Let’s get this out of the way fast shall we. I have never had a phablet. I never thought I would ever need one. I mean, I had my iPhone right. I had my Samsung tab S 8.4. What’s the point? Well after I picked up this thing I was absolutely smitten with great the it felt in my hands before the screen was even booted up. Then once that display hit me in the face I wanted to cry a little tear. It’s absolutely everything the Samsung tab S 8.4 was but better and  without the bulk of holding it and trying to type on it without activating other stuff on the screen(it bacame a nightmare for me to do anything without touching a potion of the screen causing unwanted actions). And those pixels baby, those beautiful pixels counts making everything on the screen appear like a 4k phone image thanks to that small packed amoled display. Initially I was very intimidating about holding such a big device but it quickly disappeared after the first day. Now I’m doing everything I was doing daily with my tablet. In fact I haven’t picked up my tablet since the day I brought this phone home. I have no need for a tablet now. It has replaced both my Iphone and tablet. That’s got to be a record right? I’m planing on selling both now. I know now I only want this phone and am done with multiple devices. This has truly shocked me at how perfect this thing is for me. I love typing on this thing, listening to music and just plan old talking on the phone. I thought it would feel weird but it feels better than smaller phones for some reason. So now it’s my only one, the platinum case and zagg glass I got for it just adds to a more secure feel with using the phone. Strangely enough I have heard of some people not liking the look of the phone because it has a box look, well count me out on that because I absolutely love this look. The black Note with the black and chrome platinum case just is sex on 4G if such a thing could be imagined. Don’t get me wrong I was very tempted to go with the white one but changed my mind and I’m glad I did. Lastly is the s-pen. I really like this thing. Granted I haven’t figured it all out yet but I can see myself really becoming addicted to using it. Can’t tell you how many times I was jealous of seeing people use this when they first introduced them on the Note series when I was using my iPhone. Now with the s-pen and new metal feel with the leather like backing (which I have always loved unlike others) we have a truly premium feeling unit. Better yet I have one and its love. Anyway, more to come ……cheers.