Wow, cocaine, really!?

I know nobody is perfect but it takes a really stupid person to not only use cocaine as a fighter but use it while training for a fight or going into a fight. I mean come on, you know they test you. Then on top of that you only fight twice a year. You can’t stay clean for two fights a yeat at least? Now he stands to loose so much now. I can’t see how his titles fights wins can’t be now removed and the belt awarded to someone else. You don’t deserve to wear that belt. Everything you have done and all the fights you have been in are now in question for me. Plus you don’t just wakeup and do cocaine and not had gateway drugs before. Only God knows how many different drugs this guy might have taken. I was a big fan of his but now I don’t see in the same light and don’t see others doing so either. It wouldn’t shock me if all was stripped from him. To my knowledge no punishment has been filed against him. Personally I think he should have to pay the price for letting down the fans and putting everything he has done in the ring in question. I really wanted this guy to be a legit pound for pound best fighter. But now I can’t place this title on him. He should have to earn back everything he has. Rehab shouldn’t be the only thing he has to do.