“The Xbox One launched in 28 new markets worldwide, contributing to the company’s reported total quarterly revenue of $23.20 billion USD”

How in the world do you make 23 billion in a quarter? This is crazy money guys. It is the strongest point nobody can deny. Microsoft and xbox has the money to do amazing things that no other console is set to do. They aren’t going anywhere folks and even if you don’t want to accept this, the truth is the xbox one and microsoft have a more stable foundation than Sony period.  Everyone like pointing out Sony’s ps4 11-12 million sold but keep forgetting the simple fact that Sony has been leaking billions for years and can’t stop it. They haven’t made a positive earning in years. Sony is not ps4 alone and the ps4 can’t save them from the losses they have each year. The hard truth is faced when you look honestly at things and that is that Sony is truly hurting in money as a company and could easily get worse as the years turn. As good as the ps4 is the sad truth is that the ps4 could end up falling down a sinking ship reguardless of its success. Microsoft on the other hand can afford to do whatever they want reguardless of the sales figures of their console and can survive with billions in excess(not forgetting that they are actually selling very well on top of that). However my sport titles mean more than any console for me so I will always pick the best format for that but make no mistake about it, I still believe in Microsoft as a gaming and computer company to do wonders. The rest of you guys better watch out and be careful not to hate to hard on Microsoft, there are a lot of dangers and shocking actions that could happen when a company has billions to do what they want and they get a chip on their shoulders. I’m just saying make sure you don’t confuse ps4 with Sony as the company’s success nor xbox one sales as the sum total of success for Microsoft. You better understand quickly that the companies total money profit says they are a success not the consoles wars. Also, what happens to that company’s total profit decides what happens to that console survival not the other way around.  Food of thought people, the game world better wake up and see the truth, Microsoft is the a more successful company than Sony and makes way more money than they do even with the console race being in Sony favor.