“I apologise for the harshness of my
language, but I am firm in where I stand. I will gladly go to any lengths to protect and safeguard the integrity and truth of my story, my life, my character and my legacy. If that’s not worth fighting overwhile I’m still alive, I don’t know what is.”

This is just pathetic! Look do what you want and believe what you want but just like it’s your right to be Gay it’s my right not to approve of it, believe that it natural (which it is not) or practice it. This wrestler movie has nothing to do with him being Gay. It’s probably one of the toughest films next to Rocky that I have seen in a long time. The man who  the movie foxcatcher is about, reportedly got upset that the director put in a seen that some suggest meant that he could have had a sexual relationship with another man in the movie. He flat out went off on the director and denied venomously that this was not the case and was very offended by the thought. Well now he is having to come out and explain why he stuck up for himself and why being Gay was so bad to be thought of. Why? He shouldn’t have to. I’m with him 100%. This movie is about him. He isn’t Gay so therefore why should he be happy to be looked on like this? Tv and movies push this Gay fad so much. All it is a slick way of population control in my opinion. If you can convince the world to like same sex you slow down human production. Because no matter what you do two men can’t make themselves pregnant nor can two women. And no matter who you are in this world you are only here because of a reaction of two separate and opposite cells mixing from a man and woman. That’s what you call Natural. This is why it is unnatural for same sex to be because it doesn’t create life which is the intended point of nature and or God. So like it or love it men and women are meant to be together. Yes you got the right to do whatever you want but others have just as much right to do what they want and not accept it or be it. I guess now I can call it heterofobia. The media is a heterofob.