Good news Microsoft and Xbox one fans. Xbox one is not in as big of a hole as most will lead you to believe against the ps4. Right now ps4 is about at 11.5 million sold worldwide and Microsoft is at 5.8 million sold worldwide. This equals to just under 6 million. But keep in mind ps4 before they even sold one unit in the U.S was down 10 million in worldwide before coming back to take the tie microsoft before the next generation started. So this isn’t something that can’t be done. Keep in mind last genration playstation was the most expensive, lowest selling software console, and the hardest to program for. Sounds familiar? It should because it’s the exact picture of the xbox one today. I swear these companies look like they just swapped positions from the old genration to this generation. You just have got to believe that microsoft just isn’t done yet and won’t be dying softly if it is to happen for this system. Also don’t forget one failed system doesn’t mean they’re done for the next. I guess owning both consoles really puts me at ease no matter where this generation takes me. There will be great games that come out for both and I can play them all! I would just prefer that both companies give me their best and the only way I can get it is by competition. Here’s to a long genration of great back and forth by Sony and Microsoft to wins the hearts of gamers worldwide.