Well just when the hope started for the Xbox one the number show worldwide ps4 has gained in their lead.  They are now up basically 7 million units now worldwide. What does this mean. More sells of software on the format of third party games. This will mean that developers again have ever reason to favor them.  Xbox one of course needs to be given a lot of credit for gaining in numbers enough to beat ps4 in America. But my concern is that while doing this they gain no ground in software sales over ps4. Call of duty still sold more on the ps4 and Fifa continues to be a hot seller even now but the Xbox one version is no where to be found in the top ten charts even the ps3 version sold more than xbox one’s console. The biggest blow is that the new IP sunset overdrive still didn’t sell well. They only Manger to get 91 thousand sold. As big as this title was pushed and the bundles they were apart of for the white model I expected way more than that. I think Microsoft was too which is why I believe they are given the free preview download to xbox one owners. They are desperately trying to support their first party titles and I love that about them. I just fear that all this will be for nothing once the smoke settles. With more titles coming and more that is required of the consoles I know xbox one will bottom out before the ps4 and this is when I believe people will truly start to support in great numbers the ps4 over the Xbox one.  As for right now the missing grass in GTA V isn’t enough to make xbox one owner worry right now.