Lizard squad little children failed attempt is once again a testament to Microsoft and their hard work. Even Playstation is starting to recover as limited as they are with their security. Just wish this hacker group had balls to attack something that matters and be successful at their threats. Go after the government and the FBI. Be what you claim since you’re so unstoppable. Even other hacker groups are telling them what to do. These a little spoiled children with a bit of information on how to make a network deal with announces at best are a joke. They failed to keep Microsoft down “forever” much less a whole day. Soon ps4 will be back up soon too and if they can’t keep them down they have no hope in taken someone like Microsoft out “forever”. The only thing I hated was Kimcom offering memberships to stop. I wouldn’t give jack cap nor offered them anything but the Crack of butt. They obviously don’t know as much as they thought being Microsoft was easily prepared and countered their attack so easily. It’s actually funny to watch this unfold. It’s like looking at a child swing and punch at a 6 foot 280 pound man while he holds the child back with his hand while reading the paper. Merry Christmas lizard squad, you’re  dead.