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Ps5 being pushed because of Xbox one X. 

Don’t tell me that competition isn’t great for businesss. Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox one X has caused Sony to rethink their strategy on the release of the Ps5. Now instead of Sony waiting until the market shows them that the ps4 pro is no longer able to carry PlayStation, reliable sources claim that song will push for the ps5 in 2019. Now sources say at the end of 2019 which would basically be 2 years from now but still could be real. Also according to sources, the machine will contain 10 teraflops and possibly 16gb of memory. But this is just spec naming. Sony would need to figure out how to power such a device like Microsoft did with their patented HoVA system with vapor cooling and whisper quiet operation. Anybody can put power in a box but to manage all the supporting things around it is a different thing all together. Another complicated thing they are doing is abandoning ps4/pro owners. That’s right people Sony’s new system will be a stand alone, which means you will not get to play up coming games they release without a PS5 in two years to come! But then again, this is Sony, people will allow things like this as if Sony is doing them a favor. If the Xbox one x can make sure their fans aren’t abandoned why can’t sony? Not sure how I feel about my newly bought ps4 pro being obselete in 2 years. Rumors though say the old games will have a backward compatibility place for the new system. But we all know Sony version of backward compatibility is a joke. So not sure I can place a lot of faith in that working well.  But what I can put faith in is the lastest info leaked. Believe it or not, Sony already has studios working on the ps5 exclusive games and has created yet another studios for exclusive titles to add to the already impressive line of studios. Great news for Sony and their fans, more nightmares for Microsoft. If Microsoft doesn’t fix this they will never compete with Sony for consoles. Even now, as a Xbox fan, I still doubt the use of the Xbox one X still because I own a ps4 pro. When I just had the Xbox one S I could totally get the upgrade. But this ps4 pro and it’s games total have my wondering about the need of the X. 


Grand Turismo launches without a glitch(so far). 

Well the fears have died down. Grand turismo is here and I didn’t get any errors or issues. Once downloaded it worked like a charm. All my saves from the demo just came over with the start up option menu, asking if you wanted to port over. I am so relieved that it just worked. I didn’t have to find the file or doing anything off the wall to make it seen. I also didn’t have any trouble with connecting online and one addition they added (to my relief) was that if offline we can still play arcade mode at least, something it didn’t slow during beta. Something else I noticed twice was the speed of PlayStation’s downloads seem to be faster than normal. This always use to kill me on release days. And speaking of downloads, be prepared for a massive 65gb+ game when you download it and the updates. So I hope you have a decent speed setup for your house because without it you won’t be finished anytime soon. PlayStation really stepped up on this game and it’s preparation for this game. I was really expecting a ton of offline issues and download problems and got none. But, I really think this is more to do with the pending Beast on the way in weeks, the Xbox one x, than anything else. Competition makes everyone step up, so we all benefit. I will say this again, Microsoft better have something that can truly show they are better because Grand Turismo Sport may have just become my Scorpio killer. 


It’s almost upon us! The PlayStation game that shaped the company, Grand Turismo is heading out tomorrow. After spending time with the title for the demo, I can tell this game will take the majority of all my gaming time. I will play this game more than any game I currently have until the Xbox one X comes out, maybe even then. The level of beautiful displays, colorful scenes and replays knows no bounds. Can’t wait to race, take pictures, watch replays, and score some gold. The only thing I would say be careful on is the expectations of a day one smooth server test. This game was designed to require online access and will not even allow you to play one race without servers being up. This is a bomber because this is something PlayStation has never been good at managing. And on day one of this game, I pretty much guarantee that we will be spending a lot of time with servers down throughout the day. So just be warned! Other than that, once that’s taking care of, the races online or offline should be pretty fun and fulfilling. PlayStation knows that they have a system seller on their hands heading into Christmas. The cards are very strong for a successful run and thorn in the side of Microsoft if they fail short with Xbox one X. Bottom line PlayStation has everything in place to bring the fight to Microsoft and Microsoft better be prepared. 

Black Panther official trailer 

Should Ps4 Pro owner buy a Xbox One X?

