Well it’s official, Sony announced that it was the fastest selling console of all time. Something I told everyone about long before the launch of the system. This console was made different and unique. Better than any console ever made. The work they put into this systems architect was nothing short of revolutionary. Mark Cerny should be very proud of himself and Playstation owes him their company basically. He practically saved their company from death. As I have said there is just something special that has happened when the ps4 was created. The Stars were aligned and it is destiny that they will become the most sold console of all time when all is said and done. I have said this as a unbiased Xbox player and even when Sony customer service pissed me off to the point that I sold my original ps4. No matter what I felt about their customer service I never once said anything different about the fate of ps4 and console sales of the system. Even before I decided to buy the ps4 I knew where this console was going. So this is not a biased view, it’s just the truth. Congrats Sony for all your success.