I am a happy/yet kinda sad camper today! Last we spoke about these headphones I had to give them up to get the Solo 2’s because of increased migraine attacks I was experiencing shortly after getting them. I researched and some believed it could be the white noise from the noise canceling that was triggering them. So I had to return them to step down in quality to get the Solo 2’s which had no noise canceling . Well after the exchange I notice that I had no decrease in migraines. They continued as they were before the headphones. I have been told that my migraines increase now may be due to the winter temperature we have been getting of lately. Tempts have been down to the 20s and 30s more consistent lately. So doctor has warned me that chari malformations patients have a tougher time during the winter than any other time of the year. With this an increased amount of migraines. So I have had to step up meds lately but because I now know it’s not the headphones I quickly exchanged them back but kept that sweet color blue/silver over the original black/red I had before. Now I got my babies BACK! Look, some would ask why take back the Solo 2 after all this. Well I’m here to tell you that solo 2 work as long as you don’t experience the studios for any good amount of time. The difference was greater than I thought once I went back to the Solo 2’s after having the studios for a week. I even had the Solo 2’s for week almost and they never got better for me. Coming from the Studios, the Solo 2’s seem like a average pair of headphones. I even wondered about not keeping them or any other headset before finding out this info. I just wasn’t happy with the sound and could feel a big gap over what I was hearing vs what I could remember hearing from the studios. I just didn’t have them anymore and could reference back to them. So I got them back. The moment I put the studios back on everything came back in a flash. All the amazing sound, perfect feeling cushions, and huge sound stage hit the moment the first words or beat struck through this headset. This is what I was missing with the Solo 2’s. This is what made buying the Beats lineup worth the money. This is what made every track from different genres of music, from” Break of Reality ” to” a “Armin van Buren ” all feel different and special. It was like playing them for the first time. Now if I can get the migraine issues handled soon I should be fine.