I’m not here to tell you lies folks. I can’t even tell you that you will feel like me about these headphones. What I can say is that it is fact music + sound ,I repeat music + sound are subjective to the person’s taste. I hate people that act like what they hear and like is what you should hear like. I’m mostly sick of so call audiophiles haters claiming Beats are crappy. I found the sound to be very amazing, crisp and clean. They surrounded me like a blanket. The bass although not as thumping as the Solo 2’s were still very good and balanced. In fact this is the best over the ear headphones I have heard/felt as a total package up to this point(Mixr’s still have better sound if it wasn’t for its fit). Overall I still prefer in ear plugs like UE and Shure but because I can no longer listen to those earphones I have nothing but over the ear headsets. If you want to say they are too expensive to you then fine say that. But how does this have anything to do with the sound of the headset? I personally wouldn’t have gotten these headsets for their regular price at $299 but they still sounded great in the store. Now they’re mine and I have spent some good time with different songs and feel the $199 I paid for was a great price for these. But again I’m a father with a wife and son to buy things for too. You may have more money for yourself and the cost at $299 for headphones at Christmas time might not effect you. But it would have for me. So again, great buy for me at $199. My personal ranking for sound goes like this: Mixrs, studios 2 , then solo 2. For feel, studios 2 ,solo 2 , mixr. Overall studios reign #1.