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I finally found something truly better than the ks8000!

I know a lot of people have been raving about this TV for over a year now. The debate has raged for some time on which brand or TV is better, Samsung or Sony. Some swear by Sony others by Samsung. Like most things, it can be a biased choice. But for me I hold no such biaseness toward Samsung or Sony. My ks8000 was the hottest thing smoking when it hit in 2016. And I’m sure the 2018 lineup of tvs have every reason to believe they are the next top dog. However, after about 3 months of debate and reseach I have finally found a worthy successor to the Game room crown. The Sony 900e, winner of ign best gaming TV for 2018 and most every other award to be given. The Sony TV bravia Led with the new X1 chips are a marvel. This is coming from someone who absolutely loved their previous TV and was on the fence for months because I just didn’t really have any dealings with Sony as a TV company. But all I kept hearing is 900e, 900e. It basically was the KS8000 of the 2017-2018 year. People debated all over the place on which was the top dog and everyone gave their points but the Sony looked like it was head. To start off, their advantages is that this TVs panel is a true native 120hhz panel, not just a 60hz panel with software to simulate 120hz like the ks8000. Next is that it is a full array lighted Led panel unlike the edgelite panels of the ks8000. This, along with their amazing X1 chip creates unparalleled richness and blacks not seen in any other style TV but Oled. Next is Android based technology is built in which made set up absolutely perfect and easy, turning you phone into a remote. Lastly, I was upgrading to a 65 inch TV for the first time. I only purchased 42-55 inch tvs in the past. Never thought a 65 inch was needed. Boy was I wrong.

So once I finally got help and getting this home and looked at some amazing people show me all about the tvs potential with calibration instructions. Within 2 minutes of going through that Calibrations, I knew without doubt that I should have pull the trigger a long time ago(at least at first).The level of graphics you get out of this TV is beyond anything you have seen unless you have a Oled. In fact, most reviews say that this Sony 900E is the first TV to duplicate Oled levels of blacks without being a Oled. So as far as Led TVs there just isn’t going to be a match for this TV, even the so called limits on Hdr when compared to the numbers of Samsung are killed. As it stands, even my Hdr is better on this unit over my ks8000. On paper the Sony is suppose to be at 800 while the Samsung is suppose to be at 1000. But it’s a know issue that Samsung overstates their numbers. So this could be the reason by its look is better. I know I’m suppose to tell you that the colors are better on the Samsung because in the store they are. But just so you know, what you see in the store isn’t real. Samsung uses fiber optics and uncompressed video pumped through from a hardrive for their examples. They also set up their setting calibrations while Sony doesn’t. All these things makes people think that they are better when they aren’t. I’m fact if you look up the latest scores on their 2018 tvs they underperformed even the ks8000 in the key areas for picture quality, Hdr, motion, and dimming and aren’t making better overall scores.

So after seeing mere minutes into the Hdr look, colors, and blacks that I have seen prior, I unhooked all my old equipment and even bought the new Samsung 850 atmos surround bar to round out things, I ran into a serious issue. Every time I would attempt to play a game the beautiful 4k image would drop to 1080p. No matter which console I had playing it would do this. And when I checked the errors under the Xbox X settings it basically told me I had no ability to play anything 60hz 4k. I almost lost my mind. There was no way I would sit here and keep a TV with that kind of limit. I even called Sony service number and it’s discounted??? They actually gave me another number to call and when I called that number it said nobody was present to help me and for me to go online instead. Wow!!! Needless to say I was very pissed and was one hour away from returning all of it.

Thankfully a very useful youtuber put out a great video explaining to me that Sony has like 3 service menus and which to go to to activate the needed enhanced mode for the hdmi. Why Samsung and Sony both do this is beyond me. There is probably a lot of people that took their TVs back because they couldn’t activate the real power for the hdmi for 4k and 60hz. But bottom line I got it working like it should and was very thankful because I really didn’t want to loose out on the great graphics I was exposed to. I just knew I could return back to a smaller TV, edge lite graphics panels, and weaker blacks anymore. I still think it’s really weak for Sony not to have anyone present on a Saturday afternoon at 5pm. If it wasn’t for the fact that this TV is far and away the best TV I have ever witnessed in my life I would say stay away for it because of that issue alone with their service phone line. But because this tv destroyed my ks8000 in a matter of minutes I can’t help be tell you to drop everything you are doing, sell whatever you have too and or make room for it. This Sony 900e is the best TV to mix Oled blacks with Led brightness and colors.


god of war domination proves again that Sony is king of the mountain.

