The soundstage and the crisp sound with the perfect bass and thump I love was way more than I could have hoped for especially from a Bluetooth earphone. I always hear people say that the sound quality isn’t as good because it’s Bluetooth, that’s a lie folks, I can tell you that right now. This is the best I have ever experienced and at $79.99 it destroyed my $100, $300, and even my $499 earphones and headphones. Technology is just getting so much better these days. Now granted my headphones and earphones are old and at that time their quality was not found anywhere else. But now with technology being better I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at this accomplishment at a more affordable price tag. That and the fact that there are newer versions on the shelf helps that price tag too. 

So who would benefit from these earphones the most? I would say first anyone that is ready for the Bluetooth jump for music. At $79.99, this is a steal. You don’t need to go buy the $300-$400 beats to experience amazing bass and crisp vocals. Next is the person that loves a great sound stage. The sound stage is second to no other headset I have experience to date. The level of different sound directions is superb and really is the standout that makes all this connect. Just having good bass without crisp vocals is not what makes it work. Having both crisp vocals and deep bass without a great sound stage is worthless.  In fact a great sound stage can make up for lack in other departments. But with this x2’s you have it all wirelessly and for 8 hours.  Basically everything from Dave Mathews Band to Sia and then from G-easy to David Gravell and Skrillex, you will be taken care of. Yes I’m late to the party again but if you are too, get up, get off your butt and get these earphones. 9.7 out 10 I give them…only because not all ears will work with them and they are not easily inserted and they stick out and not flush. 

This is how much PS4 VR means to people. 

Sorry Sony, to see that stores still have stock at all with as little of units that shipped to them proves that this is a flop. No long lines, no fights broke out, nobody really camped out, nothing but a quiet fizzle. VR came out on the 13th right? Normal even moderate selling items sell out the first 24 hours. Here we have a one still sitting on the shelf 3 days after launch. This doesn’t vote well for the push of VR to people. Don’t say I didn’t say so.VR represent everything that is opposite of where this generation of gamers are going. Gamers are about socially connecting with others and being apart of the world. VR is for isolating oneself away from the world. VR is also about a bunch of wires tethering you to your console. This generation hasn’t seen wired connectivity in years. We are use to Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Basically everything PS4 VR isn’t. Then on top of that is the price. Yes, it’s cheaper than others but this doesn’t make this price good. Most people don’t care enough about this to pay the price they spent on their console to have a mask on their face.

 Finally the games or should I say demos are the biggest hurdle. What is the point in VR when the games suck. I don’t care how many reviewers push high scores to try and sell you on the world of VR. The bottom line is that VR games are really just tech Demos compared to the level of AI and real deep gameplay that has been shown in games like Witcher 3, Halo, Destiny, or an Uncharted. Games where you have floating hands that can pick up and throw things just don’t cut it. The level of graphics seen a 4K tv upconverting compared to a VR headset that can’t actually do real 1080p graphics(Has to go half and half) is a joke. We have a standard nowadays and I’m sorry, too much about VR doesn’t meant those standards. It’s sad really. 

My additions to my iPhone 7 plus !

Well if you can’t tell by now the iPhone 7 plus has become my favorite new gadget. I have added a new case, tough armor silver by Spigen. Spigen is a well known company for its cases. They have been in business for a while now. iPhones seems to be their favorite. They make for all sorts of other brands but the iPhone brand seems to be the one they have more styles for. Once I got this gorgeous case to match the phone’s amazing looks I had to max out the screen protection.

Next I got the glass invisible shield. This is a glass protector for the iPhone. It’s better than the plastic ones. I felt that I needed to make sure my phone didn’t hit the ground and shatter on a rock. So now with the case and glass in place I have a pretty well protected combo. 

With the iPhones water protection added to the combo, we have a very sexy beast that I have little to nothing to worry about as far as damage to it. Overall I really like everything. It’s a pretty much complete package. Hope you guys like it. 

Microsoft playing the game right. 


    Microsoft is playing the game right it seems. They are enjoying yet another victory in Amaerica over their rivals, Sony. For the 3rd month in a row Microsoft has been top dog in sales of their consoles vs Sony in the U.S. To put things in prospective, this is the first time this generation that they have ever won 3 months in a row since the release of the PS4 and Xbox one. Now this doesn’t mean that they are beating Sony worldwide, that ship sunk a long time ago. But I don’t believe Microsoft believes that should be the goal anyway. I think all along loosing in America, their home, hurts a little more than worldwide sells. It’s like Microsoft beating  in Japan. It’s just not something that you want to happen in your own backyard. All their hard work and all the things they fought so hard to put into motion is being seen and appreciated by gamers in Amarica. It’s even been seen in the U.K as sales have picked up their too. But the real test will be what happens when Sony releases their PS4 pro. Will people jump on this and leave the hard work Microsoft has done behind or is this just the beginning for Microsoft? Time will tell. The one thing I think they have above all things is their games. They have proven this year that they have the most diverse game lineup and best exclusives. Along with that is the prices. That combo makes it hard for any company to defeat, even Sony. But we will have to wait and see. 

PlayStation VR games are a joke!

Wait for it, wait for it… bam! This is what gaming is about guys! I mean look at these screen shots of games that PlayStation site had the guts to manage to give 7 out of 10 on reviews on.  

Omg what a freaking joke. Are you kidding me???You actually are trying to push games like this or should I say tech demos like this as legit games that try and define Vr as anything but a gimmick. PlayStation wants so bad for VR to work and it doesn’t. 

They have gone so far off the radar that they have a sex game basically where you punish the little girls on the screen while they moan sexually. This…this is what PlayStation believes in?? It’s pretty pathetic to see a company like Sony deliver on such a desperate push to try justify Vr. It’s a joke.. I’ve said it before and continue to say it now. VR isn’t working for PC after releasing it on their format and it won’t work for consoles. For those of you who were fooled into buying this crap I hope it’s worth it for you but the true gamers won’t be satisfied with this below mediocre gaming just to have it on a inside screen close up on ones face. 

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