Simply put, it’s the most graphically amazing looking games in history now. The update added by the team has truly made this game every bit the title we were promised and looking for. I can’t say enough about ps4 will and push not to give up on this game and Evolutions pushes and hard work to finally deliver on all that was promised. The rain, lighting, and little changes to the menu to get rid of graphs at the end of the race to allow the beauty to show is just added on delights that can’t be ignored. The continue to impress me with how hard they worked to come back and kill it even though they had one of the worse launched games in Playstation’s history as far as problems and not being ready. There is a difference people and more and more with every game released and every update that hits ps4 shows why they are superior. Games like this, 1886, and Uncharted 4 are just the beginning people. I’m glad we are getting some competition in sales in the States at least. Playstation finally started giving away free games today with the console as a result. But trust and believe the ps4 is superior. I haven’t seen anything like it in gaming history when you add up all its power, easy of development, it’s perfect price point from the very start, it’s sales, and it’s fan/developer support. It’s pure genius at the perfect moment in time. You are looking at history in the making as shown with them being the fastest selling console in history. Congrats ps4 again,  thanks for sticking with Driveclub and transforming it into something complete and great. If you haven’t seen what drive club looks like now you show revisit it. It will blow you away!