Could this happen? Even as a ps4 player this isn’t something you want. I will admit that forever is a long time and believe that money trumps all things in this world. Which is why I don’t think lizard squad will be able to do much about taking down the severs and keeping them down,  much less forever like they claim. I don’t believe many xbox fans are worried about this either. Could they make online a pain? Sure,  they do that now. But I suspect that service will be interupted but not for a great amount of time. Let’s not forget that millions of new xbox one will be unwrapped on Christmas day so the severs that go down during that time will be linked to lizard by default when it’s probably just a issue of handling a extreme number of log in’s that day. But just in case I would seriously think about pulling your credit card info off Microsoft’s site for the time being. Even if the hack is temporary you don’t want your info out there. Another thing I would do is make sure you have physical copies of games not digital ones. That way if you do have to leave Microsoft to go to Sony than you at least have some trade in’s. I can’t remember if you have the ability to play physical copies of games on the Xbox like you can on the ps4 without Internet but if you can this is yet another reason to make sure you have physical games. I don’t understand a group like this but if they are successful I believe it will cost them as well. I believe that these attacks put more attention on them and once the federal government is focused on you, you will be found. But then again there is always that chance they could do this. If they do, it will destroy xbox one and Xbox 360 eco-structure rendering them absolutely useless for most in this age of gaming without online abilities. Ps4, if not next after that, would benefit greatly as the only online console and would basically end the console war completely then as the best and only choice for gaming for consoles. But something tells me if they are successful with Microsoft, Sony won’t be far behind. This is why I again stress that Playstation fans shouldn’t want to see this happen because it could easily come to all consoles if proven to the successful.