Scalebound vs hellblade

Both games, new AP’s for their respective companies. Both possible in 2015 but I feel might not make it until 2016. Neither has shown off game play and has only trailers. This is what makes me believe they still have a ways to go. However both seem to be pushing the open world adventure theme mixed with a little God of war or heavily sword.


Uncharted 4 vs Quantum break

These two heavy weights will go toe to toe. Both have a single campaign story that most will find very exciting but will still have that one fault. No replay value. When you’re done, you’re done. However, this Uncharted will have a possible multiplayer mode. But don’t hold your breath for something truly Call of Duty like. But hey it isn’t suppose to be right? The sells for these two games will be huge for both companies. However I think Uncharted will most likely sell more systems than Quantum Break. Oddly enough though I feel that Quantum break will be the most refreshing and innovative game to come out in a long time as it ties a tv show into your game.


Halo 5 vs Grand Turismo 7

While these titles aren’t alike, they do represent the best selling franchises the two companies have. They are both system sellers and killers when it comes to flat out mindshare of gamers. I don’t think there are two more heavier hitters for both X1 and ps4.


No video for Grand Turismo 7

Tomb Raider vs Deep down

These two titles are very good to pit against. They both have amazing potential and will hit probably at the same time in the winter of 2015. And although tomb raider is a bigger franchise it isn’t a forever exclusive unlike Deep down. So really this is a mute point but hey a six month exclusive contract still counts as a exclusive.


Fable Legends vs The Order: 1886

Next up is the again an established franchise well known for it’s great story plot and RPG style , Fable legends and another first RPG action game, The Order 1886. Both look to push the story telling to the next level. Granted one just looks better doing it. Again I feel that both will sell in this market.


Crackdown vs Bloodborne

Once again a disparity between the type of game but none the less will serve for each consoles direction they seem to be headed in. You choice on which soots you better.


Last but not least!

God of war vs Gears of War

Both have “war” in their titles but they couldn’t be more different in types of games.However, this about the level of
influence they have for the gamers. Gears and GOW both have share great sales and high scores for their format.

No videos trailers ready for either.