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Microsoft delivers on 4k YouTube promise better than all other consoles. 

Congrats Microsoft! Xbox one X owner especially should have some very great looking 4k youtube videos to add to the many things that the X does that no other console does better on the market. Youtube and the Codex of the Xbox one X not only delivers the 4k stream Xbox fans were waiting on but like they did their 4k bluray update, they delivered better than any other console or item on the market. The update brought 4k steaming to YouTube but when this hit the Codex of the X the picture quality got even more of a jump with clarity and color popped not duplicated on any other device on the market. I have the Ps4 Pro and I can tell you without a doubt that this picture quality beats it.  It didn’t take but 5 seconds to see the difference in picture quality. My guess is that it has a lot to do with its ability push picture quality harder thanks to its hardware design. Now, I’m sure there will be those who will not want to accept this and will still choose the ps4 pro youtube conversion because it’s Sony. So I want waste time trying to convince those but for me the clear difference is very much seen and if you own a Xbox one console, this update is up and ready now if you want to download it. I’ve said this before but yet again I feel the need to do it again. Microsoft, without a doubt is the best example of customer experience. They deliver to their fan base consistently. They put our thoughts and needs ahead of what’s easy for business.  They do the tough things and the innovative things that might not be smart for investors as much as they are smart in the eye of the fans in most cases. I love this about them right now. Hopefully, they won’t change but we all know it’s possible. But until then, they have a fan. 


A20 Astros now with Digitalcrack 

We just back from my second home Best Buy. As you can see we have yet another Headphone set for you guys. Now right away I already know that you are going to scratch your head because I just finished my reviews of the Turtlebeach 600 and 700. These headphones were my intro into the world of gaming with headsets. They were definitely an eye opening experience along with my Xbox one X Atmos decoding for sound, they created a better experience than a home theater in my opinion. Well, I have to report that while things looked good early on, both units developed their problems. The 600 while having a great sound and feel to them created a high piece squil that I have not experienced in any other item to date. The sound was not the sound or the speaker but the plastic material and hinges. It was absolutely nightmarish. It made them sound like they were rusted out for 10 years and werent going to survive much longer before they split apart. And I have no idea why either. One day I woke and it the sound was there. I tried oiling and it didn’t work. So they had to be returned to Amazon. Then out of the blue the 700 started playing slow music. Basically the sound started dragging and dragging like someone was holding the slow motion button on my music(yes I have updated the unit and my Xbox one X). I mean these headphone, when they work, were like magic. Being able to take a phone call in the middle of playing my games and listening to Spotify music still going on with either being disturbed was outright next generation. But the sound thing just wouldn’t go away. So I returned them today and got these. 

Right away,  I can tell you I don’t have that Bluetooth advantage anymore. No more taking calls while playing games. This sucks, I know. But right now, so far,  no slow downs or skips. I will have to test these headsets out for a couple of days because I have been fooled before. But I can tell you I like the build quality and the sound is more powerful and louder than the Turtlebeach units. Most importantly it has the same Atmos compatibility, which is everything. I wouldn’t have done the exchange if it was not for this. It doesn’t have the wireless without a need for a base station like the Turtlebeache units though. These unit have a little small base station that hooks up to your xbox. You can hide it if you want, it doesn’t have to be in sight for the headset to work or anything like that. But it does have to have it hooked up to the Xbox one for the sound to work wireless to the headset. Would it have been better if it hooked up like the Turtlebeach did through the wireless connection like what your controller uses? Yes. But is this the reason why the Turtlebeach connection slows down? I’m willing to beat that the way the turtlebeach operates leads to the issues it has. Maybe they just weren’t ready and rushed these. Maybe the next headset will be better. But for right now as long as there is another option on the market with Atmos sound compatibility without the need for being wired then having sound issues isn’t something I am going to be stuck with for $149.99. More soon on this product. 


I wonder what fans will say about Playstation 5 difference? 

