I know it’s not popular to say things like this as a ps4 player but I’ve never been one for lying to myself for the sake of brand. This game, I know isn’t finished, but I can’t help but see the huge issues already. I have never seen a current gen game with as much hype as this and have so many amateur mistakes. Every few feet there is pop-in’s everywhere(check out Uncharted ps4 Gameplay and see zero pop ins and amazing graphics) . I haven’t seen so many pop-in’s in any new generation system. This is the type of pop-in’s you see from ps2 days. The colors are beautiful and all but come on,  all these trailer show me is exploring planets. That’s not going to hold me and most gamers. There has to be a objective somewhere, a storyline, and an enemy. We haven’t seen one person on any trailer. We have seen ships, animals, trees,  and planets. Also when you move it looks like a camera not a person walking in first person. You never see your hands climb into the ship,  you pop in like all the other stuff around you. Maybe they are saving the real stuff for later,  hopefully. If all we are going do is move around looking at pop-in’s on every planet it going to get boring and old real, real fast because it already is just seeing a minute of it.