As a PlayStation 4 Pro owner, you currently have the most powerful console on the market. On top of this, you currently have the biggest and best game lineup in the console market. If that’s not enough, the PlayStation brand contains more than 60 million supporters and is 30 million+ more than it’s nearest competitor. Now, fast forwarding to 2018, you have nothing but the best games coming next year as well, with game exclusives  like God of War, Detroit, MLB, and Spider-Man on deck. So then why on earth would a PlayStation Pro owner consider a Xbox one X? The response most give is the third party games. They need to have the very best version of the thrid party games.  But to that I wonder the weight of the decision. Will there be enough differences? Yes, I’m sure there will be some but it’s not like every one of these games won’t have a ps4 pro enhancement sticker on the box for the ps4 pro owners. Which means the biggest, possible difference you will get is the same difference that you see in Tomb Raider 4k mode vs the enriched visual mode for all third party games at the least. At worse the image below. 

Yes you can see the map detials better behind her. But personally, I still like the pro versions richer darker color saturation over the washed out levels on the Xbox one X. Some say this is a result of the video and not what you will see in person and I’m hoping so because if this is it, I don’t think the power of the Xbox one X defeats the overall advantages on the PlayStation pro and is definitely not worth paying an extra $500 just so I can see the map on the wall a little bit clearer when games like Spider-Man and Detroit are waiting in the stores. And to make things worse, this game was the biggest difference discovered between the Xbox one x and Pro among all other games. So if this is the most extreme difference that you can get, I’ll say it again, Xbox one x won’t be worth it if it can’t do more than this. So to answer the question..No. A PlayStation pro owner should not buy the Xbox one X. This in part could be what Phil talked about in the beginning introductions of the Scorpio. Who I see the Xbox one X being for is Only Xbox owners who want a higher version of their games displayed on their tv. 

Digital foundry says Forza 7 still trumps Grand Tursimo. 

Well it’s been a real interesting back and forth these last couple of days. Grand turismo has started up some really good conversation on the true seen advantages of the Xbox one X over the ps4 pro. The graphics and overall quality of what some consider the “be-all -to-all” of racers is undeniable. Match the Ps4 Pro with a great Tv and calibration and you have absolute gold! But this  probably will be the case with the XOX to be fair. The real issue is that the Xbox one X is suppose to be the superior system but just how much does that power count in real life gaming? With games like Madden, NBA 2k, and Fifa whose graphics already are running on Native 4k, just how much difference can exist? Even between exclusives, can the Xbox one X truly show it’s better in graphics?

For Xbox one x fans the reality is that they will be getting a system that will be better than the pro and agony other console ever. As a Xbox lover who owns only an xbox there really isn’t a dilemma because they are getting a console that can’t be beat by PlayStation anymore in terms of graphics. This is just facts. Even among PlayStation owners that have some common sense, they know that the Pro will not beat the graphics of the Xbox one x. They either focus on the exclusives games advantages or doubt any true difference will count in person. And this is where I have been in my thoughts. But according to digital foundry, no matter how beautiful Grand Turismo looks it still fails to beat Forza 7’s graphics in pure details, textures and quality!

This is something the Xbox camp is happy to be out there after such hype started to build around Grand Turismo. For me I still can’t believe anything could do this. The graphics I see in Grand Turismo are above and beyond and to tell me that even this game is second best to something greater, really has me to a point that I can’t even imagine it. But it could just be an experience thing where you don’t know things can better until they are and then you can’t go back. This is kinda what I secretly have hope for even though the logically side of me still doesn’t believe I will see much difference. And even that difference could be made up for by adjusting my TV settings. So as you can see this probably won’t be settled until the console is in my hands because you can never truly count on someone else’s eyes and YouTube videos. 

Grand Turismo Sport vs Forza 7 was just settled! Check/Mate!

Are you freaking kidding me??? The best driver in the world, Lewis Hamilton just gave PlayStation’s Grand Turismo his approval. Omg, you can’t even begin to understand the weight of this meeting. You see how realistic the game is as Lewis Hamilton gives his understanding in racing and how he was able to do endless amounts of adjustment to bring him so close to the real thing. Grand turismo is known for such things but to see this happening yet again means we have yet more reasons to know for sure that this is the best driving game. This is a huge kick in the gut of the Xbox one X and Forza 7. You may have 4k native with 60fps but Grand turismo has 4k checker boarding with 60fps and Lewis Hamilton backing it! There is a point that this proves to be check/mate and I think PlayStation just accomplished it. I’m still blower that Grand Turismo just landed the approval of the best driver in the world!!