What happens now? What more is required for people to just accept the fact that single players games are Sony’s speciality. Microsoft will never beat Sony at this because they don’t have the studios to do so. This has nothing to do with the Xbox one X’s power. Microsoft did their job with that hardware(even though I continue to have lock ups and crashes on my 2nd system). The system is the most powerful on the market. But what does that equal to in terms of production of real AAA deep titles? Nothing, basically. The Xbox one X is just a hardware where software is needed for it to truly stand out. Sadly for Xbox one fans, Cuphead and Sea of Pee is the highlight of their gaming expectations while games like god of war rules the headlines and charts. The biggest tragedy is that Microsoft’s Phil Spencer truly believes that games like cuphead should be the future of Microsoft. And that is where I and many others have drawn the line. Hardcore gamers don’t want to see crap baby games, we want real adult games like god of war, spiderman and uncharted. Why? They are among the very best. At E3, if you believe that Microsoft will somehow release exclusives that matter this year you are sadly mistaken. Microsoft is done before they ever get started. By the time they create anything of meaning the Ps5 will be out and they loose all over again. Sales of that system will push focus on the Sony brand yet again and the developers will stay with them along with the fanbase. Microsoft will never recover from this even if they push out another xbox system to counter the ps5’s power. They won’t have the fanbase or mindshare because they don’t have the studios or correction direction in their approach. Not to mention their purpose is to give every other console and platform their games anyway so it won’t even matter what they do. All you have to do is support Sony and you will get Microsoft’s few games they might have in the future. They are now that stupid, remember?

When did Xbox Fans start acting like Playstation fanboys?

Dude,what kind of time warp did I wake up in? Xbox fans, who typically spend more time playing games than on typing on chats and website, are taking to the media upset at Phil Spencer. Not because he has destroyed hardcore fans gaming, not because he wishes to destroy exclusives, not because he wants all of his games to be on other consoles, no,no,no…. It’s because he congratulated Sony on Yet Another dominance in exclusives (which was a “DA” moment being that everyone has already claimed that the god of War game is possibly the greatest game ever made) with the rating and review of god of War going through the roof. Yes, for all the real things done wrong by this man, getting mad at him for not hating on god of war and given it the respect it deserves isn’t one of them. Every single xbox fan that did this is a poor excuse for a gamer. You wait til now to get mad at him?? Are you joking me? The one thing he did right and the one thing that is so obvious and true, you guys find a way to try and belittle. This is the kind of stuff Playstation fanboys do. Normally this isn’t a example of Xbox one owner and I’m really seeing more and more abnormal reactions from the Xbox camp. I am willing to bet that the majority of these reactions are coming from the heart of all the unknowns and frustrations with the lack of exclusives on the xbox format. When you are frustrated, things are a lot less rosy. And when that happens, things stand out more. This is why all of a sudden xbox fans are complaining about a exclusive called Spiderman, that they knew for 2 years was coming only to the Playstation, and yet still got upset 2 years later. Why xbox fans try to convince themselves that Cuphead is a AAA great game. Why xbox fans try and make themselves believe that two of the top worse preforming games in Sony library that are coming over to xbox finally, somehow makes those games good all of sudden??If they sucked on Sony’s machine they still suck on the xbox. And finally, this is also why xbox fans have convinced themselves that having a 8 year old game(red dead redemption) is somehow what they were waiting for all along after putting down $500 for a Xbox one x. So, no there are plenty of reasons to be mad with this man, but congrats to Sony isn’t one of them and the very least of your concerns.

So sick of Microsoft’s excuses and now continued crashes and failures on the Xbox one X.

Dude the Xbox one has been out for yearrrrrs. Don’t come telling me you need more time. This is the same system, with the same x86 processor and same manufacturer AMD. This statement ONLY applies if the platform is new. It’s not, so stop this exec play on words and excuses. I’m sick of it. If you believe this crap, then you have lost it. Phil already said that single player gamers weren’t their direction. Now he wants to backtrack and pretend that this was being worked on all along. Freaking make up your mind. The funniest and most laughable statement is that somehow not having anything up to the point, as far as exclusives and meaningful single player experiences, is that they are looking to do what is right for their customer. If this was true you wouldn’t have flooded the Xbox with stupid gimmick games like Sea of thieves, Cuphead, and many others. Stop acting like you have been planning and working on doing exactly what we want because you haven’t Mr. Spencer and this, in no way, shows excuses for the direction and lack of meaningful AAA exclusives. Here’s the truth, which can’t be disputed. Sony ps4 has been out just as long as the Xbox and Xbox 360 had many years on the market prior. So with that in mind, how is it that you need more time to create and give us AAA titles along with single players experiences in 2018 while Sony is delivering stronger and stronger each year!

What they don’t want to tell you is that AAA exclusives for Microsoft are done for the rest of the year. There are no games that you don’t already know about coming in 2018. And any of those aren’t worth crap. Sony on the other hand, still has plenty to go in that criteria. So E3 xbox released for 2018 hopes ain’t going to happen. And while fans like me, who are on their 2nd Xbox one x lemon full of failures and crashes, have spent money and believed in you, you lie to our faces and pretend you doing what is best for me when you are really doing what is best for your pockets. Look, I’m not saying Sony isn’t just like this, in fact their worse in terms of lies, but at least I can count on games that are truly epic instead of baby games, and their towards the things I like is the ace(single player and hardcore gaming).

god of war: what you should know.