So far the generation we have a huge amount of fans that have not made the transition to the 4k Era. In fact more people buy standard models because they have standard HD TVs. The bigger the 4k industry grows the more this will change but as of right now 1080p TV still rule the living room for most gamers. So the Pro and Xbox one X arguments have been the need to buy. And even when you do have a 4k TV the ps4 pro fans say there is very little difference between the Xbox one X and the Pro even though most comparisons do so on the majority of the games that the Xbox one X has a clear advantage over the Pro. So my question, which I already know the answer to, is what are thr Playstation fans going to say about the difference the ps5 makes over the Xbox one X? I promise you, on cheese and crackers, that playstation will build this system just like Microsoft has build the X on. And most importantly and pathetically, is that fans will act like the difference matters this time around when they claim the difference didn’t matter before with X. Here is the truth to the matter. If there is difference that doesn’t matter it will be with the Ps5 over the Xbox one X. Xbox one X has the advantage of being the worlds first true 4k console. Tvs out there are going to be 4k. Not 5k or 8k. This means there is nothing more to gain. 4k will be 4k. Whatever difference, if they can manage any, will not make any difference over the Xbox one X power. Even if you add 3x more memory and faster cpu. TV has limits. You won’t be able to play the game past 60 FPS and you won’t be able to play the game higher than 4k. This is a huge FACT! No fanboy stuff here folks, no false hype, and no lies. Consoles will always be held back by the limits of TVs unlike computers/monitors where more power can give you faster frame rates and better graphics. So it doesn’t matter what the Ps5 power is from this point now that 4k is now truly being seen with the X. All the Ps5 will do is make it so that they finally can do true 4k and 60fps. But unlike Microsoft, they will make it so that their games released force gamers to buy another console to play. But this will be fine and celebrated, as with all things Sony does. Nobody will see the injustice of that and will only praise Sony. But I guarantee if the X was that type of system, the main knock on it would be that people don’t like being forced to buy another system just to play titles and that the developers hate having to divide work yet again. But none of this will be mentioned or should I say, won’t matter with Playstation. So in 2019 when the ps5 is release just remember this. I promise you,  everything they do will be overly praise unfairly and faults ignored. 

Update on my Xbox One X exchange vs Scorpio edition

It’s been a week now with the exchanged Xbox one x. For those of you who have the Scorpio edition of the Xbox one X, if you are experiencing any issues whatsoever with crashing, power cycling, OS clitches, or over heating tempts on the cases. IT ISN’T NORMAL. If you have already done the troubleshooting and it is still not acting perfect and stable, then exchange your system. It will not get better guys and no it isn’t a issue with all Xbox one X’s. This is what I thought. So now that I have an exchanged Xbox one X I see now how stable the system is suppose to perform and how warm (not hot) its suppose to feel on the top. I haven’t had even one crash and zero power cycle needs or problems with the OS. With the first one, day one had slowed up with the OS, days later power issuess and crashes. 

Yes,  I lost the word Scorpio from my system and the Grey look when I exchanged it but I actually like the all black look better. I’m glad I didn’t continue to wait it out. The system was really developing more and more errors every 2-3 days I use it. I just thought it would get better with software updates but it didn’t after the first update came out and I was tired of hearing how others peoples standard systems worked perfectly. So again, I’m sure not all Scorpio systems had problems like the one that had but it does seem that the majority of the failures are Scorpio related systems that just might have been rushed a bit. Now my system is perfect. No hint of a failure exist and even though I had to go through exchanging it for a standard I don’t regret it. 

Microsoft accomplished what it needed in the Game Awards. 

Well the battle for the best took place and Forza 7 came out of the awards as the top dog, winning Best Sport Game award on the planet today. Beating out GT,  Project CARS, fifa and even NBA 18 was no small feat but beating them is what Microsoft’s s Forza 7 did. Hopefully this puts a smile back on all the hard workers over at Turn10 after Phil declared Project Gothem Racing as the “best street racing game ever” out of the blue.

But Microsoft wasn’t done. The Game that makes every Playstation fan have nightmares.. PUBG. It took home the best multi-player game on the planet today. Really, was there any doubt. This game is one of the best start up games in history. Microsoft landing this for a console exclusive is huge. And trust me, when it’s released, it will sell consoles.

And coming in for those who like such games, Cuphead. This game got a lot of nominations for different categories. But it won the best indie game on the planet. Even though I don’t like games like this I will admit this has shocked me with as much push and nominations gamers gave this game. Bottom line,  Microsoft got its just due at the awards and I’m glad to see it. I personally was worried this might turn into a Playstation and Nintendo event more than Microsoft. But they held their own and I am very proud to see it. 

