Sometimes you just get tired of excuses and blame. Sometimes it gets to the point where you have to except the reality of the situation you are in. No matter what I feel about the xbox one it’s just not a better gaming machine. Overall it does more than ps4 could hope for but unfortunately the issues truly do come down to game performance. How friendly is your hardware for games? This is what it comes down to. We as xbox one players can’t keep coming up excuses about every other game released coming in better resolutions on the ps4 over the xbox one. Ps4 is a faster and more capable gaming system and is the most powerful gaming console on the world. Xbox is the best entertainment system on the planet. Based on sales microsoft chose wrong, there is just no two ways about. More people prefer the ps4, it’s just fact. Xbox one introduced Halo tv, and released 3 new apps for the xbox in the last 4 weeks. Ps4 hasn’t released any new apps but what they have done is beat microsoft in graphics in every third party game released including EA sports titles, fifa 15, madden 15, nhl 15, and now with nba 2k15. I thought EA and sports was better on xbox one until I played the ps4 versions with the deep color option on. Now nothing looks better on the xbox one over the ps4 not even movies. I know how this sounds to most xbox one fans. I promise you I’m not the a ps4 fanboy posting hate. I am a xbox one owner eating crow. I tell you everything you assumed was present and better besides xbox’s network and apps is 2nd place when compared to ps4. This is very disheartening as a xbox one fan and forced me to push my titles to my ps4. Sports mean everything to me for gaming. Where that is better is where I play. I wouldn’t have cared if ps4 won every other title released as long as my sport titles looked better on xbox one. But now that advantage is dead and I’m left with a very empty spot in my gaming for xbox one now. What makes things worse is that more and more titles like Dragon Inquisition continue to flow in better on the ps4. I don’t see how this can change and am very worried for Xbox one and competition itself. I feel like this is a nightmare for xbox one fans like myself. Ps4 is “gaming”! What the hell happen? I guess it might be true, maybe the xbox truly is running out of time and power while ps4 steadily increases.