Look, I get it Microsoft. You had a bad year compared to overall mindshare and attention vs ps4. But shouting it from net isn’t what is needed right. You have been down too many months and had way too many bad reviews about the limits of your system to start bragging. The media had finally started to push you more and the sales had picked up. This creates mindshare and this is great for everyone. However what you don’t want is a situation where Sony and or gamers with media start to think you bragging about your turn around. You don’t want this. You should allow the media to hype your system and its turn arounds. You should remain humble, silent, and grateful. Forbes just wrote articles about you that were positive and now today it’s negative. They are reacting to the bragging you have been doing and nobody like braggers. Don’t forget you still are the same system with the same challenges in development. You still will never outsell Sony worldwide because you don’t have the reach they have. And at some point in the future you will stop increasing in graphics long before the ps4 console will. These are facts that will not escape time. So to remain humble and appreciative would go much further with the media and fans and it could buy you more time before Sony feels that it must act and discount as well. This would put a end to all that recent success.