I have a theory now that I have lived in both worlds, 4k and Sony’s x reality pro engine. Now right off the bat the Sony line up has both the x reality pro engine and 4k I know but those line up give up considerable advantages for the sake of 4k unless you spend 3 grand. The 850b 4k Sony bravia trades deep black levels and 480 motion levels for a IPS display with light leaks and clouding and blue tint blacks levels. At its basics 4k only enhances pixel clarity in tvs under 65 inches. The issue is that enhancing pixels is the same exact thing the Sony engine does without 4k.

The X-Reality PRO Engine compares patterns in the image against patterns in the internal database to determine the best possible hue, saturation and brightness for each pixel. In this way, the system restores detail lost in compression and transmission. So fine texture in plants and clothes is optimized. The system also reduces noise and reproduces optimum contrast, color and sharpness.

As I have reported because of the facts above, I went with the Sony w70b and it is incredible!  It delivers levels higher than HD TV outputs because of the engine built in.  It mimics the same clarity and pop of graphics as all the 4k TV on the market while playing 4k content at 55 inches without the need of 4k. In fact this deliverance is across the board on all sources. Video games,  Netflix, and Blu-ray all share the same quality and is better than the up-convert engines for 4k tech when trying to boost standard HD to 4k. Now maybe next year at some point when sony deliver all the quality on their high end HD led TV to the 4 TV at affordable price will we see a better buy and TV but until they do I highly recommend you not fall for the hype of 4k right now. As long as you have a amazing HDTV with great pixel push you can get the same quality in your pictures in TVs under 65 inches. In fact some expert say this fact won’t change ever because the 65 inch tvs are required to take advantage of 4k. Do your research carefully, understand placebo effects of being told something is better when it’s not. Most of all, be careful not to fall for signal source difference at all Best Buy stores or others. Just encase you didn’t know Samsung and others pay Best Buy to come in and set up specific signals,  HD streaming,  and settings for their tvs while the others on the shelf are ran standard signals shared by every other TV in the store which distorts the quality of that signals. This helps the manufacturers that pay for their spot and set up stand out so they sale more. It also helps them sell more of their high end TV models vs the lower end models using the same technique as well. Knowledge is power, people use it.