According to sources at IGN the Xbox one version is clearly the best version of COD as they are more stable online than the ps4.  Now before the fanboy hate started this is effecting the PC version as well. Both version have the same problems with multi_player.  They are reporting that lag and servers down errors are being seen across both formats. So this has nothing to do with ps4’s network lacking power this time. This seems to be related to nothing more than one version being better made for that platform over the others. Surprising to me as well that the PC version and ps4 version experiencing same issues while the Xbox one seems to be pushing around really nicely still. Normally it’s the Pc and Xbox one version that has better network power. Now I haven’t seen this myself because I play campaign modes mostly and have been loving that mode. I can actually say that I would play this over once I beat it cause it’s that darn good. But Call of Duty better get this fixed fast as both PC and ps4 of are being effected and this is going to account for the most purchases.