This list doesn’t represent all games coming to both plateforms only the ones I want.

Xbox one exclusive titles that I am still interested in for 2015:

1. Quantum break

2. Gears of War

3. Scalebound

***Halo Will be epic for most everyone but me. I just don’t like Halo like others do. So that’s why is not on my list. 2nd tomb raider would be second on my list if it wasn’t for it only being temporarily exclusive.

Ps4 exclusive games I’m interested in 2015:

1. 1886 The order

2. Eve valkyrie

3. Hellblade

4. Uncharted

5. God of war

6. The next MLB the show

7. Grand Turismo

8. No man sky **If it’s more than walking around looking at animals that is**

9. Bloodborne

10. Deep down