King of the mountain top yet again! Ps4 can celebrate yet another victory over Microsoft as NPD numbers have confirmed ps4 reigns top selling system period, U.S or otherwise for September. The news brought me a sad but joyful expression today. Sadness, why? Because as I have expressed before, over and over again I don’t wish for anyone to rule like Sony has done for gaming. Competition is so important for us to get the best out of these gaming consoles. So where is the joy? The simple fact that the Pachter, the super genius he is, always finds himself making false reports and statements and this is no different. I found it very hard to believe when he predicted that the xbox one sold 350,000 units and ps4 so 250,000 in a loosing effort. Although I was hopeful for Microsoft to make a go of it I really had no real faith in his report. The biggest thing about Pachter was how he tried to defend his statements and bashed back at ps4 fans that called his statement bull crap as most knew he was either just trying to get noticed or talking from his butt. If analyzing is his job , he clearly needs another job he is actually good at. One good thing reported was that xbox one Destiny sold initially more than the ps4 version for hard copies at least. It’s one the very few months that xbox one was a leading format for a number game. So that’s good news Microsoft! After that though it was all ps4 from that point out for software sales. Ps4 is truly the dominate console in sales of software and hardware this genration. They have all the momentum behind them and it will take a miracle for xbox one to derail them I fear.