I tried out the Nintendo Switch…

So, in my efforts to find a suitable replacement for my Xbox one x space I want ahead and did the unthinkable. I tried the Switch. I had seen people play it online and with the NBA 2k18. They claim it was very much like the PS4 version . I even saw it played directly online off screen and thought it might work. And getting a portable system that I can play nba 2k18 was a concept that I thought would be amazing. But then reality came knocking. The systems power is a really really bad. The nba 2k18 is a 30fps disaster. No sport game at 30fps should be allowed on a console or handheld. It’s far too ugly and this creates horrible playing experiences. I don’t want to here how great the gameplay is for the switch. It sucks on sports and unless great sport games are included for any console, it serves no purpose for me at all. So I can tell you that I took this game console back faster than any console I heave ever taking back. Look, I’m sure it’s great for Mario world and Donkey Kong space rangers or whatever they call their games. But for a serious gamer the switch is a joke. Don’t be fooled by the hype numbers of kids that buy this thing. I’m sure it’s great for them and Wild West draw game but you aren’t going to see Grand theft Auto anytime soon. The buttons are way too small , with backward layouts opposite of the Xbox and PS4 assignments and the screen is way too big for a portable unit. You just look stupid with this huge thing in you hands. And as far as a real tv console playtime goes, it has zero chance of keeping your attention now that the PS4 pro and Xbox one x are pushing 4k. Basically 720p and 1080p are done. So why on earth would I want to go backward especially at 30fps for sports?

Playstation, the last true Hardcore gamers console!!

On my last article I mentioned the above statement. I had no idea how deep the statement was until a day later or so. If Playstation stops the direction of its company toward Great single player experiences and hardcore games, this will be the death of truly hardcore fans of video games. We all know Nintendo’s stance on baby games, we’ve know it for years. But now with Microsoft basically abandoning all efforts to maintain its hardcore fans, like me, they really have made Sony the default choice for all gaming. So I think for the first time I can honestly say supporting Sony is at the highest level. Because if and when they ever take the road of Nintendo or Microsoft, gaming will suffer greatly. So fanboys of Sony, I need you guys off your butts and off the forums and start supporting as many games Sony releases you can. This is the area they suffer in. With a base 80 million supporting, we hardly ever pay off in sales numbers. There should be at least 5-10% of those people buying exclusives and third party games. So support more and keep this mindset in the place where it should be. We don’t need a Phil Spencer move for Playstation ever.

The Citizen World Time A-T on leather looks sexy!

Took a second to get use to the leather but I think it looks pretty nice. This watch really is the type of watch that is perfect. Why? For me, the job of the watch is to be Perfect in its time measurement. Unlike other types of watch, the Atomic time measurement is beyond flaws. It’s perfect and you will not find a better, more accurate measurement of time for watches. Having this type of movement already gives an unpassable advantage. Then what you have that most atomic watches don’t have is analog engines. Why?

Because Atomic time needs an engine to move the hands and adjust them this provides a level of complication that makes the making of that watch difficult. This watch has it and threw in a alarm to boot. Lastly, the amazing, award winning Eco-Drive is built inside to back the power needs of such a masterpiece. The job of all watches is to tell the right time and my watch is accurate down to the very second. Secondly, it needs to look good and it does. It took a second to get use to the band change that I put on the watch but now that this is over I am really impressed all over again even after 3 years with this watch.

Now having Exclusivity should be considered wrong. Why, cause Microsoft says so???

How did I wake up one morning and see the company I respected the most in console gaming become this pathetic platform that seeks to basically destroy everything that it has meant to hardcore gamers? I mean everything that could possible go wrong, has gone wrong for me with Microsoft. And now today I’m starting to see articles pop up as if some great news just surfaced that nobody knew. “Spiderman is going to be exclusive!!!” Wow, no freaking frog nuts! I mean, come on!!! NOBODY, that has a brain should be shocked about this. Mainly because it was announced well over a year ago that it would be. Now all of sudden people are mad and or questioning the exclusive directions in games. This is bull crap!!! Get over it!!! My biggest issue is that all this is really a ploy pushed by Microsoft to get people on board with their direction. They want to be stupid enough to give all their exclusives for free and or to other console platforms, then go right along Microsoft with your suicide direction. I am actively seeking to sell my Xbox One X right now because I’m sick of this. Microsoft can’t beat Sony at exclusives so they are trying to make exclusives a bad word. Typical government and activist strategies. Make what you do the norm and make what others do or believe wrong. They can’t beat Sony even if they never end up giving all their exclusives away. Microsoft just has become a Virus and they are trying infect as many people as they possibly can. Think about it! They want to be plugged into every console or platform.. That’s what a Virus does. Spreads to other areas to increase chance of survival. I never thought I would see the day that a Xbox fan like myself would wake up and see such stupidity for Microsoft. Insomniac’s Spiderman is never coming to Xbox because they don’t it infected. Sony is the last true hardcore console platform on the planet now and I hope they stand united in the efforts that has put 80 millions fans behind them. I am so mad right now probably because I’m more hurt than mad. I trusted Phil and now Phil Spencer has turned into a very ignorant and dangerous man. He is leading Microsoft down a very suicidal outcome. What’s worse is that he doesn’t even see it. He truly believes that he is doing the right thing and I bet anything people in the company that might not be an executive, have very huge concerns and doesn’t support his direction but their voices aren’t being respected.

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