Posted and sold my xbox one on ebay today. It took about 13 hours to sell. Now it’s time to box shipped it. It’s a sad day for me. I had so many hopes for a competitive gaming world but I’m afraid I can’t see how this can happen anymore and can’t afford to keep buying two sets of different games. I have to focus in one direction and move forward. That direction will always be where my sports looks and play better on. This controls all game directions for me. Unlike most it has nothing to do with hype, sales or brand names. Having a ps4 having better looking graphics for sports and all the other stuff as well just made the results obvious and pointless to avoid. Then with ps4 leading in sales of software I understand the writing on the wall. Developers have picked the ps4 and the gamers have picked it. There isn’t anything left to hold on to for microsoft xbox one. Even Ea sports access is soon heading to ps4 because of their numbers. Then of course VR morpheus and Valkyrie heading to ps4( the one type of game I would have made myself) as well as game after game. I never wanted xbox one to be what it has become worldwide. I truly thought they would be selling better but I always knew they weren’t going to beat the ps4 global sales even when I got it . My shock was that I didn’t ever think they would be defeated by ps4 in sport game graphics especially with the relationship EA had with Microsoft. But that deep color option mode change everything for all things show on the ps4.  I’m not going to sugar coat things I know that ps4 is the best and most powerful gaming console in the world. I just thought xbox one was the most complete do all you can do system and the best place for sport titles. It was but not anymore. I wish microsoft all the luck in the world I really do but it’s just time to let things go. Will I ever be back? I can’t see what miracle could happen to push me back but I never will say never because I can’t speak for the future. Right now ps4 is the be all to end all things gaming and this is why I’m pushing toward it. However I also want to say I believe Phil Spencer is the greatest thing that ever happened to microsoft and if microsoft turns things around globally to actually become competitive it will only be because of this man’s hard honest work and attitude to the format. I will not become some kind of hater of xbox one now that it’s sold and being shipped off either. Unlike some ps4 fans I don’t have to hate microsoft to justify my console choice. If good things happen for microsoft down the road I will write about it I promise.