1080p,  900p, and yes 720p,  can we finally see another approach on the rise. Parity could replace those ugly little lies that robbed gamers of their own enjoyment of playing games. Whatever happened to the old days when games graphics were judged by the results on the screen more than numbers. Could this be the turning point that we finally see what is more important. This would be a ideal great world for developers but what about gamers? Maybe even us when the dust settles because I think it will settle with the Xbox one being more competitive as this war goes on and on. This would be good for us all if this happens because sony will be forced to keep up sooner or later. Now as a gamer myself I don’t want to see Sony held back because of this but can’t say I want them to dominate like they have because we all loose. So I guess parity will have to do. We unfortunately don’t have a choice anyway. And this would go back to what Nintendo president said. Both the Xbox one and ps4 are basically the same machine heading to the same direction.  So it may not truly matter which system, finally. Its the games that really define things. This is the way it should be, not the spec numbers. Assisian creed unity is a beautiful game regardless of the native resolution.  It comes in at 1080p because of its unconvert engine so it truly doesn’t matter like I have mentioned. Now it’s not the Grand masterpiece of graphics like they claimed it to be but I can easily give the graphics a 9. Every game release brings more and more confirmation that my system is last in importance and the games are first.