Gran Turismo 7 Hitting PS4 In 2015 Or 2016, Creator Says.

     It’s coming people! Rejoice , take off work, call in sick, divorce your wife for 6 months, and give you children to your parents for the summer. Grand Turismo has given everyone a chance to rule the current genration, now it’s over! Forza, Drive club, The Crew, and Project Cars, all of you have had your chance. It’s time to feel the power of ps4 and Grand Turismo! This one game can sell more consoles than any game released. This is huge news for ps4 fans. I know people that decided this generation’s system strictly on this one game. This is absolutely the worse news in the world for Microsoft. Now the exclusive’s strength for each company look quite differently than before.  Games like God of War, Eve Valkrie, Uncharted, 1886, and now Grand Turismo have got to be the leaders now in the exclusives for 2015(as long as they do make it next year). I can’t tell you how big of a news I feel this is for most of the world that plays games. There is nothing that equals to this report besides Halo5. I was even starting to wonder why no confirmation has been given to us about a release year and feared it may not be coming for at least 2-3 year longer. Now to find out it could hit next year along with ps4’s already respectable line up, it’s more than I could expected or hoped for.