“We’re building the game that we as fans want to play. – Design Director, Star Wars Battlefront”

I think we have forgotten about this game. I don’t here much on these days. After e3 this game has gone dark for data or hype. I think it’s because most don’t believe it exist. It’s like a unicorn of video games. We want to believe it’s there but there isn’t enough proof out there to make us believe that finally the Star Wars game we have been waiting on is finally coming.


Now the forgotten realm that this game exist in can only be explained by their inability to stay active. Gamers have been faced with a on and off again relationship with this game to the point that nobody believe it will ever come out. So really, we can’t blame anyone for that. The makers need to stay consistent and active in updates so that the gamer believe that it’s real and coming soon. So far the dates say winter of 2015. We will have to wait to see if this truly makes it then. Personally I have doubts about any game launching in December . They always seem to be pushed back. Maybe this will be different, I don’t know. But gamers need to keep hope alive and remain excited. “Hope/faith is always more powerful than disbelief.”