Well testing didn’t last too long with the Solo’s 2. Although not as tight as the Mixr’s were on my head and ears with my glasses they still began to hurt eventually. So I exchanged them for the Studios since I didn’t see but a 20 buck difference. Amazon had them on sale for $199. The Solo’s were $179. I heard a lot of great things about the quality of the Studios and did listen to them very briefly at target so I went back to target and got them. I thought they were $299 so they didn’t even cross my mind to look into buying them. That, and the fact that I believed that they were huge. I was wrong about both. They aren’t that much bigger than the Solo’s and they ran me $199 instead of $299. So now I have room for my glasses and they don’t crush my ears as my ears fit inside them. I didn’t do a unboxing being that these headphones have been out since 2013. I was already pushing it with the 6 months on the Solo’s. As with the Solo’s the first time using them I’m not impressed. But the more I used them I found things coming alive more. I will wait on my final say. But so far I love the fit around my ears and no pain on my head. I don’t like however the mandatory charging needed and the inability to turn off the noise cancelation. I also have some concern about the bass levels. But maybe they only need some burn in. Review later after I have given them a fair shack.