According to reports Microsoft is doing everything they can to help with the pending brigade from playstation. They know that that titles are about to hit for ps4 exclusive lineup. They know that they are loosing on the front of sales and third performance. So what’s left to do? The release another development kit tool to help use the esram easier. This is a great move as ease of use is their biggest issue for the console. While ps4 is on paper more powerful, it isn’t the reason why they have shown more promise. It’s because their system is easier to program and use that power available in games. If Microsoft can make their system easier to program for this goes a long way in getting to their goals. That goal being to win the US market outright. This will not give them the world leading numbers but it will go a long way towards profit and will help balance out software sales. Which is the most important thing to developers. Only time will tell just how much this helps the developers and if they even care to use the esram period regardless. Stay tuned.