I am so happy for Microsoft starting to pick up sales. I truly am. Anyone that reads this sight knows that I want competition more than I want my console to win. However I am still honest. While Xbox one has picked up sales temporarily it will not last. The biggest issues is their sales only reflect hardware and software sales are far more important to the game makers than hardware. Here in lies the problems. Above you can clearly see that numbers for Sony ps4 game sales every week (not just the screen shot I posted ) is the same and dominate. Ps4 has anywhere from 3-5 top sales in the top ten and these are the big third party games and exclusives combined. Sony is selling more games more consistently than Xbox one. This is being seen by game developers and is a danger for the overall view of Microsoft vs Sony in the eyes of the game makers. Even yesterday my job gave away game consoles. The Xbox one was given was a warm welcome of claps. But when the ps4 was given away it got screams of joy and the woman actually cried. This was duplicated in the Christmas party two weeks prior when more game consoles were given out to people. It’s truly a different view about having a Xbox one vs ps4. The ps4 is more wanted and prideful over the Xbox one for most people. This is just a result of proper push and harder work up front by Sony to establish a name for the ps4. This is what Microsoft continues to struggle with, mind share. This is why one or two months of American sales mean nothing if the mind share still rides with Sony. The hard truth is as a leader in sales even if you beat your competition by one console, it means their lead grew and the competition is no more closer to catching up than they were when they lost by 1000. Only + numbers on your sales catch you up and to do that Xbox one would have to beat Sony worldwide to even start to catch up and this will never happen. Sony will continue to grow bigger and bigger and as I said before, only Sony can beat Sony. This is their generation.