First off, I would love to thank my wife over the Internet. She is an amazing, talented woman! I am blessed to have her. I’m a superman fan if you guys didn’t know. This was a late Christmas gift that my wife made, that’s right MADE. She created “The Duality of Existence”! It’s a imagery that represent the torn nature of Kalel. It’s a split up of poster and painted image Kalel. His is torn between being Superman and Clark, Human vs Kryptonian, and right vs wrong. It represent something truly amazing in the comic genre and for me metaphorically. This is an amazing created cavis she made. It looks like she got it from an art dealer or purchased it from the store or something. But nope, she made it and I love her even more for it. I’m probably going split it up a little further, for more of a effect, but right now I just can’t stop looking at it. Thank you baby!!!!