This seems like a step back to most but it’s a step I had to take. I have been diagnosed with a brain disorder called chari malformation. I deal with a lot of migraines and they are triggered by some of the most unusual things sometimes. Well,  to my dismay the Studios Noise canceling signals caused an increased amount of migraines to occur for me. So even though I was very happy with them and their sound,  not to mention the great price I got then for,  I had to return them back for the Solo 2’s. Even though I had to do this at least I was able to go with a very nice alternative.  While they may not have the same clarity it’s something your ears can adjust to overtime and hopefully I won’t feel so much of the lost. Bottom line I’m blessed to have these. There are some others out there that don’t have any one of the line ups of beats and would love to have them. So thankful and blessed I am in the midst of what I was diagnosed with. As I mentioned before, the comfort and tightness was the only thing I was concerned about the most. I found out that over time they will loosen up so that’s encouraging. So Beats Solo 2’s are the default winner sort a speak.