Resolution has been the sale quote for fanboys about the current generation of consoles, ps4 and xbox one. The ps4 is suppose to be the most powerful and gives you more for gaming than the xbox one. The xbox one is suppose to be about entertainment not gaming and is suppose to have the weakest ceiling for graphics and resolution. What if things were equal? What if resolution nor frame rate were different for all third party games? Who would be winning today? The ps4. The reason I say that is that no matter what is shown on the tv screen ps4 still has the nod for superior power in the Mindshare of things. Even when games are shown to be the same they aren’t in the minds of some fanboys for ps4. Worse yet even when things clearly show how they are better on the xbox one the ps4 fans won’t accept it. Sony is the apple of gaming while xbox one represents android.  One does more and has always done more the the other but the other has the mind share belief that whatever they do, even if 3 years late or weaker than others, is the obvious best because of the brand. Personally, of all things were equal in gaming I can honestly say I would still be with the ps4 myself. Reason? First party Games. I love the Heavy rains, heavily swords, Uncharted, 1886, and God of war games. Most importantly Sony still is the only place to play a real baseball game and is the home to the greatest driving game ever made, Grand turismo. Now, remove the first party titles then it’s the xbox one hands down especially with a $50 less price tag.