Well here we go again folks. Microsoft has free up more cpu yet again in an attempt to help developers make up for the differences of their console vs the ps4. It’s been a huge challenge since the release to stay close to the ps4’s power and ease of use of that power. Microsoft has vowed to be competitive against the ps4 while never claiming to succeed them. It is this area that I believe hurts Microsoft the most in the world of gamers across the world. All that Microsoft does isn’t an answer to be superior over the ps4 because the architect of their hardware will never grant that, but it’s focus is to remain competitive and close to ps4’s power and production. Ps4, on the other hand hasn’t made one single adjustment to their hardware or cpu power assignment and still remain a clear favorite in power and ease of development for games. This move Microsoft made I believe is a move in response to the powerful display of superiority in graphics ps4 showed with Uncharted’s demo, Driveclub new graphics and other game demo’s like Bloodborne, and Eve Valkyrie. Microsoft can see, like most others ps4 fans and unbiased gamers in the world, that there is some serious gaps in the way ps4 games look over xbox one games. Let’s not forget we are just now getting off to year two and the differences are scary already before we even get to year 3. While I applaud Microsoft for doing all they can to remain in the race I fear this isn’t going help. All these adjustments are going to come at a cost. They are pulling cpu further away from the consoles activities and differences it had over the ps4. Personally, I don’t feel the answer to Xbox one’s problems is to kill off what makes them different. Trying to make a cookie cutter console isn’t what makes fans stand by you and if you go that route then why buy your console when a ps4 is setting there? If the price cuts can’t kill your deficient off then killing off cpu speed for actions in the use of the console won’t win you those numbers either. But hey, what’s left? The only thing really would be to give online play for free. But I can’t see them do that anytime soon.