There is little doubt left in most minds that the xbox one version of call of duty advance warfare is better overall than the ps4’s version. Most ps4 fans can’t accept this. I can, because I have always known that xbox one has enough under the hood to do what is required for great looking games. Programing makes up for any spec deficiencies. How else can you explain games that look better and better throughout the life of the consoles. The hardware doesn’t change but the tools to use to program those games for that system always changes. Too many people have focused on ps4’s spec sheet advantage. My biggest concern for microsoft is that I fear if sales continue like it has for the ps4 developers won’t try as hard to do things. Look, ps4 is impressive and is the best gaming console on the planet. I get that, I have one. However this fact doesn’t mean that every single game will look better in it opposed to the xbox one. What is seen on the screen of your TV isn’t about spec numbers. It’s about bottom line results of programers which is why Ryse won best graphics award for consoles at 900p. There were a lot of other games that came in at 1080p for xbox one and ps4 but they all took back seats to Ryse.

So the developers took advantage of xbox one’s hardware and made up for any spec sheet lack when compared to the ps4. This has resulted in a better overall game play experience it seems. Now to be fair I don’t think it look like they show you on youtube and if it does its probably because whoever has the game isn’t uses full RGB setting with deep color options on for the ps4. Without these on the graphic colors will not pop and the blacks look more like grey. This was the reason I played more sports on the xbox one at first, because ps4 didn’t have these options in play. Now that they do everything, as least games I have seen, look better on the ps4. I don’t have Call of Duty yet but even it is like it’s seen I would only congratulate Microsoft and Xbox One because we need something to help balance the sales so we get more competition.

Update: Funny fact-
Let’s bring back something to your guys attention. You remember when digital foundry said that because there was frame rate issues with the introduction of the players on fifa 15 for the xbox one and it wasn’t on the ps4 that this showed that the limits were being reached for the xbox one and it shows that the games are becoming too much for the system to handle? Well now we have the same thing with Call of duty and the ps4. Where’s the same death sentence for the hardware quote they gave about the xbox one when it dropped frame rate? Digital foundry and all the media hype boys are all liars and over exaggerate everything. Ps4 frame rate drops for a specific game or xbox one’s for a specific game doesn’t mean crap for their future or limits for their harware. It’s programing , always has been and will be.