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Icarus_dgt 8 October, 2014 @ 2:40 pm   13
1. Sony promises that people who pre-order the PS4 and have a PS+ subscription will get the game for free.
2. The game is delayed.
3. Sony announces that the ps+ version will be slightly shorter than the original
4. It is revealed that the ps+ version will get only 1/5 of the game, thus being a demo.
5. The game causes the October ps+ offers to be pushed back a week (for what reason, we still don’t know. and boy, that sure worked well)
6. From what i read from ps+ users in japan who were able to try the game before they deleted it from the psn, it really is a small demo. Out of 10 events you have access to 3. In order unlock the other 7, you need 14 stars. On completion, the 3 events offer only 12 stars. (still hope that they will fix this).
7. The demo is delayed again because Sony feels that people who payed for it deserve to play it first.

This comes to my following conclusion: most PS+ subscribers (including myself) have mental issues. We get lied to and treated like garbage (certainly not as human beings), and we still play money for this. We deserve it.

Now although this was found on a Driveclub page you can tell that this man has gone through things of similar matter prior to Driveclub. Yes, ps4 hardware is great and really easy to program for and all but the issues with their network and broken promises really make us gamers feel that there must be a better way. Unfortunately, the only source that is better can’t keep up with the sales of the ps4 in both hardware and software, is harder to program for and considered by most the weakest system in graphics. I would love to own only one system but I don’t think this is smart anymore thanks to all the developing stories about them and their problems. Sure you can pretty much write your check with ps4 as number one but you have a lot of issues with them, their lies, and network issues. With xbox one you are going to get great exclusives but the weakest third party games graphics. Worse of all you are going to loose the sales races which will put microsoft on the back burner when it comes to studio’s developing games and quality there of. I’m starting to feel like this was the plan all along; to make it so you buy both to push the market forward. But hey, that’s just me.