It’s been an eye opener for real guys. I have gone from a Samsung 4k 50 inch 6950 hype deal for $799( down from reg price $1799.99) to the a superior TV that isn’t 4k,  a Sony W70B 55 inch exclusive model for best buy for $999.99. If you never remember anything remember this statement, “you buy cheap you buy twice”. Make no mistake people companies just down drop prices to give you great deals. They drop because they aren’t selling or there is something coming that is better for the most part. Especially if the product you bought is one of many others in a series of other products by the same company and that’s the only one that is at that low price point. There is something wrong or something not quite up to speed like the others. Its not a random thing guys and you’re not getting away with anything. You pay for what you get especially when it’s something that isn’t new anymore and has been out for some time and makes a huge dive in price cuts. The Samsung 6950 is the lowest priced and spec hitting Samsung 4k for a reason.  Its not good in speed as far as motion clarity and doesn’t handle graphics very well as it has very bad ghosting and artifacts seen through the screen while playing video games and watching movies. The only way to make this better is by using gamemode but if you use this the TV suffers when you play movies and still has ghosting. I tried all I could to calibrate the settings to stop this but couldn’t. Then the final straw was when I played Netflix with House of Cards in regular HD and it looked worse than my old 5 year old Samsung and then played Star Wars Blu-ray and it looked like crap and noise mixed with “in and out blurs” . I returned it and got this Sony W70B.  It not only beat and destroy the so call 4k TV in speed it beat it picture quality in movies but video games and streaming. In fact House of Cards looked just like the 4k picture example they played in Best buy for the Samsung 4k tvs without the ability of 4k for this Sony TV thanks to its x-reality pro engine. This powerhouse can throw down and most likely match or beat any TV I have seen to date, 4k or otherwise. And whatever you are looking at in the stores for this TV don’t let it confuse you because Best buy had Samsung set extremely custom 4k signals to their Tvs (which you will never duplicate at your house) vs what the Sony is running on their store. I was easily able to get picture quality better than even what they showed in the store for the Sony TV but no such luck with the Samsung model. Now in all honesty I will say a faster motion clarity Samsung would have been better for me probably but after being told first off that the 6950 was 120hz only later to find out it wasn’t(it’s 60hz no matter the size of the screen), just left a bad taste in my mouth. 4k is also not a high scorer for me as well. I learned very quickly that it’s basically useless. Your Blu-ray disc can’t fit a 4k data so you will never have a 4k Blu-ray movie. Your video games won’t be 4k either because of this same fact as they are all on Blu-ray too. So that leaves only Netflix. They have a whopping 14 shows for 4k and you can’t get this unless you pay an extra $5 more a month to access those 14 shows. No thanks. So some will look to up-converting. They can keep that too. I already have it thanks to the x-realilty pro engine in this Sony. It enhances the quality of every picture or video played past its quality in whatever resolution it’s in. I am see things I never saw in quality of picture and clarity. This is exactly what the up-convert tech does that the 4k TV brag about but you can do this without 4k. But the store people and manufacturing companies will make it seem like this is something that only is associated with 4k. Its not! It’s a shame that I was willing to pay more for a regular HD TV instead of having a 4k TV at a lower cost. I should have stuck to my first mind. I always wanted this sony w70b ever since I saw it. I allowed the store set up, 4k hype and deals to push me away. I have learned my lesson but I’m better for it.