What is perfection to you? For me it means that I can add nothing more or subtract nothing from a device to make it better. This is what I have with the Note 4. A perfect phone, at least for me guys. I’m not going to say others will feel like me. I’m not them nor are they me. But for me it’s a no-brainer. The first device that made my tablet and smartphone I had before obsolete in one full swing. The size is big enough to take the spot of my tablet and small enough not to be stupid feeling while taking a phone call. I have seen the Nexus 6 and I originally was interested in that but felt that is absolutely too big. I don’t want or like wide phablets. Samsung’s decision to make it a little taller and not wider is perfect for me. It’s really the only way this works as well as it does for me. Now there are some that feel that lolipop is needed to make this perfect but for me it isn’t needed. I’m just not that person that hates TouchWiz. I like all the skins of androids. Each have there advantages. But, bottom line, each can be changed. But if you are one that needs lolipop to feel whole, it is surely coming to the Note 4. Again, its one of the main selling points to samsung devices. They are the best selling android device so you are pretty much guaranteed to get the latest without the need to have a vanilla android device. With each passing year this becomes less and less important. At first it was almost impossible to say if you were going to get the latest android firmware unless you had a nexus. Now if you are a power house seller you can pretty much pencil your name in. You might not get it when it first comes out but who wants it then with all the bugs and app crashes you would get because  apps aren’t designed for the new os version. Just like the app Screebl which isn’t Lolipop compatible, doesn’t work right but yet is a great app. It’s a new day people and samsung seems to be more ready for it than most.