I know I’m going to be the only one that says this but I find this game very depressing. Now granted I have never played a grand theft auto game since ps2 days and I didn’t like it then. I frankly don’t know why I even tried it yet again. I’m a black man, far from thug life black ghetto stereotype mind you. So this game in my opinion doesn’t present all there is to my race at all. But it does represent the most embarrassing type of my race, the thugs and the ignorant educated version of my race that can’t complete a sentence without a curse word. Most used F bombs of course and heard in almost 90% of all dialog for the black men and women in the game. The fact that you can get a blow job from a girl or have sex with her for 50-100 bucks as a taught option sickens me. Granted I only played for about 40 minutes or so before I could take no more of the ignorant language and flat out disrespect of my race in this game. The game itself garnered praise from players and critics alike. Some even gave it the all important elusive 10 masterpiece rating (ign). They celebrate acts in the game where women are stab and stumped helplessly while laying on the ground until they bleed out after being bought for oral sex. They claim it’s fun and entertaining to play games where you can do things like this and they claim its normal and innocent fun for one want to do these things. It’s not. It’s pretty sick actually.