A long time ago I wrote about the things that Microsoft would have to do in order to remain relevant in gaming. One of the biggest things was to provide a answer to Sony and Morpheus. Reports are hitting everywhere that this is indeed the plan and could be displaying their hopes come e3. As I reported almost 6 months ago the VR could be done better for Microsoft than any other company because of kinect. Unlike others, Kinect could be used to put the whole body into VR and all actions recorded and seen by kinect would be mimicked inside the VR world which would make this implementation better than anything ever seen. It’s their ace in hole in my opinion. It could shake things up immensely. Stay tuned for more info to hit the net. I can’t stress again how important it is for them to answer back at Morpheus. Especially with Eve Valkyrie coming for ps4 and their VR headset. Now it’s going to be important for them to have great content for this headset and not settle for just playing current games inside it. They need special created games for their headset to take full advantage of implementation. Way to go Microsoft,  here’s hoping for a well fought game battle, at least in America. I’m hearing that it could even be slicker and smaller than other VR sets. Some reports say it could be glasses basically. We will have to wait and see.