A lot of people have been talking about this bundle and excited about it. But I’m not. For one I already have a ps4. Two, I normally would just be happy for gamers but this bundle doesn’t help anyone if it’s just a one day sale bundle. Yes this will sale for that one day but these types of bundles have been given by Microsoft all year and with their discount console now down to 350 for the rest of the holiday I feel Sony needs to act and produce a longer bundle deal for the holidays. But I guess you argue that the bundles aren’t needed. But I think it helps draw excitement.  Who knows maybe this is good that they don’t I guess because we know for sure what a great Christmas sale would do for Microsoft and the console market for competition going forward. We will have to see and wait,  we are talking about 10 straight top selling months for ps4.  So maybe they know what they are doing right!