Holmquist confirmed that it wouldn’t be a port of either the PS4 or Xbox One version. “Indeed the PC version is not a port so it gets just as much love as the consoles, and we will create a great experience on all platforms.”

In a recent interview questionnaire the developers of The Divison hint that cloud power use to increase the performance of the games may just be something they are looking into because each game is being developed independent of each other and aren’t ports. This could be huge news for all consoles especially the Xbox one. If you are like me I haven’t heard cloud powered gaming from the xbox camp for months. Frankly I thought since the DRM policy was reversed I didn’t see it possible to do anymore because a game creator would have to create different graphics for the same console and without knowing which it would almost be impossible to produce that game if they truly used the cloud to increase the graphics. Even now I have serious doubts this is what exactly he meant or of what he said truly could be what he meant when asked about cloud tech to increase graphics for the xbox one.

“This topic is on our agenda, but nothing is at a stage that we can talk about right now.”

But hey if this is something that could be done somehow this could be the saving grace for the Xbox One future. I personally, even though I like Xbox, doubt this has much legs. I have given up on a miracle cure for the disparity between the development of the xbox one vs ps4.
I have accepted that as time goes by more and more advantages will show for the ps4 over the xbox one because of numbers, ease of development, and ultimately more power or life behind the ps4’s architect. But for microsoft and Xbox One as a whole I am excited if somehow this turns out to be true. It means one important thing , competition.