Konami pulls a Playstation graphic switch on players it seems. 

Well taking a page out of Playstation’s book, Konami plays video for graphics demo video using pc. The above picture isn’t what you will see using the Xbox one or ps4 version. The crisp clarity is more blurry than clear. Unlike the video they released that show intense realism and detail the demo show something completely different. Basically for me that Pes 2016 looked better overall than pes 2017.  The faces might not be as perfect as 2017 but the overall graphics in backgrounds and details shown on field is just better on pes 2016. Bottom line fifa will be the Game yet again. And just a note, Manchester United fans can kiss their team goodbye in pes 2017. They are no longer there, which makes no sense. Konami needs to get the licenses needed to make a great football game. They are getting better and better with gameplay and all but so is fifa. So when I look and compare, the graphics and real teams just still get the nod for me. 

Ps4 slim: it’s ugly and Sony lied about it, again. 

Well, the Internet is all in a rage because Sony went around deleting people youtube videos that showed this unit. Why, because for starters they are embarrassed by the fact that they have a slim model after they lied to everybody saying their ps4 was slim enough for them. Secondly, it looks like a ugly smushed cheese burger. Now on the surface this might be all but I see deeper into this. For Sony to have taken these videos down means that they are legit. And being legit it means that this system most likely is the next system to be released and announced at their next event. Even deeper, it means that unless this is the Neo, which it doesn’t seem likely, then the Neo won’t be out this year. Even more sad, is the fact that if they don’t announce the Neo, the Slim model will be a useless failure and disappointment because nobody really wanted or needed a slim model especailly one that isn’t 4k ready. This is only put there because of Microsoft’s new slim beast. If they do announce the Neo with this system it will mirror exactly how Microsoft conference went which again shows fear and lack of creativity. All and all Sony isn’t going to have a very good end to the year, at least in the states if this is how they plan to move forward. 

Ps4 raises prices on online membership. 

Well it’s been announced that Playstation will be raising it’s membership for online gaming $10 more. This puts the previous price of $49.99 on par with Microsoft’s gold subscription at $59.99. At first glance you would think that this is no big deal but then when you do so digging it is for Playstation owners. First off, as the system ages the natural step is to make things cheaper. This is the common step most all other companies take. But not Sony. Then when you look online the Microsoft gold membership is actually sold for cheaper and Microsoft always seems to run cut prices on it through the year. Even now you get a 12 mouth subscription for $36.99. But not Sony. Then we get to realibality. You normally pay for what you get. Microsoft hands downs has the biggest and best gaming servers on the planet. This allows them to be faster and more reliable for games and gamers. Again, not Sony. For some reason Sony has had this history of doing things like this once they feel they have nothing to fear. Their actions show that they don’t care about their fans in more than just this account. They think that because they have the numbers people will just accept whatever they do. And for the most part they do, I just wonder when enough will be enough for their fans.

*”Gangsta”by Kehlani only shines light on how hypocritical women can be.

I’m sorry femisist of the world but somebody needs to say something. It’s truly pathetic how a song like this can even exist and be praised on the billboards charts and yet not one word from all you women lib’s! Let’s review this, shall we? This woman opens up this song letting it known that she is built for abuse, black and blue, and ready to be reward such abuse with sex! Omg,  can you tell me how in the world this song was rewarded with a theme song for a Big budget, highly commercialized movie like Suicide squad and yet not one feminist stood up against this? Yet let a athlete even mention disrespect towards a woman and they want his job taken away. They write letters to owners of teams, products, and many others to get them removed and or they boycott. Let a billboard of Xmen show a mutant woman getting grabbed by throat by a mutant man and they only see volience towards women not a billboard for mutant vs another mutant. They dont rest until they make it known. But yet here we have a beautiful woman singing for and asking for, not the nice man that will respect her as an equal but a Gangsta that will abuse her black and blue, and the reward for this is her and sex of course and you hear crickets from women. I don’t want to hear how you haven’t heard of this song or the movie because if it was anything else, especially when it happens from a man’s point of interest, woman are all over it and they seek and find it if you are being honest about it. Here, nothing. Why? I think its because it’s a woman singing the song. But to me this is more dangerous than a man. This is a women’s song that will be song by many other women and if you know about music then you know it defines our morals just like TV does unfortunately. If you are raised one way and the song says go another, a lot do it. So we have other girls and women singing and approving of the speech and we have men looking at this video, loving what they see too and listening to what it takes to get such a woman. What you end up with is more abuse and justification for said abuse in the eyes of both women and men. Women seeking men that will do such to them thinking this is how things should go and men giving women this very thing because they think this is what they want or at the very least” it was what that girl said on the video she wanted”. On the one time you feminist could have stood up for what’s right you choose to stay silent and that makes you hypocrite.

As for Kehlani: I think she killed the beat and loved the way she song but for the life of me can’t understand what good would come from such a mentality!

Xbox one s gets much needed update today!

Well the day is finally here. The Xbox one S since it’s launch has had some little nagging issues that prevented one front totally relaxing about their new console. You really didn’t know if the Xbox one was defective or your monitor or TV was bad. Things with compatible TV and monitors plagued the launch and slower menus and other stability issues playing games all were in the list of things some people faced. While it wasn’t wide spread, I myself have dealt with different issues but nothing that stopped me from enjoying my games fully. Now that this update out I’m going to hope that even those issues are gone now. Right now things seem fine but again I never had consistent issues. They just sprang up in spots here and there. So I really won’t know the effectiveness of this update fully for the next couple of days. I will say the system seems faster than before though. For the rest of you out there hopefully this updates takes care of any issues you have so we all can get back to business and usual.

Shocking surprise??Madden 17 starts the common trend of better graphics for sports titles on xbox one!

To most people that have both consoles or at least those who can honest with themselves, sport titles rule on xbox one. Everything from 2k basketball, Madden, fFfa, and even third party driving games, all feel and look better xbox one consoles for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the controller or maybe it’s just the way the color codex of Microsoft look in these games. Personally, I think it’s both. This year already the comparisons are hitting the net about the difference of the Madden 17 between the ps4 and xbox one. Fans of the Xbox one don’t see what the issue is because this has been the case for years and it hasn’t changed this year. For ps4 fans maybe it’s a shocking because yet again the perceived difference between the console don’t show its weight in proof. Year after year Playstation fans keep waiting on the magically year that thrid party games shows a real advantage over the Xbox one. But year after year it doesn’t and if you are a fan of sports it’s really disheartening to see the ps4 fall short of the graphics comparisons (at best tie if you push it in some cases but never exceeds )every year with sports games. My opinion is that these system have always been similar in power and the only magic happens with the developers willingness to use the tools given by console more than the hardware itself.