Elder scrolls seems to be a great title but I don’t see paying a monthly fee to play it. The announcement to remove the required membership for online play for their game isn’t a benefit unless those that already do pay don’t have to pay for the studios fee to play the game($14). Plus $14 bucks a month is quite a lot of money if you ask me for consoles players. I personally hope this blows up in their face. Sony doesn’t need to remove the required online multiplayer they need to make elder scrolls remove their fee. The hand full of people that don’t pay for online multiplayer access don’t compare to those that already do. So for you to say I don’t have to pay sony to play your game yet your requiring more than sony to play your “one” game online when I already pay sony to play any game on line for cheaper, then you are screwing the consumer. I hope Microsoft doesn’t let this happen and makes them remove their fee. I would rather pay the console fees I already have paid for than get a so call bonus of not having to pay for my plus scripture to play one freaking game but yet pay more to do so. I can see this turning out bad for the gamers and games. I can see all these game makers doing this. All this is going to lead to is gamers having two online payment due, one for the game and one for the console. Gamers better wake up fast and put down this game and their concept before all of us get screwed with secondary fees.