Demo for Grand turismo Sport is out and it’s breathtaking!!

The PlayStation 4 pro continues its stance against the Xbox one X and it’s not even out yet. With games like Grand trusimo, Uncharted , Spiderman and many others, PlayStation stands proudly against all opposition. The level of details in these games shows me that not only can it stand proudly against The Xbox one X, it need only shows others its game exclusives and have a good chance of convincing them there is no need for Xbox one X. I’ve said it before and I will say it again; I really hate the company but love their games. I really think they should respond and act better towards their gamers. As gorgeous as this game is, some long time fans hate the way they did the campaign. 

Me personally, I’m fine with things as long as I have a way to race the CPU when I choose. But others ripped Sony for this. And what was their response to this criticism? Nothing! Absolutely a slap in the face! Why?  Why would a company that truly cared about what their fans wanted not respond or correct this? Could it be because they no long fear fans reactions? Maybe the think with 60 million fans they will accept whatever I do. Strangely enough Forza faced some push back too. Their long time fans didn’t like the loot box advancement set up in the game. So what did Microsoft do? They absolutely acted.  

 They acknowledged that their fans were upset and went back to work to correct the system to put it back like the long time fans wanted. Did PlayStation even attempt to make their fan base happy? No they didn’t . This is the difference between Sony and Microsoft and it is the reason that I really hate what they stand for, all the while loving their games. Why is it so hard for Sony just to step up and do what’s right for their fans? But I  guess if they acted more like Microsoft there really wouldn’t be a point to buying any other gaming consoles but theirs. We need competition and if they actually took care of their fans people like me wouldn’t need to buy two systems anymore. I will say this though, after seeing Grand Turismo Sport on my Pro and my Samsung, it leaves me with serious doubt about the purpose of 6 teraflops and 40% more power if my Pro can accomplish this. I just don’t know if Forza will be better than Grand trusimo Sport, for the things I like. You see I love the montage and different scenery that plays out. I love the lighting and different challenges. I just love the overall attention to detail and things that brings my TV to life while it’s either being played by me or just playing on its own. I absolutely love watching and playing both equally. And grand turismo Sport does this perfectly. It’s so realistic looking! It’s the best looking racer I have seen to date. Maybe that might change with Forza 7 But right now I don’t see how. If I still get the system and Forza 7 I will definitely make you guys aware. But right now all I want to do is give Sony my money for this amazing game. I would pay $80-$100 if this game was that price only. This is easily a system seller and has truly created the biggest reason for the Pro in my opinion. More than any other game released today, this defines greatness and 4k”s power when done right. They even game the game it’s own achievement animations that are ,dare I say, better than Xbox’s achievement animations.  But I will say I see a big concern over the launch of this game.  Because of the high level of craze about this game I see many Sony issues popping up. Say It with me, Servers. This is a game that requires internet to play. Without it you can’t one single race, CPU or human. This also means plus membership required. People won’t like that but Final review later. 

Grand Turismo awaits us in 7 days!!

Arguably the greatest racer ever made, Grand Turismo is set to be released in days. 7 days to go before PlayStation gives back to the owners one of the most compelling reasons to own and have a Ps4 or ps4 pro. It is really the only true reason I came back to PlayStation. While I’m not really confident that it will be better than Forza 7, I am still very excited to play a great racer on the PlayStation, especially after the headache of project cars 2. Part of me still wants to give that game a chance with the right settings but the majority of me just wants to wait on GT sport and be done with it. Yes, I’ve already heard of the conplaint some have against this game. But for me I’m fine as long as I have a arcade mode against the CPU. I personally don’t want to race against humans because we don’t know how to drive right or fair in real life, much less on a video game. 

What you can count on is a amazing presentation I believe. So of the best racing graphic ever seen on PlayStation, and really high sales. It’s a system seller for sure and anybody that doubts that is just plan biased. But…And there is always a butt. This, in no way, makes this game better than Forza 7 overall. Maybe it will be the second best racer but that’s it. But as a stand out, I will say GT series has something nobody has master that always stands out for me. Their replays! This is why their presentation is so strong. To date I haven’t seen a better replay on any game. I personally love watching my races as much I did racing in them. It’s something I wish games like Forza horizon would implement because their replays suck. Lucky for me that Forza 7 put more effort into them. It should be a great to see both if the consoles and games go toe to toe in my Game room. 

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