Interesting article posted by Forbes claiming that Playstation sales a lot of consoles and are great in the hardware department but not putting out any good games. So let’s see which console leads all worldwide sales in every “game” category on average from sports,  FPS, rpg,  and the like?  Umm,  that would Playstation 4, correct?  This is the huge difference between sony and the wii system raise. Sony sales more games that any gaming console out there. So please help me understand whatever world you are from that this proves they don’t have games? People kill me with the first party argument when first party don’t sale like third party titles. So to not have as many first party titles hasn’t hurt ps4 at all because they have proven to be the best place for the third party games. A first year console took a game that had multiple problems with online play,  Driveclub and sold well over 2 million while Xbox one put out a problem free racer force horizon 2 and haven’t sold 1million yet. Do the math and hopeful wake up. Even though I don’t share the feelings about mindshare as most but I’m not blind and see that everything is about ps4. Even their competitors measure their own success based on the ps4. Just because you can’t sit down play a game without trying to find fault in it doesn’t mean normal people aren’t playing and enjoying it(for whatever their reason). Madden, fifa, NBA, COD,  Destiny,  infamous,  Driveclub,  assisian creed unity,  Resogun, Farcry 4, GTAV, shadow of mordor,  Diablo 3, and many, many others. This first year has been great even on the Xbox one side of things. People need a life that helps them get over their own issues in their personal life and being a game critic I assume is their only way out. It’s pathetic.  Play the game and enjoy yourself regardless of the format . Don’t let critics tell you what is great and or what is defined as success. Putting it bluntly people don’t buy Playstation 4’s to do other stuff,  they buy because they play games and playing games is what people are doing. I can see if you want to make this statement about Xbox one who is meant for more than just games. I can see people buying a Xbox one even though it’s not going to be for games as much as entertainment for them but not ps4. I’m not bashing the Xbox one, it just the truth. People wouldn’t buy the ps4 if they didn’t have games to play.