I guess I’m getting to old to understand certain games appeal. 

God of War, Halo, Tekken, Mortal Kobat, Madden, Fifa, Forza, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Quantum Break, and even Uncharted Series. These are real games in my opinion. These are what you call AAA Epic beast. This is what I grew up to know as great games. Nowadays I don’t recognize gaming anymore. Now games like “Cuphead” and stupid looking ugly graphics VR games are being looked too by more gamer than I ever thought would give two thoughts about them.i honestly don’t understand some of the gaming cheers for games like this. I grew up on real solid life changing games like Metal Gear or even Tecmo bowl. And now that we have great graphics, things like Forza and Tomb Raider have spoiled me through Xbox one X. Why on earth would I waste any time on cartoon children games like Zelda or Sea of thieves and Cuphead? While I understand there is a need and place for these games I don’t get the overall push for them being this high. I just hope real hard core games don’t take a backseat to these things. 

Ps4 sales 70 million. 

Congrats to Sony… Again. I say again because I could have sworn they reported this same number a while ago. Nevertheless they have done their job. Everyone loved the price cut for black friday, to the tune of 5 millions in sales. This is worldwide sales of course but you have to feel good for Sony regardless. Now all Sony has to do is find a way of coverting the sales into game sales. As still today the total amount of console sales still fail to match even 2% ever and rarely gets close to 1%. As of today more and more attention is place on sales of games and percent of people that actually use the services and or online. Gone are the days that developers and stock holders are wowed about hardware sales. Nintendo is King of this with the departed Wii system that dominated in hardware sales but yet game sale never matched the hardware sales. (The handheld switch looks to be good for them but again it’s not really a console, just a plugged up handheld) .  So selling hardware is not the problem for Sony. But finding out why a exclusive monsters like a Grand Turismo can’t manage even 1 million in sales on a 70 million reported fan base is a challenge. Forget about a 7 million buy in that would equate to 1% of the fans. Basically, to put it plan, not even 1% of the ps4 owner that scream about exclusive buy them. And then we have the Pro. With Sony sales.. They point to the ps4 standard edition not the Pro. This confirms more people, yet again don’t have or care about 4k. Whichever it is it’s still a state you don’t want to see as a pro supporters. At least with Xbox, the X represents the better system clearly in all areas. With The Pro, it still struggles with convincing others its truly better than the PS4 standard edition. And I’m willing to bet that those who do start to look at the 4k industry and equipment won’t settle with the Pro if they already have a ps4 standard edition. This plays against Sony’s focus on the Pro. The good news is it proves they don’t need another system right now. The intro of the Xbox one X has not stopped the playstation from getting sales. And as I reported their lead isn’t going anywhere no matter how powerful the X is. Bottom line, with Microsoft stock success with their X 4k system mixed with its ability to invest 100 billion in gaming and Sony success in selling 5 million standard ps4, hitting 70 million, this proves the market is big enough for all to succeed.  

Microsoft starts yet another game sale! 

One of the best things about Microsoft and Xbox is their store sales. Everything from the membership for gold to great games go on sale there. They don’t just host the sales for $10 off, like some other companies out there. No they host real sales like 50% off sales regularly as well as Good free games. NHL was a game I was waiting on the xbox enhancements for but when I saw that it went on sale today for only $30 I jumped on it. Heck, I might just buy yet another game during this sale too for the amount of money I’m saving on this one. And playing these games on the X with my Elite controller and my turtle beach 700’s, makes them even better. Its almost scary and funny at the same time that people are so clueless about how good the X is in everything that it does as well and the amount of games that you can play on this system that flat out look better in every way. Even the ones without the enhancements from the developer look way better on the X. I am just in sure disbelief on how good everything is. It’s really hard for me to even think about going back to weaker resolutions and inferior interfaces from any other system, even next year when the PS4 Pro gets Detroit I wonder if I will buy. But I will make sure I don’t forget that the Pro is in my closet, just in case.

UPDATE : NHL just got its 4k resolution xbox one X update today 12/7/17!  A-FREAKING-AMAZING!! 

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