The Christmas holiday is starting to shape up really nice for competition. Finally the Xbox one is selling and is getting more and more recognition in the U.S at least. This is a small thing compared the the global but it still a start at least. The U. S market is important to both Sony and Xbox one. It’s the one true zone that there can be competitive battles. No other territory cares for Microsoft. Who knows maybe this will force Playstation to step up price reductions and give some free stuff. This would be sweet. Surprising enough the best buy for price value is the Xbox one in the States. But this might not mean much if the mind share of the fans is still with ps4. So if this is the month they finally beat sony and this leads to December it could be the start of comeback in the States numbers at least. All I want is competing companies fighting over fans with price cuts, free stuff, and better software. No one company should rule. So keep it up Microsoft, us ps4 owners need free stuff and better updates. With Christmas holidays you see that Microsoft’s price cut and Sony refusal to match is truly the only reason why competitive sales exist right now and I am grateful. No official numbers are out which can prove anything right now but again I’m hoping for some kind of push for Microsoft so that sales will balance out a little more at least in the States. Microsoft seems to be very confident in their success while others feel they are bragging. Personally I hope this isn’t the case. Winning the last two months of the year doesn’t equal to success over your competitor. 10 months vs 2 months,  not even a close call. I believe this is what Sony is seeing and is the reasons that didn’t mark their system down; that and their financial problems. The funny thing is the sale of systems has nothing to do with current owners but some act like it does. They let sale numbers tell them what to do or feel about their personal enjoyment of a game. They pick up a game and play it and think the world of it until someone points out a tree that has pink apples instead of red on the hill in the background and it’s over but the other system has red apples. All of sudden it’s the worst game version in the world and they can’t sleep unless they play on the other system and need to get rid of theirs because they can’t take their mind off of that tree. Then we have the others ones that will choose to ignore anything negative about their system or version of games to the point that they spend more time online in forums trying to justify the game and their console than they do playing the actual game or system. Hopefully the paridy will kill the war stuff a little because it’s a joke. Its about the games not the console. Another stupid thing is that the media and fans really think that somehow the consoles has gotten better either the ps4 or Xbox one. It’s hasn’t.  Price cuts don’t magically make consoles better. There the same console and same company they were before the price cuts. If you didn’t like the Xbox one console because of its size, it’s 720p resolution issues, download speed vs ps4, or any other function or feature it couldn’t do or keep up with its not different simply because it cheaper now. Same goes for the ps4.  If you don’t like the ps4 it’s not going to matter how many units sell in the world, what good is that to you personally if of don’t like the console for your needs? If everyone in the world thought that eating dog hair taste good it doesn’t mean you have to believe it or make it fit your taste. Don’t you have enough on your plate with just finishing great games? Ps4 is who they are.  Xbox one is who they are. They both, like Nintendo president said are aiming in the same direction but this direction is where most gamers want to go so this is fine. But because they will get the same games basically there should far less complaints about issues with them than what fans and media create. Just play your games guys and move forward.