If you want to exceed in the technology world you need to understand Mindshare. It is truly what makes and what breaks a device or company’s sale of that device. Apple has it down pack. Sony has it down pack. Microsoft on the other hand, doesn’t . They haven’t figured out how to use their strengths to their advantage while bring light to their competitors limits. Sony at the beginning attacked the one thing that microsoft talked about the people hated the most. DRM. It has put them on the path to greatness. Now no matter what happens people never really blame Sony for anything and they accept what they do as the standard and above reproach. Why? Because of Mindshare. Recently Call of duty advance warfare has hit and the reports, although blow out of proportion, have found that even though ps4 has better resolution that the xbox one has better frame rate. Recently phil spencer mention this same thing, saying that frame rate is more important that resolution. Now it seems that reporters have ran with this because they are now trying to say that 1080p caused ps4 frame rate problems. Now, even though this is bull crap what is being talked about and hinted to is that maybe having a lower resolution is better than having a higher and that frame rate is the true level that decides how good a game looks. Well, even though I see through that flawed thinking, microsoft could use this. If they would just put out enough ads and commercials about this they could win back Mindshare. They could take the one thing they are having problems with and reverse to the one thing they have the advantage in. Now all those 720-900p games aren’t looked at as second rate anymore in the Mindshare. If they do it right they could even bring up the fact that the ps4 has firmware issues yet again in a commercial and yet show how reliable they are with theirs. I mean they could go after Sony a million different ways with these issues.  What this will do is help balance out the Mindshare and create competition which is all I wanted in the first place.  Ps4 fans win and xbox one fans win when the smoke is settled.