Well by now I’m sure you have heard that a lizard squad member was arrested as well as several more afterwards. On top of this they are now in the hands of the FBI for the investigation of their crimes which means Fed time. All this just to fail at your childish threats to take down Microsoft “Forever” and or Sony “Forever”. And get this, they said they would not stop “Unless more people follow us on twitter“..cry,cry...I want more people to follow me!!  Oh you have got to be kidding me!! What a bunch of unloved, beat up on school yards, whipping punks. I need attention,me, me,me. Well you got attention now, FBI attention. And to be so smart and yet so dumb you continue your stupidity by showing your face, some tried to get free accounts by kimcom, and then other posted a advertising hack code for hire. You dummies! All this did was leave even more bread crumbs to follow and find you. You didn’t take Sony down forever which means you diffiently didn’t have a chance at taking down Microsoft and all you managed to do was cause some kids to wait a while longer to fully play their system and get yourself arrested facing Fed time. You didn’t change the world, fix anything , or make people like you more. You will still be unliked, alone without a girl friend, and now locked up with a boyfriend. “Dumb and stupid child squad” should have been your name. Hope it was worth it for your so-call “5 minutes of glory”.