Well this time playstation is down again because they have too many people playing. It’s a bad and good problem to have. Most of all its a stupid problem to have from a company that has known for some time that the ps4 was going to be a big seller. Especially being that fans pay for network connection now. It’s a shame for most. I’m not effected in any way by this stuff, never have been. I just don’t like playing online against people. I would rather play the computer and beat it than other people. But again, this is something all knew about, or should have known about. You know who playstation is. As long as you know what you are getting and what you aren’t you will be fine. I truly know that playstation are led by most likely the worse network leaders in gaming. They lie and they are only there for themselves no matter what they tell you. Anybody that has ever owned a playstation 2,3, or 4 should never be surprised about playstation issues. If you want the best network then you are looking at the wrong console. If you want the most games and best exclusives then ps4 is your machine. I can’t feel too bad for those who full well know just how stupid playstation is when it comes to network issues and security. Hopefully everyone will be up before this afternoon. If not, maybe people should look elsewhere for their online gaming. Games are more important than the console as I have said. So the machine isn’t what you base you direction on. Everybody will have to ask themselves that question. Everything is different for different people. So if you are thinking that playstation will become this network ace and security king you are waiting on the impossible. Just move on to the Xbox one if this is important to you. If not play offline and stay put.