I guess it wouldn’t be a party unless everyone came right? In a sad and desperate attempt to remain relative Nintendo head made remarks that they don’t need to change and and can remain doing the same old stuff over and over. Only fool’s remain the same in business while the world changes around you. Third party developers and true gamers don’t want Nintendo and it shows in the sales and numbers of their Wii U console. Its a flop and they have been that way not long after the launched. Mario Brothers and the like can’t help them because Exclusives aren’t what’s makes a gaming company anymore. It’s the third party developers that sell the most. Exclusives are only good as topping on a cake. The cake is still third party gaming. The man sounds desperate as he tries his best to claims that their way doesn’t need to change even though their sales have almost frozen for years allowing both Microsoft and Sony to catch up to their sales and the ps4 to surpass them in less than 1 year on the market while they have been on the market for 2 years. They can’t accept that the world is requiring more innovative games that aren’t just clones of the same thing over and over. They need to wake up before they die in their sleep. The one fact he did say is that ps4 and Xbox one attack the same audience. So he believes there is nothing different about their approach and identity. Where as theirs is based on their own exclusive games mostly. That may be true, but it’s because that market is where everything is headed and where the developers want to go and produce for. You adapt or perish, simply put Nintendo. Whatever your so call advantage has place you is a joke. To become irrelevant to true gamers is a joke and the only thing you should care about. Fans have spoken and they clearly buy more for ps4 or Xbox one than you. And that’s the loudest voice being heard by the developers. So instead asking developers why you can’t get third party games,  ask yourself first. Nintendo, just be honest with yourself, you know it’s over for Wii u and the only way you turn this around is change the prospective and your direction first and then recreate a system truly worthy of being called current gen.