Xbox one adds more entertainment it’s system. HBO GO is reportedly being work out for the xbox one now. This seems to be exclusive to the xbox one only for next generation systems. Ps4 has no such confirmation. This is great news for all us xbox one owners I guess. However, I never thought I would really feel this way but I have been feeling this way ever since the Halo channel walk through. For the first time I feel xbox one is truly focused on too much of the wrong things like entertainment and apps, and not about more things that makes gaming better for us. I know I sound like a ps4 fanboy but hopefully by now most know that I’m not. I’m a gamer that has both, and would prefer it if microsoft was doing better but at the same time don’t wish for anything bad to happen to Sony to get that done. Look I love the different apps and this is one of the bigger ones but I do see how people could complain about too much focus on apps and entertainment and not feeling like it’s a gaming machine as opposed to a entertainment device. But I guess they have to play to their strengths.