So much has changed in less than a year. So many thoughts and beliefs, both from system devleopers and gamers. Phil Spencer was asked if he knew what he knew today would things have been done different. His response was that he couldn’t say that he would have done anything different outside of making sure the focus was on gaming. The question itself was directed at the making and hardware of the xbox one and DRM policy reveal. I found that answer political more than honest in my opinion. As the head of xbox one now he would not be much of a leader if he blamed or pushed of blame for the xbox one situation to the fact that he wasn’t in charge. I get that but you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t have changed the xbox one power limits. If xbox one had come out with oh say 16gb of gddr5 memory at $499 there wouldn’t be anything out there that could match it. Even if they did still pushed entertainment first like they did. If they had come out with the same games and double the memory for $100 more there would be no ps4 talks today and being that playstation put their whole company money including the lively hood of the company behind the success of ps4 they could possibly be on their way out as a company period if that had occurred. So I don’t buy that he wouldn’t have changed things. If he wouldn’t he would be a fool and I don’t think that he is one. As a gamer though I would have saved so much money never buying a xbox one if knew just how bad things were going to get with the 2nd generation (sport titles specifically for me) of games this year. Not to mention the amount of sales and friends that play only ps4. Then the amount of issues the developers games showed with 1080p vs 900p and 720p. Again I express my belief that the system can do 1080p 60fps but it’s just so hard doing it developers can’t get there with their deadlines. But regardless of reason they aren’t producing and that’s the bottom line. So with these things in place along with VR for ps4 there wouldn’t have been any chance that I would have wasted one dime on a xbox one. But now I know better so I do better right!